Sun. Apr 5th, 2020


The Menez Effect


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I always wondered if someone was crazy enough to try and hack our school’s website.

Well, someone has already done it and he is so proud of his work. The hacker is anonymous so i can’t know who he is. Our school systems were faulty so to hack it was somehow easy.

If i was the one who hacked it i would do so much positive damage.

What can happen if a university website is hacked

1. Change results

It’s possible to alter anyone’s results if the website is hacked. All you have to do is get the student’s details and change what you want.

2. You can change your financial details.

With a litle effort you can your financial status. You can set such that you have paid your fees for the whole 4yrs in uni.

3. Register a new student

The hacker can register a new student and input fake results so that the student can appear legit.

There are so many things the hacker can do but one mistake can get him caught. He may seem untouchable but he can be caught.

I think the easiest way how he managed to hack the school website is by having a keystroke logger. This device can help a person get login details for let’s say a professor. To get a keystroke logger is an thing.

Anyway the website is hacked, all we can do is hope he doesn’t mess us up or do something negative to affect tje rest of the students.

Check out and see it for yourself the note left by the hacker.

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