Tempted To Cheat

It’s single season for menez and I’m loving it. I love being in relationships because I’m somehow responsible for someone else who is not me.

When I’m single I’m bound by nothing or anyone so i can technically do what i want. Now to the blogging part.

Men cheat, women cheat. Some friends have cheated on their baes with me. So i concluded something. If this chiqs who swear they love their bfs can cheat anyone can cheat. Even my future bae maybe she too will cheat. But that’s stress for another time.

Most men don’t cheat because our gfs aren’t treating us right or doing something we don’t like. We cheat because we have someone willing to cheat with. To us it’s a choice.

There are two type of chiqs: one who has abilities to cheat and the other who you are damn sure can’t cheat. Some cheat so bad until you feel sorry for their boo. You with the girl and his bae is constantly calling while the girl ignores him. Never chase a girl you are sure she can’t cheat. They are a waste of time. Better struggle with the single ones, those are fun to chase.

4/5 of those chiqs cheated because their bfs weren’t giving them the attention they deserved or was doing something that didn’t please them. Either snobbing them or acting too busy.

Guys cheat because new pussy is awesome. It can’t be compared to a pussy we have been smashing for several months. So when we get the chance of fucking something new we jump on that ship and sail til the end of days ( when we get caught)

If a man is in a relationship or simply dating multiple women at the same time, he’s a player “The man.” A guy’s power to lure in several women at once and keep them organized is what young boys dream of.

When I was a kid someone told me, “ Have as many Girlfriends as you can afford .” But that’s gone out of the window with the modern day woman who don’t require a dinner and a movie. So now it’s “Have as many Girlfriends as you can stomach.”

I’ve never been the type of guy to mess with more than three girls at one time, not because I’m morally pure, I just didn’t have patience for– checking my phone and hearing “ fuck you gotta call me back, Who you talking to ?”

If a woman is in a relationship or simply dating multiple men at the same time, she will be called a hoe. That’s the end of conversation. It doesn’t even matter if she’s having sex with them, to the outside world its like, “ wow… you’re out there sucking all of those dicks .”

This is why females invented something to get around this it’s called “ I Talk To… ” No woman is ever truly man free; they’re always “ talking to someone.” A man never says that, instead we’re “fucking with…” a chick. To say “Talking” when you’re a guy sounds soft, like you can’t seal the deal. Let’s break it down further.

Talking: Conversating, going out with, nothing serious
Dating : Going out with, chilling at the crib with, something may be there
Seeing: That’s your boo.

Trying To Fuck With : Got the number putting in work.
Fucking With : Took her out, invested time.
We Cool : Had sex, may have sex again, but if not, it’s all good, got what I wanted.

The thing I find amusing about girls is that they can’t like two people the same way. Say a girl is “talking to” 3 guys and then one of them steps up and she starts Dating him. Those other two guys get the boot, I mean yeah she’ll talk to them and even keep her blossoming relationship a secret, but those other guys now get one minute phone calls, and it takes a few hours to return their texts because she’s focused on the person who’s winning her heart.

That’s an amazing thing. Sure she’s keeping these two guys around as a backup penis, but mentally she’s passed them over and it’s just a matter of time before she stops answering their calls.

Men are greedy. If we find a new girl that we want to handcuff, those other girls don’t go anywhere because we still want to smash them. If anything we get more confident. A friend of mine had way more sex when he had a girlfriend than times when he was single. He said that :

When you have a girl you’re comfortable, pussy is no big deal because it’s at your beck and call so you don’t hold back when talking to other girls.

A guy in a relationship is doing triple summersaults with a safety net, he’s fearless.

It’s interesting really, because now you can talk any kind of way you want to when dealing with those other girls, tell them you’re not taking them out, call them when it’s convenient to you, and ignore their calls at will, because you don’t care. You would think a woman would be like “fuck him, acting brand new”. But they don’t.

For the most part women like assholes, they may not know why you’re being a d-bag, but it’s exciting to them. That’s why it’s hard to let them go even if you are starting to catch feelings for your main chick.

Of course that’s a fun life, and I know a lot of people that still live life like that, but eventually someone finds out and it all crumbles, but it’s a win because you lived the life of Hugh Hefner for a few months and are now free to start that process back over. Females are smarter than Males. They cherish relationships so they’re not going to be that reckless. But at the same time, women have urges and temptations to.

A woman won’t cheat with the guy she’s been “talking to .” She’s going to cheat with a new guy or someone from the past that comes back into the picture.

But here’s the key difference. A chick will tell the guy that she has a man. A man can’t say that because 80% of females don’t want to be the other woman. 99% of men don’t mind being the other guy, because in our minds we’re not sharing, we’re “fucking” his wifey, in the words of Menez—that’s cool.

So why is she a slut and he’s not? they’re both violating trust. It’s because of the word FUCK. For another woman to say “That’s why I fucked your man” means nothing , it’s saying you allowed yourself to be penetrated by someone who is committed to someone else.

A Main Chick could care less if you “ got the dick” because that’s not a woman’s main goal in a relationship. On the other side, for a Man to tell another man “ That’s why I fucked your bitch .” That’s the ultimate insult in the world.

MAN: You let him fuck you? You’re a nasty hoe! We’re done!

Woman : You fucked her? Wait until we get home!

Everyone can forgive cheating, but a Man has pressure from his friends, he can’t be with a girl who EVERYONE knows cheated on him. A Woman can forgive despite her friends talking shit… unless she says:

(forgiving a cheater)

“That’s why your man bought me this bag, gave me money, took me to eat, and paid my rent! .” Now that’s the worst thing a woman can find out.

A woman can accept you falling into some pussy, but she will never accept you giving another bitch money that should have gone to her… EVER!

Moral of the story, cheating is wrong either way, but if you’re going to do it, Women—don’t get caught. Men—don’t get caught hustling for it.

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