What’s That White Creamy Stuff During Sex

What’s That White Creamy Stuff During Sex.


Grab a seat, pull up a chair.

Today we will discuss about something our Biology teachers forgot to tell us. We literally wasted four years in secondary school learning shit.

Since our teachers did a poor job at educating us, I’m here to save you all and teach you a few things. You can decide to google this stuff but it really won’t help you. Let’s begin.

Class is in session…..

Has a girl ever creamed on your dick???

So you’re having sex and everything is going well, but when you remove your dick from her pussy it’s covered in a white, creamy discharge that both excites and concerns you. It has no , it doesn’t stain and it seems to appear whenever she’s really enjoying the experience.

What is this white, creamy fluid-like substance that’s coming from the pussy? why does it happen?

I’m glad you asked because it’s a common questions from lovers across the globe.

Before I answer I have to inform you all that women typically have over 7 different types of discharges. There are some which occur during their periods, after their periods, during sex and lastly when she’s pregnant. I don’t want to delve deep into these. You can google and read about them. Just search the term Leukorrhea.

For now let’s talk about discharge during sex.

That creamy white discharge you encounter during sex is produced when a woman has an orgasm. It is a vaginal secretion produced by her pussy to facilitate in conception (sperm now have more fluid to swim in to move closer to their target). If she creams on your dick then you are really doing a good job at dicking.

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It helps with providing a better glide and slide for the dick within the pussy and is a signal to both parties that orgasms are talking place and the female partner’s body is fully aroused. In short if a girl creams on your dick just know you got her pussy excited af. Creaming is cumming on the low.

Consider it as another form of vaginal lubrication and a sign that her body is responding well to being stroked in all the right places.

Apart from making your woman cum, nothing will excite you as seeing her cream on you. Creaming is a beautiful scenery. You get to see your dick decorated with a white creamy substance.

What if that white, Creamy discharge isn’t there? Does it mean she’s not excited or she didn’t cum?

Not exactly.

Orgasms in women can happen in many different versions and some are accompanied by a gush of clear fluid (squirting), increased clear vaginal secretions and sometimes involuntary contraction of pelvic muscles or lower body contractions.

Cumming for a woman is an indication that she is experiencing vaginal orgasms during penetration. As we all know, women can cum through vaginal penetration or through clit stimulation. But if she doesn’t cream on your dick there is no reason to believe she is enjoying sex any less.

Every woman’s sexual response cycle is different, which means every woman will be turned on by various triggers. If your desire is for your partner to “cream” on your dick experiment with various sex positions and strokes in order to see what will make her body respond with such an orgasm.

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