Pulling out,Why guys love it.

“This is a man’s world; but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl”
James Brown

We can’t argue with statistics , 60% of american teens are relying on coitus interruptus (pulling out method) while having sex.When it comes to our lovely country Kenya am sure about 50% or even more of our teens are also using the the pulling out method.

I did a survey in several group.One group stood out.Out of all the participants only one person was fucking using condoms.The rest preferred the pulling out method even the women in that group love the pulling out method.

Pulling out is removing your dick from a woman’s lady parts when you are about to ejaculate and ejaculating outside,advisably far away from her pussy.Where you ejaculate on is up to you.

Pulling out is considered the absolute dumbest pregnancy prevention method but pulling out can be reliable at preventing pregnancy as condoms. But hang on — for this statement to ring true, the practice has to be done perfectly (aka BEFORE ejaculation). So long as a man pulls out before his full arsenal of swimmers leaves the gate, only 4% of couples using this method will get pregnant within a year. If guys withdraw too late, the number jumps to 18%..

I’m sure some of you guys are asking “what the fuck is a condom😏?”

Well i’ve done some research (mainly through Google so it may not be entirely accurate) and I’ve found out that “condoms” are something you put on your dick when you want to have sex with a girl because it’s safer.

Well, how about that? You learn something new every day.😂😅

From my reseach this is what i found out.

Why Guys dislike condoms.

1.Raw sex. Girls love it, too. The fact that she is being touched bare, without a barrier, in the innermost recesses of her body by your member bonds her to you.

2.Some guys have problems with condoms. they struggle getting them on and require a special size (extra big, of course) to get them to fit otherwise they’re too tight and don’t roll down. This kills the mood, kills their boner.

3.Some said you haven’t had real sex if you haven’t had raw sex.

4.another person said “Simply put, you can fuck way better without a condom. The sex is going to be better in almost every case. Why? Condoms choke your dick, dry up, never fit (I need XXXXS, duh), and on top of that they cost money.”

5.It’s the equivalent of showing up to your basketball game in a wheelchair. Sure, there’s less chance of you getting hurt, but why handicap yourself? The best risks have the best rewards.

6.Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a girl say,

“Oh my gosh it feels sooooooo good when you put the condom on and fuck me.”

7.Now, raise your hand if you’ve heard a girl say,

“OMG I love feeling your raw cock and cum inside of me.”😍😛😜


8.Raw sex is great,its sweeter and there is no other feeling comparable to the joy of raw sex.


1.Pulling out is rebellious

(The pullout method) allows for impulsive, spontaneous sex,”You can fuck anytime and at anytime when caught in the heat.


2.Obviously one of the major benefits is that it requires no prescription, no equipment, and it’s an option that’s right there all of the time.


3.Pulling out can help with sexual issues

The easiest solution to the age-old condom problem (you know the one: “I can’t get hard with this damn thing strangling my penis!”) is to ditch it altogether. In short: the pullout method is helping your sexual prowess when men need it most. Let’s also not ignore the fact that condoms aren’t women’s favorite feel, either.


4.Pulling out is thrilling and exciting.

You get a sense of control everytime you pull out since you know you have prevented pregnancy.


5.The sensitivity of skin-skin increases

when there is no barriers and this brings intimacy.Some guys lose their erection while putting on the condom.


6.It is easier and less distracting to enter (a woman) without a condom, then pull out as orgasm nears. For women who want the contact, who want to feel the man inside, then the pullout method helps.

Before you throw away your condoms ensure you have a really strong pull out game.It may seem easy on paper but in reality it ain’t. There are guys who testified that sometimes they do their timing wrong and end up busting their nut inside the woman.


1.Keep changing positions.It helps to reduce the intensity.

2.When you feel you are about to cum slow down the pace or pause a bit.

3.This is a tricky one. If you feel you are about to cum try this.Do multiplication in your mind backwards eg:

  • 9❌9
  • 9❌8
  • 9❌7
  • 9❌6….You get the drill.It will greatly distract you from the intercourse.


One guy told me this tricks:


1) Simply don’t have a condom

That’s right, just don’t buy any. Don’t have any reserves and don’t have a special one hidden away somewhere “just in case”.When things get heated and she asks if you have any condoms, say “no”. Frustrate her enough from then on by getting her to crave your dick so much so that she doesn’t care about using one in the end.


2) convince her you will buy her a P2 after.

When a girl gets sexually frustrated and really wants you to fuck her, all you have to do is provide her with an excuse to do it.Convincing her is easy, especially if she knows you don’t have any condoms.


3) Just stick it in.

Probably the most effective method is to just stick it in.Most girls are too horny to worry about it but if you play it cool and don’t make a big issue out of it, you can just stick it in without complaint.


I know i have said too much today and some people won’t be comfortable with what i have said.You can’t deny whats happening.I don’t condone the use of condoms.I personally prefer condoms over any other method.I don’t have to worry about STDs or pregnancies.If you know any person who has gone to be tested for STDs raise your hand?


Menez is not responsible for any unwanted pregnancies, STDs, blah blah blah.

stay safe,be safe

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