Don’t Break Up With A Girl, Let Her Leave You

Breaking up is the hardest thing to do because unless that person truly fucked you over, you don’t want to hurt their feelings. We all know about the sabotage break up where we just stop caring and hope the other person is smart enough to break up with us first so we won’t have to be the one to say it.

"Don’t Break Up With A Girl, Let Her Leave You"


​i need you to stop running to your ex he is a waste man🎤 – Drake(blem) I know exes are a huge part of our relationships,they influence our dating life onwards.I love women who have many ‘men mistakes’ they end up learning about life the hard way and some of them make several mistakes with their exes.I’m a guy and if you break up with me i will end up wondering “wasn’t i good enough?”…

"EX – MAN"


Let’s face it,abortion will always be a taboo topic to talk about.Not everyday will you find people talking about abortion. The only time you will find a bunch of guys talking about abortion is when: Their bro has impregnated a certain lady. Here the 1st thing the guy will be told by his friends is to make that girl abort Heck, maybe one of his friends will open up and tell him about his own…