Why Broke Boys Exist But Broke Girls Don’t

I’m here to get a couple things off of my chest.

  1. One : Some women Must Stop being dependant.
  2. Two : Men must stop associating their self-worth to money.

And as we all know the title is a lie.
You bitches be broke too. You Ain’t got shit but a pocket full of wet wipes. The only thing you got rich is your imagination.

This title:

“Why Broke Boys Exist and Broke Girls Don’t”

This title right here is nothing but click bait. I know you girls ain’t got shit, some of you are broke just like us and you exist. Broke Girls exist just like Broke Boys but you only condemn, banish, and abolish one group, The Men.

When I say broke I don’t literally money. I mean dependency. Yes, The struggle is real out here but turn your hustle up. I’m sick and tired of some women’s source of money coming from a man.

Independent bitches where you at?
Y’all get the utmost respect from me. Keep chasing that paper.

Why are women allowed to be so reliant on men, but men aren’t allowed to be reliant on women? We have normalized “broke boys” but you almost never hear “broke girls”.

Here is a test

1. Name one broke girl?
Did you immediately think of anyone?

2. Name one broke dude?
I’m sure several niggas popped up in your mind.

Why is this? Women will scream, “hao maboy wako broke,” but whisper Broke girls. You put the pressure on men to be independently successful, but not the women. If a woman ends up dependent it’s no big deal. But honestly. That ain’t right.

You’d all be sick if your nigga came to you every week asking for cash. How will you feel if a nigga kept asking you to take him out, buy him ice cream, buy him pizza, bring him chicken from chicken inn, pay some of his bills etc

You will be like “Boy get the fuck out of my face,” right?

You know there are different Types of broke boys who get scrutinized and demeaned. But broke women should meet that same fate. Women must be independent.

It’s one thing for a woman to be out here doing her own shit and being spoiled by her man on top of that. That’s a bad bitch. But waiting on a man to feed and clothe you? Who made y’all?

Pussy can’t be your only hustle.

Even if you are out here selling pussy, what are you doing with that hard earned money siz.

But be a smart hoe. If you catch a bitch out here selling ass and not stacking that cash, beat her ass.

I need women to stop depending on men for handouts of whatever form.
We are living in the era of women, the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

(Take advantage) Women are becoming the bread winners and soon we won’t be able to handle it.

If a man is broke, that’s it for him. You might as well wrap his ass up and ship him off. If some of us didn’t have money we’d be truly useless to society. How would some of us get women without money. It’s sad really. But it’s our fault.

Men don’t know who they are without money. It’s like we compensate. We take money very serious. We’d lose our pride, our self-worth, and our mind without money.

We don’t see women as broke girls because women don’t attribute their worth to money, but we do. What’s wrong with us men? Why do we feel like we owe everything to money?

We put our loyalty in our money before we put it in a loved one. We use money as a mask to hide who we really are, to hide our emotions. Watch out for men who bask, boast, and relish in money. They are hiding something.

Money will never equal self worth, morals, or values.

So what does this blog mean?

1. I want the ladies to be able to spoil themselves first and let the men spoil you too.

2. I want the men to stop attesting everything they are to money.

3. I want broke bitches and broke niggas to turn up their hustle.

4. I want everyone to act like the floor is filled with broke boys and boys girls who lack independence.

5. I want all you ladies to leave broke niggas alone. We going through a lot; we don’t need extra pressure.

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