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As a man who will one day have a daughter, I love it

What do I think about a woman holding on to her virginity? As a man who likes sex, I hate it. But as a man who will one day have a daughter, I love it. but at the same time there shouldn’t be girls who’ve fucked five guys before they’ve even had their 18th birthday .

I have never taken a girl’s virginity, and I’ve never wanted to. Even as a teenager most of the girls I was with had been with one or two guys before me which made things a lot easier. The funny thing about when you’re young is that you assume every girl is a virgin, but by time you reach college you figure that 80% of the girls enrolled had their cherries popped in High School or just after high school , so your only job is to avoid the other 20%.

Men aren’t afraid to be a girls’ first because of the emotional attachment she may develop, most of us could care less. We’re afraid to get involved with a virgin because the older the virgin, the bigger the cock tease.

The worst kind of chiqs are wattpad believers . They are stubborn as hell.. One bad thing about them is that they believe in what they read….. In their minds they have a perfect picture of how their Prince Charming should be….. They envision candle lit rooms,rose petals on the bed, novel like romance and so much more…. Something i love about wattpad believers is that they love for real. No mind games just non stop love… If you trying to get a gal who is regularly reading romantic novels from wattpad you have a hill to climb. They will see through your little lies.

There are two kind of guys; Guy A when hearing a gal is a virgin he will get more interested in her because in his mind he knows no one forgets their first and has a chance to teach her new things and experiences. Guy B when hearing a chiq is a virgin loses all interest in the gal… He gets disappointed because deep down he knows how stubborn virgins are. A virgin gal will only fuck if and only if she truly loves you or completely trusts you… Guy B wants a girl who has already had sex because he is sure she will fuck again.

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Real Virgins, not the “I haven’t had sex in seven months” variety, know they’re going to have sex and it won’t be on the honeymoon. But they’ve waited this long so they can’t give it up on a one night stand, and even if they’ve been seeing a guy for a minute, they’re still reluctant to “make love” because it has to be a certain way . You don’t want it to be in someone’s basement. You don’t want it in a lodging . His room is too basic, and your house is too close for comfort. Then you add the religious aspect and it’s amazing that some girls ever have sex.

If you haven’t found the guy worthy of you, cool, I mean it’s not cool, but I’m glad you have higher standards than most, especially in the age of 16-20 and Pregnant. But if you’re going to be a virgin. BE A VIRGIN.

The last girl I talked to who was a virgin did me so dirty that it makes me mad just typing this. I had no idea this girl was a virgin, because she didn’t speak on it. But she did like to speak on other things, mainly dick. If you want lessons in phone sex she could teach it. Every time we talked, day or night, she was getting freaky. This went on for about a week and a half before we finally got time alone. In person she was shy, giggly, and didn’t even want to touch it. Why? She was a virgin.

I thought she was lying. No way a girl who talked that much shit never had sex. Another one of my homeboys at school laughed at me, “oh such and such, she a virgin ”. Like it was common knowledge around campus. I didn’t get the memo. But apparently a few other cats did and that’s why they didn’t chase her. I was just another sucker she used to get her repressed porn star out. To her sex talk was fun and innocent because at the end of the day it was just talk and wasn’t looking to fuck anytime soon.

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If you are an expert in phone sex, teasing, dirty talking then you’re horny, you’re a freak, there is nothing wrong with that—Fuck and get it over with!

Young boys run to pussy, we don’t care how our first looks; we just need to be able to go tell our friends we’re having sex. Honestly I didn’t even like the girl I lost my virginity to. Heck, i was in highschool and she was in campus…………… I think she was on some high level dry spell horniness… We messed around about thrice that year….. In class i would tell stories to my deskie who was one of the few guys who i knew had fucked by then.

Women accept that we only want sex, and they don’t run, they reform. “If you want this, it’s going to be on my terms ”. That’s what separates a real woman from a hoe. Some virgins are hoes just waiting for the flood gates to open. Yeah it took a gal until the age of 23 to have sex, that doesn’t mean she won’t body 12 guys by the time she’s 24. Just because you aren’t fucking yet doesn’t mean once you start you’ll be as picky.

One more thing that makes women better than men is that sex doesn’t control their relationships, if anything it gets in the way of love. You are a virgin, you are waiting for that right person, then wait, don’t settle. But I employ you to be up front. It may be embarrassing, it may get you into a conversation you don’t want to have, but you have to tell that man. If he thinks that being a virgin defines who you are, and it costs you a potential boyfriend—Fuck him. It’s better to get blown off in the first week of the budding relationship than after two months when he finally realizes that you aren’t just testing him.

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Girl : I’m a virgin

Guy : …wow. Nyc . (Damn bitch, after two months you tell me this?)

Girl: I’m not waiting until marriage, I just want to wait for the right time, with the right person, hopefully that person is you.

Guy : Ahh I’m not even pressuring you about that (Hopefully? Man, she got another month to give me the ass)

Girl : I knew you would understand! I love you so much bay.

Guy : I love you too . (Damn! She ain’t going to know how to ride or nothing, probably be blood everywhere. I knew I should have hollered at her friend instead, that chiq seems crazy)

No matter what he says initially when you drop the bomb on him, he’s going to be pissed inside. But It’s not about him.

It’s about wasting your time with a guy who wasn’t strong enough to be in a relationship where sex wasn’t the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For the fellas would you be strong enough to be with a girl who was a virgin? If she’s special, then that’s an easy answer. If you have to think about whether or not she’s special, then the answer’s even easier.


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