The game changer

TeamLoyalPussy is confused and they have a right to be. LP holds him down, puts his happiness first, and at the end of the day through good times and bad times, she’s right there by his side.

So why would a man who has no real complaints about his girl still go dip his dick in the chick down the street who could care less about him after the sex is over?

Men cheat because New Pussy feels awesome. Not good—AWESOME. Physically it’s all comparable, but there is nothing more exciting mentally than having sex with a girl you’ve never experienced. It’s like discovering America, snorting coke, and scoring the winning Super Bowl touchdown all at once.

The moment you realize you’re about to smash is better than the actual nut. Cumming is something we can experience anytime we want if the proper amount of lotion is available, we’re not really chasing a nut.

You can make love to Loyal Pussy and have better nuts, but there is no way to recreate the excited anticipation of fucking something new. The argument then becomes if you love someone doesn’t that euphoric feeling of “ that’s my soul mate ” trump the novelty of New Pussy bliss? It’s not that cut and dry.

Being in love is way more awesome but it’s on a much subtle level. It’s so subtle that most people forget the reason they’re so happy is because they’re in love.

For example, a teenage girl will get butterflies to the point where she’s physically shaking around a boy, but once the two are going steady those shakes go away, replaced by a simple smile. She didn’t love him when he was a crush; it was the infatuation that shot her heart rate up.

Once it grows into true love those feelings become embedded to the point where she doesn’t consciously notice them. That’s the reality of love; it isn’t constant fireworks like in the movies.

There are times you want to squeeze that person as hard as you can and tell them how much you love them, but mostly love remains the silent engine under the hood that drives the relationship.

The only time most people pop that hood and acknowledge the true extent of those feelings is on holidays, anniversaries, or when they lose that person. Taking the love you have for someone for granted is common, because we forget how special of a feeling it is.

It’s like a mortal asking Superman how it feels to fly, and that nigga shrugging his shoulders like “its alright ”. Sex on the other hand is far from subtle; the thought of it literally makes a dick punch through boxers. That chain reaction keeps it in the front of every man’s mind even when he tries not to think about it.

Being horny may not be as powerful as being in love, but it is a lot more noticeable in your every day life. If you believe being in love keeps a man’s dick from getting rock hard at the thought of another sexy ass woman, then you’re dumb.

Attraction is out of our control. The only thing a man can control is what he does with that erection. And that decision alone is what separates men who cheat from those who don’t.

The Game Changer

A woman who comes along and throws your entire way of life out of the window, she is different from the rest, and makes you feel something foreign… you can’t put your finger on it but there is something so right about this girl.

As men we try to shake off that feeling . After a few months the lust will be gone and she’ll be exposed as just another basic gal. But it doesn’t happen. This girl is the real deal. A nigga can finally leave that other gal, because this girl is that Queen of Zamunda we’ve all been secretly looking for our entire lives.

Every man comes across this Game Changer, but most of them fuck it up because they’re scared of what she represents— The End Of An Era. He’s afraid he’s going to become one of those squares who stays up under a chick, can’t kick it with the boys , or party with the ratchets. The world that he thinks makes him happy is about to end because this exceptional woman has the power to make him grow the fuck up.

Immature niggas love to sabotage themselves and make any excuse to hold on to the old ways. Dude treats this perfect woman like most Democrats treated Obama, the world isn’t ready, wait for the right time blah blah blah. Naw man, fuck waiting, you cannot prolong change, you have to accept that shit when it happens or you will lose that opportunity.

A man who embraces his Game Changer will become happy, he will be content, but there is one final test that will threaten paradise from time to time– New Pussy.

Cutting your ex girlfriends off, deleting the number of that fuckmate you were fucking on the side while you made sure main chiq was legit, that’s easy. However, don’t fool yourself for one second and think that because you’re now in love the hunger for more is out of your system.

It’s never out of your system. New Pussy knows your weakness and New Pussy is resilient. It’s the liquid Terminator, go ahead and turn it down, it’ll just shift into a better form with a phatter ass and come at you again and again. It will push you to the limits where you think, “ Just this one time , and I’ll be good” but as I said earlier, it’s not the physical hole; it’s the excitement of the conquest that gets us off.

One taste of it will cause you to relapse faster than anything else. There’s an argument that the reason this is such an internal struggle is because it’s unnatural to be monogamist.

It’s a fact that humans are one of the few species that practice sexual monogamy… we’re also one of the few species that can wipe our ass, doesn’t mean we should get rid of toilet paper so we can fit in with the rest of the mammals. While “ it’s in our nature ” is a good debate for those who want an excuse to fuck like animals, one of the things that makes us human is that we have a conscience.

But in the typical human mind, fucking someone else after you’ve made a commitment makes us feel guilty. We are not animals, we’re people who don’t want to see the one’s we love hurt because we’re chasing a bomb ass sexual feeling.

New Pussy’s going to cloud your mind with all kinds of shit. Every nigga has a breaking point, be it the pretty girl that looks like she stepped out of his dreams or the ugly chick with the amazing body and dirty mouth that says all the right things to get his power ranger worked up.

It rarely has anything to do with the looks of the girl you’re committed to; it’s the excited curiosity of uncharted pussy. The truth about cheating is that men aren’t used to being pursued so when pussy is thrown at us, we’re not sure how to defend.

Not chasing pussy is the easy part; you simply don’t talk to females, keep your eyes low, finish your drink, and go home. The hard part is turning down pussy that’s offered on a silver platter. How do you stay faithful in a room full of hoes? Not Love. Leaving the room is the only answer.

Son, do not buy into this argument that love conquers all and that you’re strong enough to survive any temptation because your heart belongs to bae. Your dick still gets hard during lap dances my nigga, that means you can still get GOT. “ If he really loves me he wouldn’t do that ” is about as effective an argument as Night Lights keep the Monsters under the bed.

Meek Mill and Usher, great guys, loved their girlfriends , still fell victim to New Pussy. Go ahead and spew your simplistic definition of “ love wouldn’t do that ” all you want, but If those niggas can get caught up then so can any man regardless of how much love he has for the woman he’s with. Discipline is the key to staying faithful. Watch any of these drug rehab shows and that’s what they preach.

New Pussy is a drug, an extremely addictive drug. I never point the finger at women who get involved with taken men, because it’s not their job to teach your boyfriend self-restraint, it’s his.

You may think you’re hoe proof because you don’t get pussy thrown at you on the same level as some guys have it thrown at them, but volume doesn’t matter—it only takes ONE girl who knows how to push the right buttons.

If you go around thinking you’re immune to New Pussy, you are dropping your guard. Protect yourself at all times. I’m not special, I’m just as vulnerable to New Pussy as all men, but that’s the real power of love, it creates respect for the person you’re in love with, and helps you attain discipline.

Love doesn’t end your desire for New Pussy, it doesn’t make you hoe proof, but it does dictate that you keep yourself out of situations that will test you. It should never get to the point of “ will I have sex with this naked woman in front of me”; it should end with “ I will not bring that woman back to my house in the first place”.

Love – Respect –Discipline that’s how you Jedi train your dick.

Fellas, there will come a time in life where you’re going to fall in love for real, and unlike these other chicks who are good for a month at best, the Game Changer is going to open your eyes to another level of emotion.

Please Treat Her Right! You can still have fun, flirt a little, make inappropriate sex jokes, you don’t have to become a saint and stop being a man, but know your limit and understand what’s at stake if you cross that line. There will never be another shot at a woman this great, and all the New Pussy in the world cannot compare to the feeling of making love to the person who would literally die for you.

The comfort of a Loyal Pussy is worth more than the rush of a New Pussy.

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