Types of freaks

A freak and a hoe.

Two terms that are often used interchangeably … when they really speak to two different aspects of sexuality.

I am here to discuss the difference between a (sexual) freak … and a hoe.

Yes people … a freak is not a hoe … and a hoe is not a freak. A hoe can be a freak … and a freak can be a hoe … or someone could be neither … but they could also be both confused yet?


A sexually liberal individual. Someone who is willing and eager to try and do all the things that you were told not to do. She is comfortable with her body and her sexuality and not willing to let their inhibitions stop them.


A person of loose sexual nature. They have had a lot of sexual partners … are not very discerning in who they sleep with … and may very well have earned a reputation for their willingness to sleep with someone.

Got it?

Hoes, whores, sluts … that’s the negative one. As a guy (or girl) you don’t want one of them. They might make a good quick fuck or one night stand … but you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife. Reformed hoes are completely different situation … because (in some cases) the past is just that … the past …

Someone once said it best “Don’t save her … she don’t wanna be saved.” These are the ones who are unsaveable.

3 Type of freaks

1. Freaks

Freaks, Freaklinks, Liberal in bed … those are prized finds. They are the ones that are going to swallow, bring in a friend or two, hang upside down from the ceiling fan, pull out handcuffs … and then wake you up in the morning asking for more and then propose a little bathroom desert after finishing off her eggs🍑. No hole is off limits, no idea is too weird.

Now … not every freak is good for ya.

2. Freak hoes

You have your freak hoes … which are the ones to watch out for. A combination of both … someone who is willing to do whatever … and someone who will do whoever. She has she slept with all of your friends, their friends and their friends friends

3. Good freaks

But … you do have Good Freaks.

The ones who are freaks only for their man. Some of the crazier sexual acts require a lot of trust (who wants to be handcuffed and left for dead because you said something wrong … or one poorly planned back flip can spell ruin for you special guy) …

So they know not to share their special talents with just anyone. This is the girl you take home to meet mom … and then tell dad about.

And while these terms essentially mean the same thing for man or women … “nasty” is the proper male replacement for freak … and “he-slut” or “man-whore” is the proper replacement for hoe.

So go forth good people … educate the masses. Don’t let the good name of “Freak” be bestowed upon an undeserving hoe. Lets make it mean something again!!!

Yesss! Share it with anyone you know would enjoy, thank you for reading!

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