Sex: The More You Have It, The Better You Become

Sex: The More You Have It, The Better You Become

The start of any relationship is always the trickiest. You’ve got a lot of learning to do. You have to know the important details of who you are dealing with.

It’s like a study and he or she is the subject. Your goal is to learn about him/her. In this process sex is a crucial thing. Sex can make or break a relationship. If you start off with a good round of sexing then you have indirectly secured the relationship.

In any Relationship, the more sex you have the more you sexual bond strengths. 

Here is a breakdown of a normal sexual timeline…..

First Sexual Encounter: 4 times out of 5 … it’s not that great.

There are some superstars out there that can always deliver a star performance, but those are rarities. You don’t know her body and she doesn’t know yours. Do you shimmy, or sham? Do you grab hair, or smack a cheek? Are they into some choking sh*t?

Third S*xual Encounter

Ok, so now you know that she reacts a certain way when you do something she likes. You also know that she arches her back right before she finishes, but you haven’t tried anything crazy yet.

Here you have learnt a few things about her. Does she prefer it fast or slow? Can you start calling her out her name in heated passion?

Twelth S*xual Encounter

How did things get so much better so quick?

She has realized the parts of your body that are off limits, and figured out your “I’m about to llleeeeettttt gooooooo” face and knows how to act accordingly. It feels good, and you like her … but still a lot more to figure out.

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Thirty Fifth Sexual Encounter: It’s not just sex anymore.

You’re actually making love. You care about her pleasure and enjoyment and she is truly dedicated to yours. It is now that passionate stuff that you saw in “Power between Ghost and Valdez”.

You know she is about to reach her “Oh My”, and you know how to prevent it … leaving her in limbo between regular getting it and ultimate ecstasy … keeping her in a continuous state of pleasure until you decide to finish her. Uh yeah … sh*t is good now.

**** disclaimer ****

This does not apply to selfish bastards (a bastard can be male or female). If the other person is incapable of thinking about others and attempting to value their pleasure, then you won’t reach the 4th level (although the 3rd ain’t too bad).


Basically … it pays to stick with the same pussy. Sure, you can run around sampling from elsewhere, tasting a little bit of the many different shapes and sizes that are out there … but it still won’t be as good.

Figuring out the intricacies of another person is rewarding and I personally think is the only way to reach s*xual nirvana … or maybe I’m just soft dude.

Does everyone see this significant improvement with time? Has everyone experience the improved enjoyment of learning another’s body? Is it just me?

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