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The Menez Effect

The girl that was mine

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A new friend of mine..asked me if I knew you..I was quiet for a while and said I used to..He knew there was more to he asked me, what’s the story.

I faked a smile and said nothing wasn’t true..but that’s the I changed the subject and let the topic slide.

We ordered some drinks…talked about some few things..basically just money and his new bitch…I tried to act slick..avoiding he’s occasional inquisitive face..asking dude are you feeling sick..but all I could think…was you..mostly me..and you..

Then out of nowhere that song by Bruno Mars “when i was your man” played in my mind. Damn! That song touched some nerves.

When I was your man…yeah so maybe I was sick…as you passed by with your new man…he looks better..true and he also held your hand…shit I’d never done.. and will never get the chance to do…I’m sorry i promised to move on…and i swear I’ve been doing so…but am a grown man…you can’t expect me to say contrary.

Though I’m not angry..mostly just sad..not because you look happy..or cause of your guy there feeding you ice cream …it’s that I never got to do that shit..that i feel I should do now. To me having you was a fantasy, parade you to my friends…and find ways to buy you candy.

But what you wanted was hours..more time and buy you some flowers.. take you to dance and sing all day to rihanna and rap to quavo…say the silliest things that really do matter…and make you smile look in your eyes and say there’s no other…but that’s all in the past now…

You have someone who can really make you proud…he looks like an ass but sorry that’s my ego out loud.

If by any chance you’d change your mind…I’ll be waiting on the side corner..on the street where I first saw you…so if by any chance you may pass by..I’ll be waiting.. Am not moving.

I buy fresh flowers daily… And yes it sounds crazy… but even though they wither…I’d still buy more….at the nearest vendor…for if by any chance you may pass through…I’ll be not moving.

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I have your picture in my hands..saying “if you see this girl ..could you tell her where I am.?”…they ask why I keep standing the rain ..when it’s scorching cold…but I know when she changes her mind …its the first place she would go… if there’s any chance you may pass by…am on the corner of that street…I’ll be waiting …coz am not moving…

I want you to be mine, the girl that was mine

VALENTINE’S DAY : Men’s edition

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, which means this is the time of year when men and women everywhere stress out over what to do/buy for his or her significant other.

Except for maybe the dudes; We won’t freak out about it until, like, February 13, at the earliest, when we realize tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and we haven’t done a damn thing to prepare for the occasion.

At the start of last year me and my bro gave ourselves two weeks to get ourselves a new GF before Valentine’s. We had already planned what to do on Valentine’s Day, the cash was set aside so the challenge was to get a girl.

By the end of Feb i met a hot crazy girl. We started dating after two weeks. At that time there was a lecturers strike on going so we had to go back home. I was going to miss the shiet out of her. We would be apart for an unknown time. So on the day i was going back home i gave her a couple’s necklace.

This necklace was to be given to a certain chiq i was vibing but she didn’t deserve it. So i gave bae her half of the necklace and i remained with the other half. She got so emotional on that day. When the two pieces were joined it formed a love her.

On Feb 14th we were still apart and i couldn’t be with her. I don’t remember spending any Valentine’s Day with a girl. So on that day i created a sweet lovely video about us, our favorite song was playing in the background the video was awesome. She loved it and kept watching it and showing it to her friends. I promised her our Valentine’s Day would be on the day that we meet again.

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Fast forward to 2018, Valentine’s Day is just some few days away and i have no plans for that day. First I’m baeless, 2nd i don’t feel like disturbing someone’s girl so I’m gonna stick to my lane.

For those currently dating here are some things to note.

Valentine’s Day isn’t about expensive gifts…. You can give out gifts but don’t break the bank. Don’t go broke.

What to give a man as a gift is the hardest task any girl can do. First of all women don’t know what we love. Don’t buy us a watch unless we give hints we want a watch. If your nigga loves playing comp games and he doesn’t have a gamepad buy his ass a gamepad. Buy for him something that you see he will need not something that you want him to have.

The best Valentine’s Day gift you can give man is great sex. We will love it more than any other gift out there.

What all guys want on that day is We are so simple. We just want some quality time with you.

Just as much as you ladies want to be pampered on that day we also want to be pampered and feel loved. You can give us a sweet love note, we would appreciate it because it’s something personal from you.

You see we guys don’t want to disappoint you on that day. So say what you want and we will try to do it. This is the only day we will let you take the wheel of the relationship. If you want us to go out with you say early on because if you let us plan the day i guarantee you will netflix and chill.

Valentine’s Day is somehow viewed as a ladies event. Ask any girl what they expect on that day and you will surpised by what they have to say. Guys kinda get left out because the attention is on women. It’s also our day and we too have expectations.

I asked some guys what they want on Valentine’s Day.

  • I literally want a box of chocolate” says prince. Guys love chocolate too.
  • Zero obligations – “Just cuddle up with me and let’s watch a movie. I don’t want to go out and buy a dinner. I don’t want to do this or that. Just give me the pleasure of being my personal blanket for the night and hold me like it’s the end of the world.” There’s something so sweet about that.
  • “I just really want a day where I get to make zero decisions and have zero responsibility for those decisions .” You pick the restaurant, the time, everything, and I’ll go along with it all. None of this “Where do you want to go … I don’t know …Where do you want to go?” back and forth.
  • I like stuff from They got some really great Valentine’s offers. “They got some fine accessories, lingerie and cologne sound nice too.” Wow, pointing out a whole website — that makes his bae’s job a lot easier.
  • I just want to watch romantic comedies with my boo
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Men want a lot of things but all we want at the end of the day is You.

Treat your girl or guy like everyday is Valentine’s Day. You don’t have to wait for just one single day in a year to show your love. Always treat her like a queen and she will treat you like a king. Her happiness is your happiness.

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