Things That You Should Do After Sex.

You’ve just had sex. Hooray!

Let us give you a moment to do a celebratory air punch 👊.

All done?

Good. Now you can just relax and enjoy the afterglow.

But hang on! Has she just rolled me into the wet spot? And, no way…he’s actually just fallen asleep.

When the sex is over, you’re not out of the emotional battlefield just yet. Here are some guidelines for after the sex.

1. The wet patch

In Hollywood movies, post-sex lovers fall asleep in each other’s arms. Sex involves fluids. And good sex involves a lot of fluids. That’s all well and good DURING sex, but after it, suddenly, well, it’s just a bit gross, isn’t it?

Imagine sleeping on a wet patch on the sheets which may either be cum or her vaginal fluids 🤢🤢yuckish right?

My tip? Keep a pack of tissues or towels nearby, then have a little ‘clean up’ before the cuddling starts. Too late for that? Don’t roll over into the wet patch. If you don’t want to do a clean up you can just change the sheets. And please, for the love of everything that is holy, WASH YOUR SHEETS regularly.

2. Pillow talk

After you’ve sexercised for the whole night, it’s sometimes nice to have a little chat afterwards. In fact, some of the best conversations occur post-sex. You’re all relaxed and naked, you’re all bonded from the fucking thus you feel free with each other.


It’s not appropriate to mention any of the following:

  • How crap the sex was – Whenever possible, this should be an away-from-the-bedroom conversation.
  • Your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • Whatever you’re really thinking, your current partner doesn’t want to feel like they’re in bed with your ex, too.
  • “I really should get an STI/HIV test.” This should be mentioned before the SEX, preferably during a conversation about condoms.

3. Falling asleep after sex

Yes, sex can be tiring. But, Guys, falling asleep straight after cumming into someone isn’t very respectful.

Though, biologically at least, we do have an excuse. After cumming, we guys go through something called the refractory period – where our arousal levels drop suddenly, his heartbeat slows right down, and his body is whispering, “Sleep! Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.”

Here at, we recommend fighting the sleep for as long as you can. Even if it’s just for a few minutes of cuddling and “that was great” and “you’re so beautiful” comments. This counts for women as well as men. Both can be guilty of a post-sex nap.

If you’re on the receiving end, well, we guess you should take it as a compliment. Let them have a few minutes rest, then wake them up for round two.

4. The walk of shame

Women are the ones who mostly suffer from the walk of shame especially when they are getting back from a sleepover early in the morning. Guys don’t really experience the walk of shame.

Keeping your pride in tact depends on what you were wearing the night before. If you went out dressed in a ‘slutty’ outfit with no extra clothes to change in, trust me when its day time you will feel embarrassed walking in those clothes. Keep in mind what you are wearing or carrying to your sleepover.

There are rules on how long a sleepover should last but we’ll talk about that later on.

5. Don’t cry

Seriously. Don’t.

Some people find themselves crying during sex. Please don’t. Your bae won’t think you’re deep and meaningful, they’ll just think you’re an overemotional scary person. Or that they’ve somehow injured you.

Save your tears for more socially acceptable occasions, like losing a fingernail, or at the end of fast and furious 7.

6. Go and pee

This applies to both men and women. You just had raw sex and you pulled out. It is advisable after cumming you should pee to flash out the remaining sperms in the urethra tract.

Ladies, going to pee after sex is it really is important. It helps to clear away bacteria that may have been spread around your pussy. Bacteria is bad news as it can lead to bladder infections – so try and pee within an hour after having sex.

If you didn’t read about what not to do after sex here is the link 👇👇👇

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