Puff Puff Pass: Weed Etiquette

So – we have all seen it happen, you are invited round for a casual smoking sesh and someone comes empty handed! Whether you are a host or a guest, there are some things you need to know. . .

While smoking weed is famously a sociable activity, and a great way to bring friends close together, there are some Universal truths to be known by anyone embarking on a communal smoke. OG weed smokers may have these rules down, but for the newbies out there, I have compiled a list of the most important weed etiquette rules that you NEED to know before joining the smoking circle! As an observer of weed smokers here’s what I found out:

1- Sharing Is Caring

Perhaps the most obvious one of the bunch – if you are invited over to join your friends in a smoking circle, it is a common courtesy to bring along some weed to contribute.

Contribute your own weed to add to the mix! Your friends will thank you for it, and when you are hard up they will be much more willing to share! This rule is even more relevant if the idea to smoke was yours in the first place!

2 -Don’t Be a Pusher!

Peer pressure amongst friends shouldn’t be an issue, however sometimes it is easy to do even without realizing it! If you notice that someone in your circle has passed on their turn, don’t put pressure on them to smoke.

Everyone has different levels of tolerance to weed, and the last thing anyone wants is to be looking after the friend who smoked too much! Likewise, if someone is passing altogether on having a smoke, let them be. This is their decision… and besides, it just means more weed for you.

3 Roller’s Rights

This rule is as old as time and doesn’t really need much explanation! If you have rolled the joint, then you earn the first puff! The rule applies to whomever has rolled that specific joint, regardless of whose weed is being used. If you choose to be polite and give the first to someone else, that is fine too, but just know that it is not expected.

4 Don’t get Down with the Sickness

If you’re sick do not bring it into the smoke circle. For real! Let the group know and you can smoke a your own personal weed that won’t get passed around.

5. Pass it to the Left.

Keeping a proper rotation is important. Always rotating to the left makes it easy. So, just pass it to the left.

6 If You Can’t Roll A Joint, Be Honest

There is a certain pressure behind rolling a great blunt, but it can be difficult to master – some would say it’s even an art! If it comes to your turn to roll and you have no idea where to start, don’t attempt it and waste perfectly good weed/rizla.

Rather, ask someone to do it and make a point of watching them for the next time. If you have a good group of friends around you, then they will understand, it takes a lot of practice to roll a great joint.

7 Puff, Puff – Pass!

In most smoking circles, it is a universally understood rule that you take two puffs before passing on to the next person. Puff, Puff – Pass and then everyone can enjoy the high!

8. No Cigarettes in the weed rotation.

If you want to smoke your cigarette just go outside. Don’t contaminate good weed with nasty tobacco.

9. Let People Know What They’re Smoking.

Everyone handles their weed differently. And not everyone may like what you smoke. It’s vital to tell your friends what are smoking.

10 Show a Little Respect

The most important unspoken rule of all is this: always show respect. If you are going to be in someone else’s home, show respect to your surroundings. Simple things such as remembering to clean up your area, if ash gets on the floor – clean it up. Being respectful will guarantee you more invites to smoking sessions.

11 Don’t Be A Buzzkill.

A smoke sesh, by nature, is a happy occasion. You all want to ride that wave as long as possible. So do your best not to kill the buzz by discussing sad or depressing topics. Just don’t bring up any sad shit.

The last and final rule is

12 Have fun.

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