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The Menez Effect

My situationship girl

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​In the 20th century women fought to gain so many rights only to see some of the 21st century women give up their most essential right;their ability to get a real relationship.

You see,in a relationship it’s 2 people celebrating together what they have rather than “needing” something from the other.In a relationship both of you are free to be yourself.You don’t fear doing what you love or taking time for yourself. You are sure when you take time for yourself you won’t push the other person away.

I don’t get how a fine woman will settle for less in a relationship or choose to be a situationship girl.Read here to see if you are in a situationship.


In a situationship there is no label, it’s 2 people who are more than platonic friends but have not decided to commit to something official for various reasons.If someone tells you he doesn’t want something serious all he/she is trying to say is that he doesn’t want a traditional relationship.

A man who treats you like a girlfriend, fucks you like a girlfriend, but doesn’t want to give you the title or commit to something serious has no excuse for not committing. He’s using the lack of label as a loophole so he can exit whenever he wants.

There are women so in love with the idea of finding love that they take these scraps of a fake relationship and make a meal out of it. This man doesn’t really claim you, he doesn’t really spend time with you or invest in you,but he does enough to make you think he cares and values you.

Knowing your relationship status doesn’t boil down to a series of basic tests that he passes or fails, it requires independent thought thinking that dictates that if a man says he loves you, it means he loves you. To be told you’re different usually means you’re the same. If someone is telling you how much they miss you, yet they don’t take an hour out of the twenty-four we have in a day and spend it with you, it’s hollow.


Ladies,if you have ever asked yourselves these questions

  •  what is his problem  
  •  why does he acts as if he doesn’t care 
  •  what are we really 
  •  where’s this going 

  His problem is that he likes fucking you, not really talking to you. He acts as if he doesn’t care because he doesn’t, he just wants you to shut up, and be there when he calls for you.

 His problem is that he’s frustrated that he can’t get the girl he really wants to be with because that girl  isn’t thinking about him. What you are is a team-up, not a relationship. 

He has a dick, you have a vagina, therefore he needs to lie and lead you on so he can get that in the most efficient and cheapest way possible. Where is your relationship going is always the funniest question because it’s obviously going the same place it’s gone– nowhere .

A man who makes the Choice for you that you should be in a “ wait and see ” exclusive but unofficial relationship isn’t a “ bitch ass nigga ,” he’s a BOSS because he just told you what it’s going to be and you took those orders like a worker. If it’s your Choice to be “friends” and not make things serious, then you’re in control…but only if you MEAN it.

Most women who say they don’t want something serious say that because they have been burned in the past when they came out saying they want love.

If you’ve dated, talked to, or have been fucking a man for more than 7 weeks and he hasn’t tried to snatch you up—you’re not taking it slow, you’re in a situationship.You’re a Placeholder, a Hobby, a Temporary P while he scouts for his wifey or main chick.

All men know what they want! They may not be able to write it down or express it verbally, but all men speak with actions.If all I am willing to do is chill and fuck you, I don’t want you. If I chill, fuck you, and handcuff myself to you as my woman, I want you.


Kings go to war for Queens, they don’t wait around for some other man to snatch her up. You don’t have a King that will die for you, you have a nigga that you talk to.  You’re not yet a Queen that demands respect, you’re a girl that accepts Come Over & Chill dates.When a man wants a woman there is no hesitation, no excuses, no wrong time, no long distance, and no financial limitations that will keep him from scooping up something he sees as special. 

I love married couples.Married couples bicker a lot, not because they’re annoyed with one another, but because they aren’t afraid to challenge each other. Fake couples or people in new relationships, they just be smiling, laughing, and it’s all roses. Bae be tripping, Bae so crazy, Bae and me best friends . No, it’s that you  don’t want to rock the boat so you let Bae say whatever while you cheerlead.Weak women don’t call men out, they will let a nigga call a duck a horse, and just nod their head because they don’t want to lose the relationship they’re in.

If you’re afraid to challenge your man’s viewpoints or he doesn’t feel a need to even talk to you about real issues, then how are you really getting to know one another?

You can’t win in a situationship because situationships weren’t created for women to win.To be fair, many women are loyal and can do without sex for stretches and will sacrifice money and time to see their lovers. Men on the other hand rarely have the desire to not fuck something else nor do they want to be traveling across country unless that bond has already been established.

Men we are manipulative,we will easily know if you are hooked to us.Every man knows when he’s hooked a woman because her temper becomes short and her behavior out of the ordinary. The moment you argue over something dumb, when you used to laugh it off— hooked. The moment when you call us late at night instead of waiting for our call—hooked. When you start suggesting we go out, when it was only supposed to be a non-serious chill and fuck relationship— hooked .

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Situationship are tough. You keep on having ‘the talk’ .How many times can you threaten to break up or break up and get back together? You want him to change his ways, you point out things you feel he should work on, and things that you will work on. If he doesn’t want to do these things, you will have to end it for good. A man will agree, have make up sex with you after that talk. Two weeks later he is back to his old ways.He is sure you aren’t strong enough to leave him.

Here is the thing,You don’t ask a man what you are, you tell him what you are! You don’t wait for him to get his shit together, he has to come with his shit together before he even calls your phone.

You can’t force a relationship on a man and you can’t sneak a relationship in, you need to communicate what it is that you want and say that shit with your outside voice!

Here’s a SECRET: When he tells you he’s not looking for what you’re looking for… you look elsewhere, because he’s being honest ! I don’t care if all you meet are men who don’t want anything serious, you keep searching until you find one that does think of you as good enough.

Strong women set their bar high and don’t give a fuck how many men fail to reach it. Strong women aren’t in a rush for a relationship with any man, they are on a quest for a relationship with the right man.

As i finish,know your self worth.Never settle for something that ain’the best. You deserve more than you think.

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