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The Menez Effect


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Rarely will you hear a bunch of guys complain about fuckgirls.Girls will whine and complain about fuckboys each and every time.The problem is they will always go for the the fuckboys.


Guys have an idea that sleeping with lots of woman is some sort of accomplishment.
Fuckboys think that people, specifically woman are interchangeable and don’t have a problem dating many at once, with no intention of it ever progressing to anything serious. They will keep a girl around knowing she wants something more while sleeping with other woman at the same time.

In fact, many will brag about it. They will go on to show naked photos of you to their friends and brag about what they did to you, and their other conquests and how many other girls they have ‘on their bucketlist.

These are signs of an emotionally immature or damaged male, and they all exhibit the same specific signs found here . The causes of the journey to becoming a fuckboy vary, but the common ones seem to be seeking validation from other male or being hurt previously and developing an emotionless façade in which they then become.

Regardless, all being a fuckboy does is leaves path of emotional destruction, both to the fuckboy himself and all of his ‘conquests’


  • If he tells you, he “doesn’t believe in labels” Why does he not want a label? A label is the hypothetical glue that holds shit together. Labels organize what is already a jumbled mess to make things easy sailing. But fuckboys don’t want the commitment associated with a label because when he cheats on you with the other girls, it won’t be his fault because you were “never official”
  • He has alot of female friends that give you uneasy vibes
  • If he says anything along the lines of “I won’t show anyone, I’m not messed up like that” No, he is messed up like that, he will show everyone.
  • You have no idea how many other ”bae’s” His phone is constantly blowing up and if you confront him about it he has no real answers. In this case, you will never know because he doesn’t even know because a fuckboy can’t count that high.
  • His friends are the same A group of great-looking charmers who are all “best mates” and treat girls like shit? Run.
  • He calls you another girls name
  • “You’re the only girl I talk to” Oh is that so? Because I know it’s not your mom blowing up your text, Instagram, twitter and whatsapp because its his other chiqs.
  • He is always texting you up telling you to come and see him or hangout.The only time he texts is when he wants you.
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If you can tell right off the bat that you and a guy aren’t clicking, don’t let your niceness keep you from telling him the truth. It’s not your fault you’re not interested; sometimes the timing just isn’t right. Being upfront about your feelings is a key way to finding genuine guys who will treat you right. Same goes for letting guys know upfront that you’re looking for a real relationship and not just regular hookups. That will weed out the a**holes real quick.


Guys will be able to tell if you’re desperate. Being single can suck sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy. Spend time with your friends, pick up a new hobby and realize that you have the rest of your life to be in a relationship. Constantly focusing on finding a proper date is exhausting. If you relax and trust the process, it will happen naturally. It’s a cliche, but it’s true.


Being in a hurry to hook up with someone rarely results in a happy relationship. When you’re getting to know someone new, really listen to them and see if you have anything in common. It doesn’t take long to see if you’ll make a good couple, but you certainly won’t be able to tell that after a single date. Slow down — if it’s the real deal, there will be plenty of time to celebrate those relationship

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Just because your friend invites you to a party Saturday night doesn’t mean it’s worth attending. See if you know anyone else going to it. If a lot of your friends are choosing to stay at home, maybe there’s a reason. It’s better to stick with the people you know than commit to hanging out with strangers.


    •  Avoid labeling your relationship (only do so when you want to)
    • Don’t be seen with her in public too soon
    • Invite her to “hang out” or for Netflix and chill
    • Ask for nudes
    • See her on your own schedule
    • Be distant over texts, and ignore a few for good measure
    • Avoid questions about you seeing other chicks (and continue to see other chicks)
    • Answer questions like a politician
    • If you are caught messing up, apologize
    • Don’t post pics of her on your social media (if she wants to post you on hers, sure, why not)
    • If you only want sex with her, make no bones about it and use her as a fucktoy; there’s no argument that I know of that substantially can make this a cruel thing
    • Don’t be afraid to do anything you want, even if it will hurt her feelings
    • If she ever tries to shame your behavior, either cut her off or keep doing the thing she hates (and maybe do it more for good measure)
    • In other words, do what you want, when you want. If she’s not down with it, change absolutely nothing.

    for those who want to be fuckboys these 👆tips will help you


    1. They think they can change them – What a fuckboy does is a habit.To change that would require alot of effort and commitment from the chiq.In the end it may be fruitless
    2. Nice guys aren’t a challenge – The problem is, many nice guys aren’t charismatic and don’t approach woman in this way. They approach with the same old safe, boring routine delivered the same way the previous guy did. It isn’t exciting and it’s not challenging.Fuckboys want to sleep with you and know the right words to say to make that happen.
    3. They’ve been hurt before – After a breakup, many people look for cheap thrills for validation. Eventually, cheap thrills get boring but the habit of searching for cheap thrills has already formed. This habit often goes unnoticed, and both men and woman get stuck in a state where they are constantly searching for the next thrill and fuckboys give the best thrills
    4. Self-Worth – Many girls out there, for reasons including their upbringing, the media or previous relationships have a low self-worth. Even if this girl is truly wonderful, they will only allow themselves to be with someone who treats them as highly as they think of themselves.

    in conclusion

    There seems to be a never-ending cycle that exists between previous experiences and how a person views potential future partners. A person from either one of the sexes gets hurt and switches off their emotions (at least temporarily), not allowing themselves to enter anything meaningful. They will then subsequently hurt someone else, who will then switch ,of their emotions and continue on that path of meaningless sex for the emotionally damaged.

    This emotionless paths forms a habit which becomes hard to break, yet people struggle with a string of meaningless relationships without understanding where the problem comes from. The problem comes from within.

    You can only fall in love when you know what you have to offer, understand that you shouldn’t be taken for granted and respect yourself.

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