My Night With A Sponsor | By Shiko

My name is Divalicious Shiko. I am a proud slay queen, campus student and lover of life. I love writing and I have been wanting to write about my sexual escapades for a long time.

If you guys love it, I’ll write another. Enjoy my first story.

My heart was pounding in a symphonic surge as I lingered in front of the hotel room door. I checked and rechecked the metal plate bolted to the rich, dark oak. Number 214. Yes, this was definitely the right room. The hallway corridor was empty. The dimly lit sconces glowed invitingly along the richly textured walls. They had led the way from the elevator of the lushly swank hotel. I could already feel the beads of sweat, responsive to my unsettled nerves, prickling the back of my neck.

I anxiously wiped them away with my handkerchief. I could feel my knees clicking nervously together. Were my hands trembling too? I took a deep breath, recognizing that this was my last opportunity for second thoughts. Was I really ready to do this? I thought back to earlier that morning, when I had been just another normal campo student, waking up in my bedsitter after another night of partying with my girls.

I rolled out of bed, rubbing at my eyes, and started feeling the telltale beginnings of a hang-over headache. It was only when I had been rummaging the tiny cupboard for some Panadols and pouring myself a glass of water that I had noticed that my roommate Bobo wasn’t home yet.

I had been sharing the bedsitter with Bobo for the past two years and we had grown close. Bobo modelled on occasion, and they were often dubious modelling projects. I had rarely seen anything credible in her portfolio to justify the depth of designer clothes, bags and shoes in her closet, or the way she spent money in cold hard cash as though it was in never-ending liquid supply. Unlike Bobo, I was always very broke. Bobo was accustomed to giving me loans while nodding to me with a wry smile.

“You’re struggling for nothing, Shiko. Let me know when you want my help with some contacts. Why keep borrowing money when you can get easy doh yourself and live the nice life?.” 

Girls like us. It took me a while to understand what she meant by that statement. Certainly I felt like Bobo and I had very little in common. Whereas I kept bothering my mum and asking her for money, Bobo was sending her mum lots of money. She shopped at Malls and I was still shopping at Gikomba.

She flew out to the coast on weekends with wealthy and exotic men, while I spent my nights studying or meeting up with my campus boyfriend Brayo for drinks or clumsy sex that I was usually too exhausted to really enjoy. Bobo and I were nothing alike. But she had a beautiful kind of allure and charm that made her lifestyle seem more glamorous than seedy. What she said one night was what made me rethink my life

“Everywhere tonight, girls are getting drunk at bars and fucking pathetic strangers for free. They’ll wake up in the morning feeling far more cheap and used than I ever will when I wake up knowing I have nothing to do that day but count the green in my wallet. Only naive girls have sex for free. Get a sponsor.” 

She had talked me into wanting to try it for myself. “Shiko, you’re young and beautiful. These are the years to set yourself up so you don’t have to rely on someone else. I mean look at Brayo. Do you really think he’s going to be able to take care of you?”

It always hurt me when she criticized Brayo. Despite being a party girl, I hadn’t slept with very many men and I had been dating Brayo since first year. I knew Brayo didn’t have lots of money, but I did love him. He respected me and showed me so much love, He was the excuse I used to explain to Bobo that I wasn’t interested in her kind of lifestyle. But sometimes, if I was really honest with myself, something within me longed to have a taste of the kind of luxuries that Bobo indulged in.

One Saturday morning, after a night with one of her older guys, she came and presented a very tempting proposal to me. She said she had told a friend to one of her sponsors about me and even showed her pics of me. He was very interested and so he wanted to meet me that Saturday night at his hotel room somewhere in Nairobi. Bobo was the kind of girl who never took no for an answer. She just kept on convincing me.

“Come on Shiko, we’ve been talking about this for ages now. I’m telling you, this is your guy. He’ll be easy for you, I promise. He’s married, and he just like to fuck around. He’s not that old too, and he’s good looking. You’d probably even want to fuck him if you met him on your own.” I could feel my mouth go dry at the rushed nature of her negotiations.

