The Rich And Famous And Their Extremely Expensive Body Parts

From Rihanna’s Legs to Keiran Lee’s Dick, Here Is A Look at Celebs & Their Expensively Insured Bodies

Sometimes it’s hard to put a price on things. A mother’s love, for example, is priceless. Spending time with your friends, also priceless.

While us mere mortals don’t often get the opportunity to allocate a dollar-sign to our our body parts, certain celebrities out there do.

In 2016, the world learned that Mariah Carey had insured her voice and legs for a cool £35 million a piece. No biggy.

But she wasn’t the only one to have her most valuable parts insured. From Rihanna to Miley Cyrus, I’ve rounded up a list of of celebrities with some of the most outrageous insurance covers.

You’ll see how celebrity body parts are extremely expensive.


From legs and hair, to breasts and even sperm, here are some of the most valuable body parts that celebrities have used their millions of earnings to insure.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’s tongue – $1 million

Miley Cyrus insured her tongue for $1 million when it became something of an iconic feature for the former Disney star.

Cyrus began sticking out her tongue in photographs to fight her insecurities in front of the paparazzi and has since had a strong attachment to it. She said: “I didn’t know what to do with my face, so I stuck my tongue out, and it became a rebellious, punk rock thing.


Rihanna’s legs – $1 million

While the singer has kept relatively quiet about it, Rihanna’s legs are reportedly worth $1 million.

Rihanna apparently made the decision to insure her legs after having been awarded Gillette’s Venus Breeze Celebrity Legs of a Goddess award in 2007, protecting them for a large sum to insure that she’d be covered if they ever got less beautiful…

David Lee

David Lee Roth’s sperm – $1 million

Certainly one of the stranger (and perhaps disgusting) things to insure, Val Halen’s lead singer David Lee Roth decided to insure his sperm for the incredibly large sum of $1 million.

Yes, his sperm. However, what is even more bizarre, is that this wasn’t a precaution to make sure his sperm would always go undamaged. The reason for putting such a large price tag on his sperm was to avoid a potential paternity suit in case he ever got a female fan pregnant.

Contraception would probably have been a cheaper solution to Roth’s problem.


Heidi Klum’s Legs – $2 Million

Reportedly insured for: $2 million each When your legs are the focal point of everything from the Project Runway opening credits to the catwalk, you’d better have those babies insured.

Klum does, for $1 million each, though a small scar on her left leg means it’s worth less than the other one.

Keiran Lee

Keiran Lee (pornstar) – $1 million

Keiran Lee previously made headlines back in 2012 when he reportedly took out a $1 million insurance policy on his dick.

Troy Polamalu’s hair – $1 million

American footballer Troy Polamalu holds the Guinness World Record for the highest valued head of hair after insuring his luscious locks for $1 million.

Polamalu, who became the spokesperson for Head & Shoulders in 2010, had not cut his hair since 2000 and his impressive head of wild curls even has its own Facebook group so that fans can show their appreciation.

Keith Richards’ hands – $2 million

The Rolling Stones’ infamous guitarist Keith Richards took out insurance on his precious hands for $2 million.

The guitarist reportedly got both hands insured, although some sources claim that it was only for his left hands middle finger, apparently crucial to particular chord patterns.

Madonna’s breasts – $2 million

Madonna insured her breasts for $2 million because she believed they had become so famous that her career and image would seriously suffer if anything happened to them.

Tom Jones’ chest hair – $3.5 million.

Despite now being 78, Tom Jones is still considered a hit with a certain generation of ladies, and rumours are his chest hair is a valuable contributor to his charm.

Jones was apparently getting annoyed and concerned at the number of female fans trying to pluck off hairs from his chest.

Daniel Craig’s whole body – $9.5 million.

If you thought getting individual body parts insured was strange, then Daniel Craig’s insurance on his whole body may shock you. However, it makes a bit more sense than some of the other entries on this list.

When filming James Bond flick Quantum of Solace, Craig performed many of his own stunts which were potentially dangerous, and therefore he took out insurance on the whole package, legs and all.

The actor has recently undergone surgery on his ankle after injuring himself during filming on the latest Bond film, maybe that insurance policy isn’t such a bad idea after all.

America Ferrara’s Smile- $10 million

She’s the smile that you see on all Aquafresh toothpastes. She decided to insure her money maker.

Fernando Alonso’s thumbs – $13 million.

Formula One racer Fernando Alonso apparently insured his thumbs for up to $13 million at the height of his racing career.

The reason being that not only are his thumbs essential to driving a Formula One car, but his ‘thumbs up’ is a symbol of victory and that everything is under control and protected.

Kim Kardashian’s Ass – $21 million.

Kim Kardashian has apparently valued her ass at a hefty $21 million. And it’s not just the insurance policy that shows Kim Kardashian’s immense concern for her ass.

She also reportedly spends $5,000 a day on a special tailor to make sure her clothes fit just right around her ass.

Julia Roberts’ smile – $30 million.

What is the first thing you notice about Julia Roberts? As one of the highest paid actresses in the world, Julia Robert’s smile is somewhat iconic. And that’s why the actress insured hers, or more specifically her teeth, for $30 million.

Mariah Carey’s voice – $35 million

A rumoured $35 million insurance policy has been taken out on Mariah Carey’s voice. The superstar apparently made the decision in case anything were to go wrong while she’s touring.

Taylor Swift’s legs – $40 million.

Taylor Swift got her legs insured before going on her 2015 tour, in case of injuries that would prevent the singer from dancing on stage or putting on the show at all.

David Beckham – $70 million legs

The ex Manchester United footballer got his legs insured for $70 million, all thanks to his love for football and our love for his sports.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs – $90 million

Ronaldo put his legs at a huge value of $90 million, or $45 million per leg in 2013. While this amount of money to spend on legs may seem ridiculous, they have helped him score over 700 goals, averaging more than one goal per game.

Lionel Messi’s Legs – $850 million

Regarded as one of the best footballers in the world, Messi never fails to impress us with his skills and also his insurance policy. The six-time FIFA Ballon d’Or winner Messi insured his legs for $850 million!

Mariah Carey’s legs – $1 billion

Having déjà vu? No, it just seems that Mariah Carey enjoys insuring her own body for inexplicably large sums so much that she’s on the list twice.

And sitting at the top of our list, the most expensive body part we’ve found to belong to any celebrity is Carey’s legs with an incomprehensible insurance value of $1 billion (£788m).

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