Reasons Why She Turned Down Your Dick Appointment Date

Reasons Why She Turned Down Your Dick Appointment Date

As men, we have all been victims of this scenario at some point in our girl-hunting lives. You chat up a hot chick and she promises to come over to your house at a certain date and time.

You fantasize about how you are going to hit that ass from behind as she screams out your name. You even buy food and drinks or something like that.

But then she cancels on the last minute. Or she just fails to show up and goes silent. Then you feel like jumping off a cliff. Why does this keep on happening to you?

Chill man. It happens to a lot of guys. The question is why do girls do it? What’s in it for them?

There are a couple of reasons why girls decide not show up. I’ll list them down and explain…

Reasons Why She Turned Down Your Dick Appointment

1. She has a couple of options and you have appeared weaker than the others.

Older or less attractive women with fewer options don’t cancel plans often as women at the prime of their looks do. Older or less attractive women have probably chilled without dick for a while. They will always come calling when you want them to.

But hot young women always have a couple of guys blowing up their WhatsApp. Maybe the time she was planning to come over to your place, a guy with a BMW called and told her “Si twende Le Palanka restaurant tukule sea food?”.

Which plan do you think she will choose? Coming over to your bedsitter in Roysambu to get fucked or getting into a BMW?

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And that’s when you will get a text detailing fictional events of how her mum is really sick so she can’t come. To prevent this, you always have to be at the top of your game or hit on chicks that are inferior to you.

2. She doesn’t respect you enough.

Yes, there’s a chance she just doesn’t respect you enough because she feels you don’t deserve it. She’s in demand after all. Who are you?

She’s basically treating you like one of her pair of heels. She slept last night looking forward to wearing the red pair but then in the morning she decided to go with the purple ones.

3. She doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

Sometimes girls do not comprehend when they are being rude or flaky. Maybe she isn’t interested in coming over thus she doesn’t see it as a big deal not to show up

Maybe she doesn’t realize that men get hurt when a girl fails to show up. She thinks you will just forget it like it never happened.

So what does a man have to do to get some pussy?

When a girl fails to show up, don’t become angry. Do not ask for an explanation that soothes your nerves. Insulting her for not showing up will do nothing but cement her feeling that she was right to avoid you in the first place.

You can’t blame women for being women. New tactics are needed.

There are only two ways to handle a situation where a woman is treating you the way Drake treats Music Award shows. He fails to show up but still wins.

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1. Switch the strategy from chased to chaser.

When she texts you saying she won’t show up (most women text instead of calling because they are too ashamed to lie to you by voice), don’t text back until the next day.

Even if she calls later on, just ignore and text her the following day saying you immediately found other plans and forgot about her text. After that, never initiate a conversation. Let her be the one to do it and always answer her casually.

The fact that you seem like you no longer need her and have options will hurt her and she will start chasing you.

It is at this point that you tell her straight up that you want her to come over. But this can also back fire if she never at one point in her life liked your ass.

2. If she’s stubborn, then write her off as a lost cause and simply move on to the next girl.

Sometimes quitting is actually winning. If you get a gut feeling telling you that she’ll never come over then write her off.

With the next girl play your cards right. If she likes you, you won’t have to use any tactic to woo her. She’ll come because she wants to not because you want her to.

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