Should Women Carry Condoms?

A couple quick of statistics before we begin:

  • 1 out of 4 people in monogamous relationships reported using condoms
  • 1 out of 3 single people reported using condoms

So, should women carry condoms? Or do they already? Whose responsibility is it to provide the protection? Why the hell are only 33% of single people using condoms?

I think we’re all mature and intelligent enough to know that abstinence is the only full proof means of preventing pregnancies and STDs. However, for the non-abstinent amongst us, condoms are the next best thing. Therefore, should women carry condoms? My thoughts:

Any woman who is sexually active should always carry condoms. At the end of the day, You should worry about protecting yourself. You have to. It’s crazy out here in these single streets. If a guy doesn’t want to use condoms you won’t find him with any.

Here are some reasons why you should always carry condoms.

1. It’s An Assertion Of Power

When you carry condoms you’re showing that you’re not putting the responsibility of your sexual health in the hands of someone else. Instead, you are in control.

2. It Shows You’re Sex Positive

When it comes to being sex positive, women have come along way. It wasn’t all that long ago that society (and even doctors) were of the thinking that women weren’t sexual creatures and only engaged in sex as a means to please their partner or reproduction . In being sex positive, you’re essentially saying, “Yes, I’m sexual and I have no shame in it!”

3. It’s An Expression Of Sexuality

You are sexual. Whether you like having sex with your partner three or four times a day or prefer having a one-night stand several times a week, every time you acknowledge this, you are embracing and expressing your sexuality.

4. It’s Not 1950 Anymore

According to my calendar, it’s 2019. What that means is that equality. You owe it to yourself, your body, your sexuality, and your piece of mind to never be without a condom.

Besides, if you find yourself with someone you’re really into and you want to get it on, it’s going to be a real bummer if neither one of you has a condom. Don’t let that happen; always have a few on hand.

These reasons are few but here are some extra stats that will convince you be it male or female to always have condoms.

  1. Only 21% of sexually active single women use condoms regularly.
  2. 1 in 4 university students will contract an STD by the end of their fourth year of university.
  3. “I’m so upset we used a condom last night.” -said no one ever
  4. Among unmarried women in their 20s, 70% of pregnancies are unintended.
  5. 16 – 24 year olds account for over half of all newly diagnosed STDs.

Carrying condoms shouldn’t be that hard. If you decide to carry condoms you should have a specific brand. In your purse don’t have condoms from different manufacturers.

if you have an interest in one man and you want to figure out his preferred brand, crazy idea coming, ask him. Any man over 20 who doesn’t have ONE preferred brand of condoms is suspect by nature. Plus, if you ask a man what kind of condoms he prefers and he can’t name a brand it is probably because HE DOESN’T USE CONDOMS.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Ok, so if you’re a guy or a girl who finds it weird to carry condoms around, this is for you. It’s about presentation. Your condoms should be in an accessible location that doesn’t make it awkward or ruin the mood when you go to retrieve them. In other words, your condoms shouldn’t be in your attic.

Sure, you’re safe and health conscious but while you’re shuffling through your stuff looking for protection, you will ruin the mood. Your condoms shouldn’t be far away from the bed.

If you can’t carry condoms at least have them at your place. Its better to be safe. If you are embarrassed of going to the chemist and buying condoms just send a male friend of yours to get you some. That’s simpler.

A woman who carries a condom is responsible. Is she a hoe? That’s none of your damn business. Why? It really doesn’t matter. What matters is that she’s in control of her body, she’s looking out for your health as well as her own, and she knows what she wants.


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