What’s Your Girlfriend’s Expiration Date?

What’s Your Girlfriend’s Expiration Date?

If you’re in a fucked up situation man or woman, you should be strong enough to deal with the hurt of ending it and simply move on to the next one.

I once said men should never leave a girl but when she expires it’s time to leave. If you didn’t read the article here is the link.

There are a lot of females out here who can’t let go of their toxic relationships, so they go along for the ride hoping that their boo will change his ways. Most of us guys we are guilty of holding girls hostage and brainwashing them because we aren’t ready to break up with the pussy.

I’m going to give the men out here a few good reason to end a relationship when it expires.

We as men hate to burn bridges and will put up with a woman we’re growing to hate as long as she’s taking care of our needs. But is it worth the stress.

If you see her name pop up on your cell phone and instead of hitting “Accept” you think “This bitch again?” the relationship is over.

When you’re first dating a girl it’s all good. You answer her calls, rush to return a text, and actually want to spend time with her. Maybe it’s lust because you want to smash. Maybe you really do like what she brings to the table. Regardless of why she got you excited, if she’s truly the one, you will stay excited no matter how much time passes.

The average guy will continue to act out the “I love you” scene knowing damn well the director inside his heart yelled “CUT” a long time ago. Stop lying to yourself. This woman who you made your girlfriend was good while she lasted, now the spark is gone for whatever reason– it’s time to move on.

A lot of men and women are walking around claiming how they are boo’d up but in reality they just don’t know it yet that are dating single people.

Pussy being expired is different from a Woman who’s expired. When the pussy is expired you can still make it feel as exciting as the day you first took a dip in it because the love is deep. When a woman expires that means the love well has run dry, and you’re just going through the motions until you figure a way to end it.

All the things you used to love about her, good and bad, just make you pathetic. The attitude she gives you when you two argue isn’t cute and sexy like it was 3 months ago, it’s annoying. The conversations you use to have late at night aren’t as stimulating, now you just want to go to bed or do something else rather than talk to her.

The sex you’re having with her is good, but now you’re imagining it’s that thick chick from your class you’re hitting from the back. The signs are obvious that it isn’t working out, but instead of being a man and having the balls to hurt her feelings with the classic, “ I think we should move on” you drop little bitch ass hints that Sherlock Holmes couldn’t figure out.

If you think you can start sabotaging the relationship hoping she’ll have the self-respect to find a guy who will treat her better, you’re sadly mistaken. Not every woman is on her #i’mwoke shit, most of them have a high threshold for abuse and will put up with your passive aggressive behavior because she thinks it’s temporary or a part of being in love.

Let her in on the secret that you don’t fuck with her like you once did because she’s spoiled milk. “I won’t return her calls for a few days and say I’m really busy, that will force her to cut me off ”FAIL. I’ll start leaving text messages on my phone that I sent my old hoes, she’ll find them and break up ”FAIL. “ I’ll stop going out of my way to spend time with her, that’s the trick to making her want to leave me”— FAIL.

There are a dozen things men try to do in an attempt to push a woman away both consciously and subconsciously, but it often backfires. Certain women will try and make the most fucked up relationship work because she loves her man more than she loves her self.

The next thing you know she’s depressed, you’re frustrated, and you’re both fucking other people. Good times! As soon as your brain shows you signs that she’s expired, have “the talk” before you make each other sick.

You know what kind of girl you want, so the moment you realize she doesn’t fit the bill – please leave.


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