Reasons Why Men Should Talk During Sex

Reasons Why Men Should Talk During Sex

Talk dirty to her. Talking dirty is a vital form of communication when it comes to sex. Talking dirty is definitely something everyone should try.

Since most men don’t moan in bed here are Some Reasons Why Men Should Talk During Sex

1. She Wants to Know That Your Enjoying It

Women have egos just like guys do. She wants to know she has that sticky, sweet nectar between her legs or that she’s riding you like your d!ck is about to go out of style.

How does she know you like what mama’s got if you f^cking her like you took a vow of silence? Speak up. Talking helps.  Tell her how her pussy is wet, super glue tight etc.

2. It Turns Her On

Not only does she want to know that she’s doing her job right, it makes her horny pleasing you. Her p^ssy will get wetter when you talk sh!t, if you say the right thing she might even squirt on your a$$. Talking will make her wetter.

3. Men Don’t Moan Very Much

So you think it’s gay to moan- well step your sextalk game up. Whisper sweet nothings into her ear, tell her something she wants to hear. Be imaginative and creative. Drive her wild with your words.

4. It’s Fun When You Say the Right Sh!t

You can be playful when you are talking, it doesn’t always have to be super; compliment her, tease her, enjoy her sexually. Make her comfortable, sex is not exactly the time and place to play the Quiet Game.

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5. Motivate Your D!ck

If all else fails don’t think about her- talk sh!t to motivate your d!ck. So all that freaky sh!t us as guys say in our heads, let that sh!t out and say it to her. Be your own motivational speaker in the bedroom.


  • I know you like this d!ck.
  • You like how I’m fucking you.
  • Where do you want me to cum?
  • Who’s pussy is it? (don’t ask if you’re not sure)
  • What’s….my name?

What NOT to DO

  • Don’t talk too low. (the worse thing you can do is inspire a HUH moment in the bedroom.)
  • Don’t be afraid to repeat yourself.
  • Put Some bass in your voice, sound sexy.
  • Stay away from sh!t that could kill the mood. (You should already know what those may be)
  • Don’t say anything, that you’re not doing.
  • Don’t mention the name of another woman.

You’re D!ck really should be doing the talking, don’t embarrass yourself by talking things that you aren’t backing up. The proof will not be in the pudding, but in the pu$$y.

If your talking dirty and she’s getting dry; you are definitely doing the wrong things.

Well, there you have it. Motivate the p^ssy, women like excitement. They want to hear not only what’s on your mind, but about what’s on your d!ck. Try it out, and see how it goes.

I’m Out.

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