What To Do Once You Find Out Your GF Has A Higher Body Count Than Yours

What To Do Once You Find Out Your GF Has A Higher Body Count Than You.

Are you feeling insecure that your girl has been with a lot of guys? That she’s had sex with two guys in one night…had tons of low quality sex – like that quickie she had with her ex in the club washrooms.

When you find out that your girl had a lot of sex with guys, does her body count make you feel insecure, upset and mad?

This is normal for the majority of men out there. There’s a simple reason why you’re mad, upset, jealous and insecure — you’re not maximizing your potential with women. In fact, scratch “maximizing your potential.” You’re not living anywhere close to it.


Now, I know there will be a lot of sites and men who are of the opinion that you shouldn’t date women like this. However, not everyone gets lucky to meet those girls who have only had sex with one person or are still virgins.

Some of you may be considering a long-term relationship with a woman, or already in one only to find out that she has hosted had many, many penises of varying length, girth and colors in all her orifices.

Yes, it can be shocking to hear the sort of things a woman you are dating has done and experienced sexually. There are few questions you should ask yourself if you find yourself in this situation.

  1. Why do you feel the way you do?
  2. Is it because you are more insecure than she is?
  3. Does it bother you that she has had life experiences that you will never have?
  4. Does it make you feel that she is comparing you to other guys when you fuck?

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Here are some facts for you:

Fact #1:

Your attractive girl has been approached by more men than you can ever imagine.

She has been hit on since puberty. Everyday She’s being propositioned for sex. Sex, sex sex! Everyone wants to bang her.

Now put yourself in her shoes, if both attractive and unattractive women wanted to fuck you, how high do you think your body count would be at?

So in her case when all these people want to fuck her she’ll mess up and say yes to a couple of them.

Fact #2:

All women today need a constant flow of positive emotions to survive and thrive in their social lives.

It’s tough being a woman in the world today. Now, is it healthy? No, it isn’t, but that’s the world we live in and you either adapt as a man, or move to your rural place and settle with a good village girl.


Women like to know that they’ve still got it. They want to be wanted by men. If you are dating any girl, you have to accept the fact that there are men out there who want her and that she can fuck any of them if she wants. You’ve got no control over that.

Fact #3:

A woman’s peak in physical attractiveness is in her early 20s. This is the time they blossom. Women are squeezing in the sexual experience a man would accumulate over 20 years into a shorter period of time.

Fact: If both of you are in your 20s, then she’s had sex with more attractive men than you have with attractive women.

Here’s the life cycle of your relationship with a woman with a higher body count than yours when you haven’t fixed your insecurities issues:

  1. Guy meets woman
  2. Guys plays cool, woman reveals how high her body count is
  3. Guy get insecure, makes suggestions/innuendo that woman is a hoe for doing all that
  4. Girl likes guy – considers her actions, feels bad, and thinks… “Maybe I’m a hoe.”
  5. Guy carries on once he sees she feels slightly guilty for her action
  6. Girl get tired of guys judgmental attitude and leaves him

Here are the lessons to take away from this:

1. Change your attitude towards women:

My point is, if you choose to spend time with a woman described above (with a higher body count than yours), or if you choose to have sex with women, you must change your attitude to actually want her to have had those experiences.

As kodak black once said “If we’ve got chemistry, fuck your history

Black woman

2. Women love Non- Judgmental men:

Here’s another fact for you. Women are having MUCH LESS sex with guys than you would be with women if the roles were reversed. If the roles were rreversed you would fuck everyone.

Women are highly attracted to men who have a “no big deal” attitude about sex. It’s what makes you the man she will have sex with within an hour of meeting. You know, the man whom she will be comfortable introducing to her friend for a threesome.

Now, let me reiterate, when you first start off – if you choose to take this advice seriously, that is – you’ll start out being “cool” with the crazy things chicks have done. If she’s had;

Countless one night stands, had sex with her friend’s boyfriend, banged in the bathroom of a club while her boyfriend was 20 feet away…. Eventually, though, you will crack, freak out and slowly begin to judge her.

How could you have sex with a strange man in public, barely half an hour after meeting him, with the risk of your boyfriend finding out? Where is your self-respect? How can you hook up with two guys from Tinder within 24 hours? What. The. Fuck. Is. That?

Doing this will greatly reduce you sexual prospects. If you aren’t cool and judgmental you’ll lose access to sex with women– or become bitter. And bitterness in men leads to misogyny. And misogyny is a waste of energy for a man.

All women want a guy they can talk to without being judged for any of their actions. Try being non judgemental and see how your life will change.

The main reason men are so insecure about dating a girl who has fucked a lot of dicks is because these men haven’t had enough sex.

Trust me, if you’ve had lots and lots of sex there is nothing about a woman’s past that will make you insecure. If she had a threesome, you’ve had a threesome, if she’s fucked in the club you’ve fucked in the club, if she likes casual sex, you like casual sex.

When you have sex in abundance, you will not judge her. When you have access to a lot of sex, your insecurities will decrease.

For those of you still thinking, “Menez, you’re basically saying that its okay to sleep with hoes?” Yes, it is alright to sleep with “hoes.” But use a condom.

The good news is that relationships are about the bond and quality intimate time spent together. She may have had a thousand and one penises in all her holes, but as long as she has deep feelings for you, chill out.

I’m kidding though. If a woman has had a thousand and one penises in her – stay the fuck away. High body count is scary

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