Types Of Girls In Every Girl Crew

Types Of Girls In Every Girl Crew

No matter who these women are or where these group of women happen to be, most girl crews are composed of your basic members. Women like to flirt, go to the club, get wasted, and dance the night away.

If you hang out with a group of women, regardless of your social class most likely you’ll fall into one of these categories. So think about it, “Which friend am I?”:

Here is the Girl Crew Break Down:

The Prude

She is the girl within the crew that might have a man at home or this might be her personality, but she isn’t about being sexually adventurous or giving it up too easily. Sometimes she may even look down on the other women when they share their sex stories or what they did.

However, she never returns the favor with freaky tales of her own she only offers side-eyes and gasps in reply.
She’s always modest and low-key.

The Cock Blocker (the Best Interest friend)

Every crew has a cock blocker the one woman that is deemed the mother of the group. She’ll be the one patting your back when you get drunk, texting you “you made it home safe?” after your date, or the shoulder to cry on when you get hurt.

Regardless of her care, you can see her at the club defending the crew from thirsty guys. She’s a pro at cock blocking. Usually she always keeping her eye on the next girl.

Her favorite phrase: “No, she’s not interested”

The Freak

The freak is the girl that gets a little tipsy and starts grinding on every man she sees. She is always flirting and even disappears from time to time from the group in dark clubs or house parties. Sometimes you can see her being yanked away from a group of salivating men by the Cock Blocker.

The freak is never lonely and her phone usually lights up every single damn time . She loves men, she may not even have sex with all of them, but she’s made out and has gotten steamy with most of them.

Her favorite phrase: “There are so many fine men in here tonight, I’mma have to get me one.”

The Overconfident

This woman in the group might be the least liked by men. She happens to be an average looker with moderate assets. But she’s by no means a Beyonce… She’s just average, but maybe it was the way she was raised. Showered by compliments from her family she now feels like she’s the baddest to ever do it.

You can’t tell her any different though, you let her live in this fantasy world and watch her turn down these imaginary men that she thinks are all over her. Her overconfidence will get you all into clubs.

Her favorite phrase: “Why are all these men so thirsty?” or “These guys are all over me?! Damn, let a b!tch breatthe!” *you look left, then you look right- you see no men looking at her lol*

The Drinker(Has to Be Babysat)

Even men have one of these in their entourage. There will always be the one person that couldn’t hold their liquor, if their life depending on it. The funny part is that they know they can’t hold their liquor, but every time you guys go out she gets drunk. Not loose or tipsy, but drunk drunk. To the point you have to carry her with one arm flung over your shoulder to bathroom, the car and finally back home.

Sometimes she never gets through a night with her shoes on. Often you all contemplate about not bringing her, but you still do.

Her favorite phrase: “I’m okay, I’m not drunk. Damn. Stop touching me.” “Where’s my phone?” It’s in your hand. “Aw”

Ms. Nasty Attitude

Oh, yes she might be worse than The Overconfident, because The Overconfident just might be delusional. However, Ms. Nasty Attitude pumps herself up by being negative, you can usually catch her sipping on her drink complaining about any and everything.

She complains about the men that are there, the music that is being played, the drink that’s too strong, other women’s outfit, why men approach her and even why they don’t; she has a never-ending list of complaints. She finds it hard to have a good time, but never stays her ass at home.

Her favorite phrase: “What is she wearing?” or “Huyu DJ anaboo. Why don’t they play (insert song here).” *song happens to come on* “I don’t even feel like dancing anymore, they waited to long to play it.”


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