What Women Want Part 1: Feed them, Fuck Them, Finance Them

What Women Want: Feed them, Fuck Them, Finance Them

When it comes to dating, women want a lot of things. Their needs and wants are unlimited. Each woman you meet is different.

Don’t confuse and assume that they are all the same. Here is how to satisfy your woman…… Their needs and wants can be summarized into just 3 things.

Women want

The Triple F are the components to keeping a woman satisfied. A satisfied woman is a happy woman. If she’s satisfied she will give you peace and less drama in your life.

A woman wants as follows- To be Fed, F^cked, and Financed.

1. To Be Fed:

Women want to be fed mentally and physically. They want you to feed their minds with thoughts that keep them well nourished.

How many times have you heard of a woman meeting a guy so fine that she would have his baby but the guy could not keep her entertained mentally? A guy that had the conversational skills of a toddler.

Women like intelligent conversations. Women like to be stimulated and appreciated, if you can accomplish this you keep your woman. A woman will also want to be feed. Every woman likes to eat and your role is to be the provider of good food.

They want

2. To Be F^cked:

Women want and need to be f^cked. Love making is alright, but every now and then you got to make her feel it. You gotta beat it up like you been locked away in a dungeon, at the bottom of the ocean, for 15 yrs.

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You’ve go to show her what that dick can do. She has to realize you are swinging a dangerous weapon. You have to give the coochie everything you got and then some more.

You’ve got to pound her so bad that she starts to cry and doesn’t even know why the f^ck she’s crying. You’ve got to drive her crazy with your meat.

3. To Be Financed:

Women want to be financed. Not that you have to pay her for being your girlfriend but women want to at least know that you are giving and caring. It shows that you can take care of business and that your a real man.

If you can’t finance her you need to at least give her ideas on how she can secure the bag. Listen to her ideas, evaluate them and tell her on how she can make the idea realistic. Support her ideas.

No woman wants a stingy, non-charitable mate. How would you raise her kids with this character?

The reason women look at wealth is because it shows a man’s ability to take care of and protect their family, than you also just have money hungry chicks out here too, but I digress.

These are the key ingredients to keeping your girl by your side. Take ’em or leave ’em…

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