There Are Three Kinds Of Men

There Are 3 Kinds Of Men

There are about three ways men get sex in this world; through playing, through paying, or through their celebrity status (some form of public fascination; that’s being extremely attractive, talented, smart, etc.).

The two biggest things that come into play concerning sex are time and money/resources; Either he has the time to play or the money to pay, in most cases he usually doesn’t have both.

So in this game if you are a woman you have to know which is important to a man. Is it his time or his money. Below is a breakdown of the three major types of men.

1. The Player

The player has time to seduce a woman. He has time to court and joke. He tries to impress you with attention and words. Which woman doesn’t like attention from a man she deems desirable?

He woos you by being available. The Player is most probably a university. They may be broke sometimes but they will always be there when you want/need them or they want/need you. Quality time is their best advantage.

The player has the vibes. He knows what to say, when to say it and how to say it. Since he doesn’t have cash to waste on women his greatest skill is his tongue.

2. The Payer

He can be either be an older dude or just a rich kid.

The older man.

He doesn’t have as much free time as the player, he’s usually too busy making money. He seduces you with gifts and expensive dinners dates.

His time/commitment is valuable, he doesn’t have time to text all day and chat on the phone. But he will court you with the finer things in life, when the opportunity presents itself.

He’ll express himself to you with his income. He may be a sugar daddy. The 10k he spends on you on one weekend is something he can make back in just around two days. To him money ain’t the issue.

The rich kid (the spender)

He’s the one who is always asking you to turn up with him or go out on dates each and every time. He will spend as much as it takes just to get opportunity the to smash.

He believes spending a lot on a woman is the easiest way to get into her pants. Sometimes his tactics work and at other times it backfires. Not all women are materialistic. Money is his ultimate weapon.

We all watch perfect match, how many times have you heard a woman say “nataka boy mwenye ako na doo, akue akinipeleka out na dates”

‘The rich kid’ is the answer to such prayers 👆.

He will spend spend spend until he gets to hit hit hit.

“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” ― Oscar Wilde

3. The celebrity

By celebrity I’m talking about someone who is well known maybe in your school, town or country.

These ones don’t have to do anything, women throw themselves at them. Ladies usually feel excited to be in their presence.

When in high school we heard stories about Hawt Carter. Stories were wild of how he would walk out of a club with all the bad bitches. At that time he was the biggest pimp in Nairobi.

There are so many guys with the same or even higher celebrity status who don’t have to do anything. They maybe musicians, actors, IG bigwigs etc. The only thing they have to do is to be alive, women will always want them.

Lastly there is a;

A mix of all

There are men who are a mix of all these. They have the time, money and celebrity status. They can use all these to their advantage. Finding someone who has it all is not quite easy.

There is nothing wrong with someone spending his time with you and also there is nothing wrong with someone spending his money on you. What matters is what they do with what they have.

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