Spending Money On A Woman Is Your Choice

Before we begin there are a couple of things that we all need to understand

  1. A woman is not entitled to give you anything after you spend money on her.
  2. Money buys you attention not affection from a woman.
  3. A woman will eat all of your money as long as the conditions are favorable to her.
  4. Any man who spends money on you is expecting something in return. By spending on you I mean buying you drinks, taking you, paying your rent etc

IT is said that money makes the world go round and that saying rings a bell for men trying to impress women.

Spending money on a woman is not the issue at hand, but rather why and how much men should spend on women.

Most men spend on ladies to impress them and ward off competition from other men. As I once said every man either pays, plays or preys in order to get a woman. This blog is for those who pay.

A research was carried out and it was discovered that men who spend a lot of money on women are three times more likely to get pussy than those who are more conservative on their spending.

When we spend money on you, it’s not like we love to do it but we do so because we expect something in return. We are investing on you and we expend to harvest fruitful dividends.

Anytime a man spends his hard money on you expect sex requests or a relationship of some sort and in cases where it does not materialise into something that they wanted, they get bitter and sometimes commit outrageous acts like murder, leaking of nudes, battering etc.

In most cases we spend on women without declaring our intentions, so the women take advantage of this and ask for outrageous things which we will go out of our way to provide.

No matter how much a man spends on you, he will never complain as long as you eventually gave him the pussy. If we spend like 10k on a Friday night on you and end up sleeping with you we won’t complain, but if after all that spending and we don’t get any pussy we will complain and be bitter til we die.

Taking out a woman on a date and spending lots of money on them does not give you the right to demand anything. The moment you start demanding for things and she’s not willing to give it to you, that’s when things change. She immediately disposes of you.


If you have just started dating, minimise the spending and spend more time understanding her. As the relationship grows you can spend a little more money, especially on activities like outings that bring the two of you closer.

Every man should set standards they can maintain. If you can’t handle her with your current financial situation please just find someone that you can cope with. Don’t go broke trying to Impress a girl who might say no to your advances.

The thing is, overspending doesn’t always get you the outcome you desire. It can be a viable option when you’re looking for a short-term hookup or a one-night stand…but when you’re looking for a more substantial connection, using money won’t work.

When you’re trying to impress a woman with money, what are you conveying?

You’re telling her that your primary value is what you can offer . You’re showing her that your real assets are…your assets. Not you and the fact that you give up those assets so readily to someone you barely know tells her you don’t really value yourself. You are desperate. Because any man who has worked hard for his money wouldn’t give it up so frivolously.

When you position yourself as the guy who buys a woman off, she won’t see you as the top-shelf guy she wants. She will see you as the guy she can get free stuff from. She knows how it feels to be truly attracted to a guy, and she’ll know that she’s not attracted to you in the same way.

You’ll always be the backup plan whose primary role is to provide for her. She may settle with you because it’s easy…but not because she’s in love with you. I’m sure you know of someone who is dating a guy because he’s got money…. Si ati the guy is interesting or anything but the money is making up for his shortcomings.

Sponsors have mastered the art of being straightforward. We can learn a thing or two from them. These guys approach women and immediately start pampering them. They buy them drinks, offer them rides in their big cars, take them shopping, wine and dine them at the best restaurants. They even plan spontaneous getaways.

But at the same time, they’re extremely bold and sexual. They tell women they’re just “looking for some casual fun” and “a good time”. They say they aren’t looking for a relationship. They flirt openly and don’t hesitate to make a move.

Sponsors will tell you about their intentions and expectations and give you a chance to decide if you are down for such an arrangement and whether or not the lady is attracted enough to sleep with him.

Regular dudes with money should use a similar approach. Be straightforward about what you want and expect. Ladies will act like they don’t know what you want and they will assume you are just being charitable.

If you want to date a woman (for real) or find a long-term healthy relationship, you need to change strategies. You have to offer your personality as your primary value. You alone should be enough to attract her. If you can’t accomplish that, she’s just not that into you.

You can invest your money in her after she’s invested in you. That means she shows you interest, vulnerability, and emotional intimacy. Give yourself time to see if you connect to who she really is, especially after the initial infatuation wears off.

This shit takes time. Money may spread them legs but it won’t get you into her heart. If you want a quick pussy then by all means splash her with money but if you want a relationship be wise and be yourself.

Once she sees you as an ATM, you’ll never be the man of her dreams.

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One thought on “Spending Money On A Woman Is Your Choice

  1. This is a good read. I concur with it cause it’s very objective. It’s good to be honest upfront what your intentions are. If she’s game she’s game. And yes the sponsor approach is also spot on. Sponsors won’t leave their families, they make it known to the girl, this is strictly physical. Look at how many girls are seeking sponsors despite this fact.

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