No Strings Attached

I was having this argument with one of my favorite chat buddies. Her reasoning amazes me. She argued that just because a dude got her drunk doesn’t mean she will end up fucking her.

I agreed with her fully. She later on said that everytime she hits the club, she will know who she is going to fuck that night. And no one else will fuck her apart from him. This will only happen if she is horny on that evening and likes that guy.

Alcohol alone won’t get you pussy. Alcohol is a supplement. To some women add alcohol and sheesha and that is a definite panty remover.

Sometimes we don’t want a relationship, sometimes we just want a good fuck. Am sure every person reading this who ain’t a virgin has had sex with someone just because they wanted a quick good fuck with no strings attached. Sometimes, you just need to get pussy. Nothing more, nothing less. You just want to end your dryspell.

This post is a follow up to my previous article just the tip.

Sometimes, as a man, your desire is quite simple: you just want to get pussy. You are not looking for a girlfriend, trying to go out on dates; you just looking for sex.

I know women will feel left out in this article. A woman can end her dryspell anytime she wants to. It’s her choice to fuck or not to fuck. But for a dude it’s complicated.

I’ve done some research and this may help in your conquest of slaying some women. Take notes. So when you want to end your dryspell.


If you want to be able to get pussy you must absolutely learn to lower your standards . This isn’t about snatching up a model; it’s about having some fun, dirty time on your own terms.

If you aren’t attracted to a girl, don’t sleep with her. If you are attracted to a girl your friends don’t find that attractive, sleep with her! Everyone has different standards, so you should be worrying about who you want to sleep with, not who other people think you should be sleeping with.

So…if you want to be successful in your endeavor to get pussy, you must absolutely lower your standards. How much you have to lower your standards will depend on two factors:

  • How experienced you are
  • How desperate you are


This is the best situation to be in when you want to end your dryspell . But this category will probably have the lowest percentage of men. First off, men in this category actually don’t often find themselves in a position where they are in a dryspell.

These men need to lower their standards the least. Because of their strong process and collection of countless experiences, they can go out and get pussy like it’s business as usual. all they got to do is take out their phone and text an old fling.


most guys start off in this category it’s the least desired category to find yourself in. Most writers have been in this category. While in this category you have to lower your standards to a considerable margin. You got alot of work to do if you in this category.


Why make the hunt to get pussy harder than it needs to be? If you don’t have to go out and find a girl and can just booty call her to come over instead, life will be all the better. It’s a good feeling to be able to have a short text exchange with a girl and have her shortly appear in your living room or invite you over to her place.


Once again, don’t make getting pussy harder than it needs to be. Girls who are sitting quietly or by themselves are just as sexual as the girls prancing around in the tight mini skirts. But the difference is that if you go for the former, you won’t have ten other guys competing against you for her attention.

So look around and find the girls who are more low-key. And this applies to any scenario: day game, nights out, parties , concerts, city events – everywhere.

# 4:Communicate that You are Not Made For the Pussy-Less Friend Zone

Some guys are regular visitors of a nice and comfortable place called the friend zone. You are different. You want to learn how to end your dryspell. The only person you have to convince that you truly deserve it is the owner of the soft little thing you love so much.

Communicate to her that you are not made for the friend zone.
How do you do that? Be sexual in your conversations. Connecting with her on an emotional level is very important, but connecting on a sexual level is even more important if you ever want to feel her pink inside.

# 5:Prove that You Have an Abundance of Pussy in Your Life

Never let a girl think you are inexperienced.Whereas men are usually attracted to women who seem innocent and inexperienced, women are generally drawn to men who are experienced.

Women want men who have already been approved by other women.

They feel more special when they are with a guy who could have other girls at anytime , but who decides to stay with her, than with a guy who has no alternative – that explains why girls are attracted to fuckboys.

# 6:Make Clear that You Want it But Don’t Need It

For those who did business studies, we learnt that a ‘need‘ is something we can’t live without. But a ‘want‘ is a luxury. Pussy is a luxury.

Make a woman feel that you want them and that you desire their skin, but show them at the same time that you don’t desperately need sex.

The guy who wants it and who is patient enough to wait until he gets it will eventually get it. The guy who desperately needs it and who can’t wait till he finally gets it won’t get it.

Always remember the fine line between wanting something and thinking that you need it.

# 7:Learn to Satisfy Your Wet Companion

Ending your dryspell is great, but what if the woman is so amazing that you want to keep her in your life? In this case making her horny and placing one or two fingers on her is not enough.You have to do a bit more.

It is scientifically proven that women tend to fall in love with men who satisfy them in bed. Whereas men release hormones that cause pleasure, women release hormones that cause the feeling of bonding and commitment.

I hope you agree with me that it could be quite useful to know how to lick, finger and fuck a girl, if you want to make her your girlfriend or even your wife. The best way to make a woman commit to you is by fucking the shit out of her . True story!

# 8:Respect the Pussy

Respecting girls for being the sexual beings that they truly are doesn’t only make you a better person. It also improves your sex life.

A woman will only allow herself to release her inner slut ( which is a good thing ) when she is together with a man who respects her for that. Every woman knows that finding such a man is quite difficult. Once she has found him, she will do everything to keep him and to please him.

# 9:Never Give Up If You Don’t Get It

You want to end you dryspell but no lady is spreading her legs for you?

What if every attempt to get closer to the wet destination seems to lead you further away from your pleasurable goal?

Then don’t give up!

Do you want it? Good, then do everything you can to get it. Stop having a mental breakdown whenever a girl rejects you. Deal with it like a man and get over it. The next girl you approach might be the woman of your dreams.

Keep going and even if you get rejected a hundred times……walk up to the next girl and try again.

The key to success, no matter if you want to start a business or get some fresh and delicious pussy, is to not give up.


# 10:Keep the Pussy if the Owner is Worth It.

Now you know how to end that dryspell , but what comes next?

Well, if you had a great time with the girl you fucked, you might see each other again a few times before you go separate ways. Maybe the sex was quite good but you just didn’t connect in such an intense way as you initially hoped. Then it is absolutely okay to say goodbye after your first adventure.

But if you both connected with one another you can go ahead and date.

The most important thing you need to know is respect the women you fuck or have fucked because when dryspell comes knocking it’s them that will help out.

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