There’s Nothing Casual About Sex – Are You Ready For Casual Sex?

There’s Nothing Casual About Sex – Are You Ready For Casual Sex?

You’re here because you like to do it. You enjoying f*cking. The question is not what you do, but how you do it?

How Do You “Do It?”

Not to be all in your business, but we really have to have THIS conversation. Let’s be honest, everyone can’t handle casual sex. Some people may say there’s nothing causal about sex.

But what is casual sex?

Casual sex is the benefits of fulfilling your sexual desires without the strings attached, of course.

When we think of casual sex, we usually think of a “f*ckmate*. No cuddling, no conversations, no strings just dick and pussy. A blast.

But how often do those strings become attached, tangled, twisted, jumbled, confused, matted, knotted, coiled, messy, unkempt, and uncombed?

Did I miss anything?

Casual sex is complicated. It is not BLACK & WHITE. It is not wrong nor right.

But I can tell you that you will be constantly let down if you don’t communicate with your partner(s) and yourself. I can not stress this enough:


Speak up about your wants and needs or continue to live in a state of confusion. The choice is yours.

Casual sex is not a relationship. One more time for the delusional girls in the back. Casual sex is NOT a relationship.

So this excludes commitment, loyalty, reciprocation, and most importantly feelings.

No emotions.


BUT Sometimes the sex is so good you start to think this person is in fact yours.

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LET’S be frank, someone ends up catching feelings. Damn, and ladies I hope it isn’t you. I’m just going to say that someone begins to become overly fond of the other.

And starts doing extra shit like, showing up to your place unannounced, calling you 20x a day to “check on you”…

Because if the sex is REAL GOOD, and I mean real good, how are things supposed to remain casual? Here is where it gets tricky:

You have to know what you want.

And we know how hard that is.

Can you handle JUST SEXING?

This is where knowing what you want, setting intentions, setting boundaries, and being vocal comes into play. You have to be intentional with your vagina or penis, if it’s there.

Casual sex is nothing to play with. It’s two people sharing their space, body, and energy. And to women especially, you have to stop expecting more when you know that particular person can’t give you more.

Stop doing girlfriend shit for a man who just wants to hit.

A man wanting to have sex with you is not the same as a man valuing you and craving you.


[Men be in their feelings too.]

We just disguise it as entitlement.

There is nothing wrong with casual sex, but people often confuse sex for intimacy.

This is why it is important to separate your emotions and become extremely emotionally unavailable to truly handle casual sex.

No, I don’t want to hear about how your day was but is your pussy okay? Did it eat today? Is it alive and well? How is that pussy doing?

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Unfortunately, humans are emotional beings. If you can continuously hit it and quit it without being emotionally available, kudos to you.

I love sociopaths.

But let’s be honest, WE ALL CRAVE INTIMACY..

Casual sex can be fulfilling for that moment and that high may last a day or two but does it take away from real love to fulfill instant lust?

It’s something to think about while the D is up in you. But anywho, at the end of the day, do what works for you.

  1. Protect your heart.
  2. Protect your Pussy/Dick
  3. Be honest, vocal, and intentional about what YOU want.

Things to think about:

1. What are your emotional needs?

2. What are your physical needs?

3. What truly fulfills you?

4. What are you willing to give someone else?


You’ll end up in a situationship or with a kid.

Date intentionally. Have sex intentionally. Move with caution.

Set the tone from the get go, I mean lay it all out on the table.

Communication, comprehension, & honesty go a long way and saves you a ton of time.

Your body, spirit, and mind, are prizes NOT giveaways. So be careful. But sometimes temptation takes over our bodies and we find ourselves sneaking out the house just for a crumb of casual sex.

Forgive us for our sins.

All in all,

If you can’t handle casual sex, leave it on the playground baby.


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