How Women Determine If You Have A Good Dick

How Women Determine If You Have A Good Dick

Good dick is essential. This blog is for the men that don’t know how women determine good and bad d!ck.

Some of you guys are walking around here completely oblivious to the wack d!ck your bragging about, while your girl is elsewhere admiring someone else’s parts.

There is something called post sex analysis. This is whereby every woman walking on this earth sits down and reflects on how the sex was.

This is the time she texts her bff and tells her how wack or good your dick is. They will analyse everything, from the moment she got to your place up to the time she leaves.

Everytime you fuck a woman give her your A game. Represent the male species. If you somehow don’t perform well you will be the topic of discussion among her and her besties.

Ask yourself- “Am I Good in Bed?” Life would be so much easier if you knew how to classify certain things, that’s why is here. The same site that told your girl how to determine if she has an “Insecure P^ssy”

I surveyed my female friends and here is what they basically consider.


The first is length. Every woman considers how big your Dick is. Women need a good length(something like 6 inch and above) so they can ride it how they want, without you slipping out.

They want to be sure that you can hit every spot and scratch every itch. Even if the length isn’t practical, women think it’s a turn on when you swinging a huge stick. Does size matter? Yeah, so stop asking that dumb a$$ question.

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2. Width/Thickness

If length is the first, than width is of the most importance. Thickness reigns supreme. Skinny dick is the most shunned of all but not skinny dudes.

Big or thick is just considered more masculine. Women liked to be fulfilled and filled until there’s nothing left. A combination of length and width ensures that.

3. Strokes

This is VERY important, this is where every man’s rhythm comes into play. Women need you niggas to act like you Chris Brown. BEAT THE SHIT UP. Act like Chris Brown again and DANCE in the pussy. If you can’t dance swim in the pussy. Switch that shit up. Slow strokes/ fast strokes. Deep strokes/ Shallow strokes. Shift gears.

4. Stamina

Does it really matter how great and big your dick is if you can’t last? If you lack self-control, it makes you look weak. If you are big and didn’t last, please believe me your size will be the last thing she tells her girlfriends.

You have to make her tap out, it’s absolutely necessary. If she doesn’t fall asleep after the dick down, do better if there will be a next time. How long sex should last is a question for another day.

5. Skill/Understand Her Wants

You know what’s worse than a man that can’t last? It’s a man that doesn’t understand the woman. This is all tied up into skill. What worked on a different woman doesn’t necessarily mean it will work on the next woman.

You can’t have a good dick and lack skill. You have to understand what your partner wants and how to deliver it. You should know if she likes it rough. You should know if she wants to be romanced. You should be a great listener, which is the first step to being a great lover. Sh!t, tease her every now and then.

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6. Acoustics( Men Should Know What to Say During Sex )

So you slangin’ the good sh!t, but you f^cked up the mood because you don’t know how to say the right things. If she wants you to shut the f^ck up and just f^ck. Well do that, if you never seem to say the right thing. Quiet good dick will always outshine annoying good dick. Learn how to talk dirty.

The express lane to a woman’s panties is her mind. If you have size, stamina, good d!ck, then saying all the right things will take her over the edge. However, if you don’t have the right things to say just be quiet and groan.

7. Besides Good D!ck You Should Know How to Eat P^ssy as Well

You Don’t Eat Pussy?

If you don’t eat pussy, why are you alive? Waste of a tongue. Most men can fuck, but eating pussy is what separates most men. If you tongue her down real good you will have her coming for more. Good tongue will always compensate for your wack dick.

When the sex is over she will consider

  1. Your strokes
  2. The D size (length/width)
  3. Your stamina
  4. Your pussy eating ability
  5. Your skills

If you have everything or most of the things that she wants in a good Dick you will always be on her speed dial.

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