The Law of FUCK YES

It’s fucking 3 am, why the hell am i awake at this time.

They say 3 am is the time for poets, artists, musicians, writers,thinkers to get their creativity on.

Am in bed just staring at the ceiling my mind blank. Then i start to notice the different sounds outside. There is a fucking male cricket chirping, do crickets even chirp? That doesn’t really matter. It’s producing the sound that crickets produce.

Anyway my mind wonders off to that time in primary school where i got laughed at by the whole class for writing the worst composition ever…. One thing about that moment is that i didn’t give a fuck about all the guys laughing i knew i could do better.

In life i have given a fuck to so many things, things like when Eminem will drop the next album, who will defeat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, when will i get bored with some people, when will Carter 5 drop, the list is endless.

Philosopher menez has a quote for you all ‘the key to success is not giving a fuck ‘

Chances are you know somebody in your life who, at one time or another, did not give a fuck and went on to accomplish amazing things. Perhaps there was a time in your life where you simply did not give a fuck and excelled to some extraordinary heights.

Most of us struggle so much because we give too many fucks, by many i mean excess fucks. We give a fuck when someone takes long to reply our texts, we give a fuck if we lose instagram followers, we give a fuck if someone snobs our texts, we give a fuck when we get friendzoned, we give a fuck if we will be able to accomplish this or that, someone of us especially me give a fuck when a series is cancelled or when will the next season will be out… I can go on and on and on and on. You get the drift.

All we should do is reserve our fucks for the most fuckworthy situations, by doing that our lives would be a lot more easier. Failure would be less terrifying. Rejection less painful. What i mean is if we could give less fucks life would be so fucking easy.

The truth is no one is born not giving a fuck. We are born giving too many fucks. Like a fine wine, our fucks must age into a fine vintage, only uncorked and given on the most special fucking occasions.
This may sound easy. But it is not.

When i say, “Damn, watch out, Dennis Menez just doesn’t give a fuck,” i don’t mean that Dennis Menez doesn’t care about anything; on the contrary, what i mean is that Dennis Menez doesn’t care about the challenges he faces in order to achieve his goals , he doesn’t care about pissing some people off to do what he feels is right or important or noble.

What i mean is that Dennis Menez is the type of guy who would write about himself and use the word ‘fuck’ in an article about 50 different times just because he thought it was the right thing to do. He just doesn’t give a fuck.

Don’t say ‘fuck it’ to everything in life but say fuck it to the unimportant things in life. Real guys reserve their fucks for what truly fucking matters. Friends. Family. Goals. And because of that, because they reserve their fucks for only the big things, the important things, people start giving a fuck about them.

Think for a second.
If you find yourself consistently giving too many fucks about stupid shit that bothers you — your ex-girlfriend’s new Instagram picture, how quickly the batteries die in the TV remote, missing out on offers — chances are you don’t have much going on in your life to give a legitimate fuck about. And that’s your real problem.Way too many fucks given.

In life, our fucks must be spent on something worth while. There really is no such thing as not giving a fuck. The question is simply how we each choose to allot our fucks. You only get a limited number of fucks to give over your lifetime, so you must spend them with care.


Now that you are now more stingy with your fucks lemme teach you about the LAW OF FUCK YES OR NO


The Law of “Fuck Yes or No” states that when you want to get involved with someone new, in whatever capacity, they must inspire you to say “Fuck Yes” in order for you to proceed with them.

This law is fucking simple, the only answer you should hear is a fuck yes.

In dating there is an area we are all stuck up on.. In this area one person has more feelings than the other person. You in love with someone who doesn’t love you back. This area causes so much fucking problems.

This areas leaves us totally confused. We are left wondering whether we should persist or just give the fuck up and chase the next bitch. The problem women face is what to do when they realize a guy likes them too much. Most will exploit that.

I call this area the Grey area. An area where we are uncertain of how shit will turn out. If am not wrong all dating tips and advices try to solve this shit.

‘Text her this, treat her this way, don’t fuck after these many days,wear this, don’t call immediately after a date to say it was nice, how to be a bad boy’ etc the advices are so goddamn many. This advices become too much that some people google every single relationship shit they going through. But this dating advice misses the point. If you’re in the grey area to begin with, you’ve already lost.

If a girl just always wants to meet during the night, dark evenings or doesn’t want to be seen with you in public then that is a FUCK NO in that relationship. If she only wants you for money then that also is a FUCK NO. but if you okay with your ‘arrangement’ I’m cool with that.

