This Is How Much Sex You Should Have According To Your Age

This Is How Much Sex You Should Have According To Your Age

How much sex is too much sex? IT’S a question we have all asked ourselves. Just how much sex should I be having? Well, according to the sexperts, the magic number depends on a number of factors – including age, health, sex drive and relationship status. A study from the Kinsey Institute for research in Sex, Reproduction and Gender suggests age can predict how often you have sex. These researchers from Kinsey Institute have done so many weird and awesome Research
Having sex
Kinsey Institute conducted a study, based on which a report was made. It is regarding the healthy love life, the emotional conditions, lifestyle and age of the engaged individuals. We are all different individuals and thus have our own basic individual and emotional needs and demands. However, how many times each year should an individual have sex. Well, the guys at Kinsey Institute have given us the answer.

How much sex should you be having?

18-29 years.

The study found that the individuals, both males and females in this group, were making the most out of their age. People between 18-29 years should have sex 112 times per year. That is 2.1 times in a year. Did you know people who have sex twice a week have higher levels of antibodies compared to those who don’t have as much sex.
How much sex

30-39 years.

The study shows that due to an increase In obligations, the sexing decreases in this period. During this time most people get married, start families, and take more responsibility in their jobs which means more stress and less time.
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The average number of time per year people have sex is 86. This means they manage to do it at least once a week.

40-49 years.

It seems that the urge to have sex decreases as we grow older. People in this age bracket have sex 70 times a years.

50 years and above.

How much sex should you be having In this group we find interesting results. As the “most stressful years” is believed to have passed, kids are older, finances are no longer an issue for raising children and you have just as much as you need, with less stress and worries yet again comes a great love-making era in your life. People in this age group have sex at least once a month. In this age group sex isn’t something that crosses their minds. This research is just a research. A number is just a number. And most of the times, it is better to have quality than quantity.

Lack of sex can lead to

  1. Heart disease
  2. More stress
  3. Higher risk of developing prostate cancer
  4. Slower brain growth
  5. Will get harder to get an erection
  6. Less lubrication.
So after this corona, go have as much quality sex as possible.
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