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The Menez Effect


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There are 2 kinds of people:The extroverts and us the introverts.We are generally considered the quiet silent people.Its true we are quiet and silent.

An introvert will go to a party—but not to meet people.But to spend time with the people they already know. Introverts are the kind of people who will avoid any situation that requires audience participation.

Introverts notice things that others don’t and am guessing all of them at one point of their lives have been told to “come out of your shell”.

While we might come off as aloof, self-contained and even snobby around strangers and acquaintances, we can be quite the opposite when we are in the right environment with our most trusted friends.
My suspicion is true;All introverts have an inner little monster in them waiting to be unleashed to the people we are comfortable with or trust.Most introverts date an extrovert. Someone who will unleash their inner monster beings.

Trust me,introverts are fun as hell especially when they free with you.They have a certain sense of rebelliousness,carelessness, siliness,wildness,strong opinions about a range of topics

Introverts have an innate need to reveal our truest selves to the world. We want to give our spirit a voice; we want to share our deepest thoughts, beliefs and values; we crave a safe space to let our little monster run wild.

In the meantime, we can be grateful for those few people who have seen our other side and accept us for who we are. They should be grateful too; they are among an elite few who have earned the love, devotion and complete trust of an introvert.

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They have seen our little monster and love us all the more for it.So if you have an introverted friend give him/her time and you will be surpised by how freaky he/she can be

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