The hoe phase

a phase in your life that occurs frequently when you are fine with exploring promiscuous activities and connecting with random people. these activities do not always end in s-x, but can lead to it.

Welcome back, welcome back, welcomeee back.

If you’re new to this blog then you’re in for a ride, but if you’re an avid reader of this blog, then you already know what the fuck is going on.

During the hoe phase, Your pussy is in it’s prime. It’s shining bright like a diamond, and it’s not entitled to anyone. It’s yours and you’re having your way.
Stop acting like y’all don’t know what I’m talking about.

Here are some reasons why the hoe phase is important and what you get from it.

1.You learn a lot about yourself and your preferences

A hoe phase teaches you a lot. You learn what works best for you, what doesn’t, and what you want in a partner. The whole point is to use this time to experiment and come to better understand yourself, and trust me, you’ll do just that.

2. You’ll know enough f*ckboys to last you two lifetimes

3. You get really good at reading boys

The ONLY good thing about constantly dealing with these guys is that you get really good at reading them. They’re all cut from the same cloth; never think otherwise. Your ability to notice f*ckboytendencies will skyrocket after just a few months of being in your hoe phase

4. Guys will test you on every single level.

Your patience will grow thinner with each boy, and eventually, you’ll learn the invaluable skill of calling people on out their f*ckery before it’s too late. Don’t take sh*t from anyone, honey.

5. The stories are priceless

You and your gfs will have enough priceless stories to talk about for ages.


I don’t literally mean go and fuck every nigga with a heartbeat and hard dick. I just mean TREAT YO SELF.

The Hoe Phase is imperative in finding out what you like sexually, but most importantly what you like ROMANTICALLY. Every guy WILL not stimulate your mind like they stimulate your vagina. It’s about figuring out what you do like, what you don’t like, and what you might like.

Do you like big dicks or little ones? Do you like emotional men, or non-emotional men?
Do you like your pussy ate?
Do you like your boobs sucked or clit rubbed?

YOU KNOW SHIT LIKE THAT. It’s about figuring shit out.
So does that really make you a hoe if you just figuring shit out?


But Hoe-ism doesn’t come naturally or to everyone. Some skip the hoe phase. something triggers that inner hoe inside of you.

Stepping into The Hoe Phase is all due to a chain reaction or TRIGGERS.
What happened to you? Why are you this HOE all of sudden?
You have different dick appointments back to back. Unread messages left to right.

It’s not fun anymore. You got tired and your pussy is sore. You don’t even like any of these guys anymore , so what are you really doing? You’re acting out and it’s not completely your fault.

There are 3 different triggers of THE Hoe Phase:

1. Breakups

2. Lack of Experience

3. Insecurities

THE Hoe Phase

Let’s REITERATE before we get started. This blog is using the word
HOE very very loosely.

Let’s get started shall we,


1. The Breakup Hoe:

The Breakup Hoe: these the type of hoes that just got out of a relationship and ready to let loose.
The heartbroken hoe: Nigga already broke up with her and she’s feeling more vulnerable than ever.

Hurt hoe: She’s trying to make herself feel better, feel wanted by indulging in doses of dick. But the hoe has never dealt with the hurt from her previous bf, so she’ll be in a cycle of doing dick after dick after dick after dick. Until she realizes why she’s dealing with all of these different type of man, she’ll forever be a hurt hoe.

So Ladies, when leaving a relationship, please take some time to yourself.

Deal with that hurt first, assess why the relationship didn’t work out.
Note how you can handle past problems with your ex differently with a future partner. I mean do you really want to carry all of that baggage into your next relationships?

That NEW DICK won’t heal the hurt from that old one.

2.The Inexperienced Hoe:

The Inexperienced Hoe, these the type of hoes that’s not used to getting dick. She either was ugly and glo’ed up or was sheltered by strict parents , went away to college and started getting fucked. A lot of these hoes were raised in the church.

The little innocent hoe: The hoe that gets fucked on the low. Who she think she fooling? This the type of hoe that’s involved in every thing possible. SHE’S PRODUCTIVE PERSON.

We all know a girl of this type.
She didn’t know dick felt so good, didn’t know that dick would turn her into a little crazy freak. She stepped into her Hoe Phase as an innocent girl and Left as a freaky girl. This type of hoe can be saved, she just NEEDED that experience for her well being.

3. The Insecure Hoe:

The Insecure Hoe, these the type of hoes that suffer from low self-esteem, so she fills her voids up with multiple dicks. Multiple.

This is the type of hoe that every guy has had, because they in fact know she’s a HOE. This type of hoe has absolutely no care for herself, she got no chills, she will fuck your squad and not feel a damn thing.

The hoe of the campus. Everyone has had this hoe. But it’s something wrong with the lil bitch, she hatessss herself. But guys don’t care, if she’s ready to suck, they ready to fuck.

She wants to feel pretty, she wants to feel smart, she wants to feel wanted.
This type of Hoe CAN NOT be saved.
She only can save herself. Leave her to die honestly, An insecure hoe has deeper issues, deep seeded issues that requires professional help.

Then we have the broke hoes, fat hoes, rich hoes, dumb hoes, tall hoes, hood hoes, suburban hoes, lame hoes.
Different hoes for different reasons.
Hoes gone indeed be hoes.
But honestly, HOE PHASES are needed!

Please date more than one person at a time.

DATE NOT FUCK! If you don’t know how to date multiple people here is a blog about it

It’s not about “being a hoe”.
It’s about expanding your horizons, you never know what you like until you actually try it.

Too many times, women invest THEIR ALL into a fuckboy, when really they don’t know any better, because they haven’t experienced any better.
Or waste precious years in a relationship that’s not stimulating them.

Women who have went through the HOE PHASE end up in relationships.
Plot Twist right?

It’s because she knows how she wants to be treated, and knows how she wants to be fucked. Check around your campus those who you called hoes are now in good happy relationship.

A woman who knows what she wants is a dangerous woman.

And how can you know what you want if you’ve never had those life experiences?

Hoe Phases are for self- awareness, they shed light on what you will and won’t accept.

Experiencing different men is IMPORTANT. Experience but Don’t fuck all men claiming to be ‘experiencing’

And remember.

Always play your cards right,
Realize why you are in your hoe phase, are there deeper issues?
It’s not about being a hoe, IT’S ABOUT EXPERIENCING HOE-ISM.

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