You are at home with a certain chiq then you start making out but each time you go to grope her boobs she takes your hand away. That’s a FUCK NO answer. Don’t push your limits ask the chiq whats fucking wrong and what your fucking relationship is. This is a good time to know if anything will ever happen.

Let me ask : Why would you ever be excited to be with someone who is not excited to be with you? If they’re not happy with you now, what makes you think they’ll be happy to be with you later? Why do you make an effort to convince someone to date you when they make no effort to convince you?

What does that say about you? That you believe you need to convince people to be with you?

No one can buy a dog that would end up biting him. You wouldn’t be in love with someone who doesn’t love you, you wouldn’t work at place where you don’t get paid. Then why the hell are you trying to make a girlfriend out of a woman who doesn’t want to date you? Where’s your self-respect?

Derek sivers once said “If I’m not saying ‘Hell Yeah!’ to something, then I say no.” Derek Sivers ended up making tons of money in business.

As you can see the law of fuck yes implies that both parties must be very enthusiastic about committing to something together. In your dating life the law of fuck yes has all the benefits.

Here are some rules

  1. Don’t be into someone who isn’t into you.
  2. Always know where you belong with others. If you a priority or a person he or she just talks to.
  3. No longer pursue people just because you have no alternative. Pursue someone because you want them.
  4. Establish strong boundaries. Boundaries make you more fucking confident .

The Law of “Fuck Yes or No” is applicable to dating, sex, relationships, even friendships.

Been wondering if he really likes you? Do his excuses of being so busy all the time seem legit? It doesn’t sound like the answer is a “Fuck yes.” Then it’s time to fucking move on.

The best sex is “Fuck Yes” sex — i.e., both people are shouting “Fuck Yes” as they hop between the sheets together. If she’s not hopping, then there’s no fucking. (both of them want the sex)

You met a good gal, took her out and she had the best time of her life but she keeps ignoring your texts and calls. Well my friend this is obviously not a FUCK YES situation .therefore it’s a NO, delete her number and move the fuck on.

Sometimes The Law of Fuck Yes or No will apply differently on different levels. You may be a “Fuck Yes” for friendship with someone, but less excited to have sex with them. Therefore, it’s a NO. You may be a “Fuck Yes” on banging someone’s brains out, but a definite “NO” on actually spending any time with them. Apply the law to your decision-making as it suits your current needs.

Let’s say you have an event and ask people to come and show some love and support then some fucking fellas tell you that they will inform you on the D-day if they will come. That’s a FUCK NO answer so forget abou their ass and focus on those from the get go told you will come.

The point is: both you and the other person need to be fuck yes about
something , otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

It can be FUCK YES on getting to see someone again because you like them, it can be a FUCK YES on getting to know someone better, it may be a FUCK YES on giving it a few months and see if it will work out.

The good thing about THE LAW OF FUCK YES OR NO is that the answer is two simple words; a FUCK YES or a FUCK NO.

Remember this: It’s your job to look for something cool in everyone you meet. Maybe he has a dope music taste, a cool sense of fashion, his somewhat stupid hair is amazing , his funny accent, just find something cool in everyone.

Learning to appreciate people you meet is a skill you cultivate. So get on it .This doesn’t mean you have to fall in love with everyone who breathes in your direction. It just means you need to take responsibility for your ability to connect with the people you are meeting.

For some strange reason there are guys who never meet anyone who says a FUCK YES to them. If all the people you chase give you answers that you don’t want, reject you then it’s time to focus on improving thy self.

Ask yourself, what is it about yourself that would inspire others to say “Fuck Yes” about you? If the answer is not obvious, then you get to work. Build yourself into a person others would say “Fuck Yes” to.

If you a man, woman, gay, lesbian the ultimate dating advice is self improvement. You should be a person each person is able to say FUCK YES to. Every other advice out there is a distraction and won’t really help.

FUCK YES answers ensures you will have long term happiness.

  • If i ask you out the answer i expect is nothing less than a fuck yes.
  • If i ask for your support the answer i expect is a fuck yes.
  • If am in a tight spot and ask you to bail me out the answer coming out of your mouth should be a fuck yes.
  • If i have troubles and want you to listen to them you should be a fuck yes and be attentive.

In short a FUCK YES is what you want to hear or feel. It should be something positive.

So go out there and get as many fuck yeses as possible. Good luck guys

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