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Pu$$y’s Good But A Woman’s Better

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Pu$$y’s Good But A Woman’s Better

Having a dick makes you feel like a Roman Emperor around the turn of the century. Women are like the ancient world and they bend at your will. Lie, cheat, fuck this one and that one, it’s all good because you have this confidence that your empire will never ever fall.

Of course Rome did fall, never to rise again, and while your dick isn’t going anywhere, the women who want it will eventually move on to new options who aren’t as tyrannical. I write a lot about women finding their power and becoming strong enough to stop settling because I don’t think relationships are balanced.

Change is coming. As men, we can’t have this “get it while we still can” mentality, there comes a time in life where you have to grow up, become a man, and evolve with the times.

Fellas, you may be hitting and quitting top shelf chicks right now, but unless you are mature enough to see women as more than pussy, you will push away the good ones right along with the fast ones. I get it, pussy doesn’t bite, but the reward of a real woman is worth that injury and then some. When are you going to stop chasing that nut and start searching for that partner?

They’re not all hoes

What do you do when presented with a hoe? You don’t run away, because hoes look too damn good and flirt too aggressively for your dick not to get hard. You pursue that hoe and hope that you’re good enough to get the ass without kicking out too much money.

I call it the fast pussy, get in and get out because if you fall in love with a hoe she will drain you financially and crush you emotionally. However, you can’t label every woman in heels and a tight skirt who smiles at you a hoe, gold digger, or slut. Guys love to tell chicks to grow up and stop calling every compliment thirst, but men need to learn to stop thinking every girl who shows them interest is trying to fuck.

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It’s going to come a time when you get the attention of a great woman then blow it because you try to fuck her that night or send a dick pic that next morning. Stop generalizing, stop being hard up, and get to know that woman before you label her. If you’re not smart enough to tell a woman from a hoe then you need to step your conversation game up.

Don’t just sit and tell her how pretty her eyes are or crack jokes about how her ass is calling your name, break the ice then break out some questions that reveal her personality. If you think she’s nothing special, fine, proceed as you would normally do. If you see a glimpse of something that speaks to more than your dick, then show her that respect. Take a gal out, talk to her with sense, and she may just surprise you.

You will never have enough

You fucked a lot of girls. I fucked a lot of girls. He fucked a lot of girls. You know what that buys you? Nothing. When you’re young it’s cool to brag about hitting girls. Graduate to the real world where notches in your belt don’t count. If you settle down, will you miss new pussy? Of course you’ll miss that rush, but think of it like this:

No matter how many girls you hit, you will never be “done”. There is no such thing as a pussy pension plan, retirement benefits will not kick in when you hit girl #300. Wanting to have sex with new girls will never get out of your system no matter how phat, exotic, or famous she is, you will always have a hunger for more.

With that being said, what are you working towards? What are you chasing that one woman can’t give you? Monsters don’t live under your bed and monogamous sex won’t ruin your life, so what are you really afraid of?

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Get off the fence

Let’s say you found a girl you liked, started dating her, and now you have to decide if you should make it exclusive… or just keep fucking her and pretend you will one day give up the title. Here’s a third option- walk away. I’m a man, I know how crazy that sounds, we can’t tell women who are giving up free pussy that we don’t like them like that and just walk away without a backup plan… but why not?

If she’s allowing herself to be used, keep using – that’s a little boy’s mentality. It’s not about her not seeing the obvious, it’s about you wasting time with a placeholder. You need to be honest and say the truth. You had sex, you gave her a shot to wow you and prove she was special, but she didn’t impress. Keep it moving. She’s not the one, make it easy on you and on her, and cut ties.

You won’t always have “it”

Why should you stop playing games? It’s not your fault that you’re winning. Women love you, they know you’re not looking to be locked down, and it’s their fault if they keep chasing you . In your mind you can wait until you’re 35…40 to shut down shop and start looking for someone worthy.

While you still have what makes you popular, find a real woman that has all the qualities you want and don’t be afraid to commit. Getting a Queen that you can be proud of will keep you emotionally happy even when the physical starts to fade. You’re not missing out on anything, the game will always be the game, so don’t wait… and wait, then end up settling for some girl you don’t really love because you’re washed up and she’s the only one willing to take care of you like a mother would.

Trust Yourself

Maturity brings with it a patience that allows us to sit back and analyze before taking action. All men meet women they think they love, over time those feelings can be proven false, but that experience prepares you for the next romance.

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Remember you don’t’ have to settle for anyone, being mature enough to commit doesn’t mean you are stuck with that decision. Let’s be honest, relationships are hard, it takes way more effort to work with a woman than to just have sex with one.

Anything worth pursuing doesn’t come easy, and those growing pains are necessary to make sure you two are right for each other.

If you trust your brain to tell you, “ she is not the one- abort”, then you will never lose in life. Lame guys hang on to women they only ‘sort of’ love and only idiots marry a woman out of pressure and convenience. You may have to hurt someone’s feelings, but the choice is always there to exit back to being single and try again.

If she turns out to be a hoe, a user, or an abuser, it will break your heart, but oh well, man the fuck up, blow your nose, and fix your face. If you’re smart you will be able to pinpoint why you chose the wrong woman, rehab your swag, and not make the same mistake again. It’s better to try and fail.

Being a man isn’t about having sex with the most women, juggling multiple girls, and trying to keep up with the next generation. It’s about being wise enough to recognize that great woman in a sea of basic bitches, then being courageous enough to choose her over the hoes you’re used to.

These games we play are too tiring, get a good woman and settle with her…. You will miss out on the game but good thing is that as long as females are being birthed the game will always be on. It’s damn nice to call someone your boo.

one last thing….. guys replace the word nigga with bitch in this pic 👇👇

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