Your Gf’s ex is your biggest threat

Over 70% of guys can admit to having smashed their ex-girlfriends at some point.

There’s also a high likelihood that these guys smashed their ex-girlfriends while their ex-girlfriends were dating other guys. On top of that, a lot of guys will tell you that they can comfortably get sex from their exes any time they want to.

What does this mean? If you have a chick, be very afraid of the man who used to yank off her panties before you came along.

Girls are unable to resist the temptation of sleeping with their exes. They can comfortably refuse to get back together with their exes but somehow, they cannot refuse to part their legs for them.

Your girlfriend has wild thoughts of infidelity towards her ex. She will have sex with her ex – when she goes to pick her things from his house, when she meets him for coffee, when she just needs help from him etc. Any interaction between your girlfriend and her ex is likely to end up in sex. And by likely i mean like 90%.

That’s unless, you implement security measures.

I’m not one to ban a girl from doing anything. I will let her do her shiet.

My ex girl used to talk so much about her ex niggas that i started missing them. She doesn’t delete the contacts of her ex. She just keeps on stalking their status and once in a while talk to them. Only one of them was the biggest threat. The only reason they broke up was because the dude was always busy.

One day i asked my ex if her ex wasn’t always busy would she get back with him. Her answer was a yes. Now that we broke up i won’t be surprised to see them back together. Personally the only reason i will keep in contact with an ex girl is just to fuck her. Most of the time after breaking up with someone within a week I’ve deleted her contacts.

I learnt something from her. Something all dudes should do.

Ban your girlfriend from any interactions with the ex. Ban her from meeting him. Ban her completely. Never be comfortable with the statement “Aki sisi ni mabeshte tu, there’s nothing between us .” It’s a lie.

When translated from Womanese to English, the phrase, ‘there’s nothing between us’ means ‘there’s dick between us’. That’s correct. There might not be love between them anymore, but there will be lust.

You are allowed to not be worried about your girlfriend’s ex only if you are more macho than him. If you are way more of a man than he is and if he cannot match up to you in any areas of life, don’t be worried. Your chick wont even be thinking about him. When chicks make a major upgrade, they don’t look back.

But if the two of you share almost identical parameters, you should be very careful. Equal parameters means, you are not really better looking than him – you are just both average, or you are both good-looking. You are not more successful than he is – the two of you just have the same net worth. You are not more of a badass than he is and so on. Basically. if you and her ex are on the same level, you need to watch your back.

And if you are a lesser man when compared to the ex, you shouldn’t even close your eyes when you sleep. You have a lot of work to do when it comes to keeping your girl faithful.

Here’s the thing. You should be scared of your chick’s ex but don’t be an insecure dolt. If you are bothered by your girl’s interactions with her ex, always, always, always discuss your feelings of discomfort with her.

If you don’t like the way her ex is staying in the picture, find ways to literally crop him out. Bring it up with her, not with the ex. That’s unless the guy is the one who keeps initiating contact with her and trying to win her back. Either way, if that’s the case, she shouldn’t entertain him and she should tell you about it.

There was this time all of my ex gf’s exes wanted her back. For real, 3 exes wanted her back. One is convinced he will marry her. He keeps on saying “I’m giving you time to play with kids when ready you will come for me”. She would screenshot the chats and let me see what they were saying. I couldn’t get mad at her. I knew what was going on. She told me everything. I just let them waste their time trying to win her over.

If your girl and her ex are interacting willingly that’s something you need to deal with. Bring down the law. First, you’ve got to admit it bro: You picked the wrong chick. You picked a chick that hadn’t gotten over her ex. You picked her because you weren’t listening to the warning signs right from the beginning.

I picked the wrong chick. I was sure she wasn’t over her ex but i still wanted her. The ride was great while it lasted. We made it to just 2 months something that i didn’t see happening.

The problem most of us guys face when choosing chicks is becoming too attached too quickly and not paying attention to the warning signs. We tend to have the blinders on: “Oh, my God, she’s really hot and absolutely perfect for me. She has a nice ass, nice face and everything. My buddies will praise me wen they see me with her.” Then after a few weeks, mashida zinaanza.

So yeah….admit that you might have messed up by selecting her. After admitting you picked the wrong chick, you should then try to remedy the situation.

Just talk to her nicely. Ask her to sever her association with her ex. No girl has any business talking to her ex or visiting him. If she truly loves you and can’t risk losing you, she will avoid her ex. If she keeps disobeying your directives and entertaining the guy, break things off.

It’s the only way (unless you are okay with constantly kissing the same lips that have just sucked her ex’s cock a few hours ago). Otherwise, you’re going to get yourself into a toxic relationship that will be emotionally scarring to both of you. And life is too important (and too full of fab women who will bring out the best in you!) to get yourself into the suffocating throes of a toxic relationship.

And there is no point in talking to your ex. I’m always surprised how some people remain close friends with their ex. Me and my exes have no bad blood but we don’t talk and I don’t want to talk to them. As i said i would halla at my ex just to get easy pussy because i know if i had her then i can still have her now. Feelings don’t die they just get buried deep down. And with the right tools you can resurrect them.

So guys be on the look out.

Stay woke.

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