Sure we had talked about it before, but now that the offer was on the table I was petrified. I thought of my boyfriend, my dignity, and my pride in making it on my own in an honest way. And yet looking at Bobo’s expensive phone and shoes, I felt an unexpected tug at my resolve.

“Shiko…please. I swear I wouldn’t put you into a situation you couldn’t handle. It will be easy. He’ll give you 50,000 for a few hours! And if you are good to him, he can start taking you to vacations abroad. This will change your life.” Eventually Bobo’s pleading voice and rationalizations became more and more convincing. Before I had realized what had happened, she had talked me into it. She explained what I was to wear and what I was to do. She told me the name of the hotel and the hour I was to arrive. Midnight.

The way she’d spun it made it sound dramatic and exciting, and I felt myself start to get wet in response to the adrenaline surge. In just one night I would have enough money to cover all my debts and still have money left over. And it was just sex. It wasn’t love. I looked away from the picture of Brayo’s smiling face that I had put as the screensaver on my Infinix, feeling a swell of guilt. Bobo had said it wasn’t cheating if it wasn’t love. It was a business transaction and nothing more. Her logic was loosely woven and irrational at best, but now having already agreed, I compelled myself to believe in it.

I spent the next several hours getting ready for the sponsor. He even called me to make sure I was coming, He asked me to take an Uber and promised to pay. I spent an extra long time in the shower, trying to drain the tension that was already creeping into my shoulders. I soaped my body, realizing that night I would be giving it over to a stranger to do with what he pleased for money. The idea of it turned me on. I had never cheated on Brayo before. My body had known only him for a long time. I wondered what it would feel like to have another pair of unknown hands on me and another cock inside me. The thrill of the idea in theory had my heart racing faster. The reality of it was quite another story.

For all my fantasizing about Bobo’s lifestyle, and her easy way of talking me into a scenario like this, I still wasn’t sure how I’d react in the moment. That night I dressed carefully in the outfit she had suggested I wear. She had said this particular guy, named Mike, preferred his woman to be classy and meticulously groomed. She even gave me one of her outfits to wear. I liked the idea of this because it helped to further remove myself from the world of being Shiko. On that night, I would become someone else. Someone that was meant to fulfill the desires of a stranger… desires that were not my own. The separation of it in my mind helped keep me calm and resolute on following through with my promise.

I dressed in a very short tight black skirt and wore Bobo’s 4 inch black Louboutin stilettos. On top I wore a fitted white silk blouse, with small pearl buttons. No padded bra, I had been told, and so I chose a sheer one that gave my breasts a natural shape and soft jiggle when I walked. My lips were painted red, and my hair was pulled up in a long high blond mane. The look was far more severe than anything I would ever have chosen on my own. Still, I wanted to please the guy. And it helped transform my mind into seeing myself as someone other than who I really was. These were the thoughts that were running through my head as I alighted from the Uber and entered the hotel. I told the receptionist where I was going and she directed me to where the elevators were. I had several appreciative glances as I walked past the lobby bar, and strode authoritatively to the elevator.

But now, as I stood in front of room 214, my heart was hammering in my chest and I started wishing I’d had something stronger than the single shot of vodka I’d downed before leaving the house. This was my last chance to back out. And yet, how could I back out? Bobo would be furious after I’d already committed. I’d look like an absolute coward. And she had already done so much for me with loaning me money when I was down and never asking for it back. No, the time to back out had been several hours prior, and I’d neglected to take that opportunity. Suddenly, I got cold feet.

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I had only instinctively started to back up when the door swung open on it’s own, and I gasped involuntarily at the unexpected reality of the transaction that had just begun. Standing in the doorway was an older but surprisingly good looking man that couldn’t have been more than 50 years old. He wore an inconspicuous white shirt and dark trousers but I could tell that he was all lean hard muscle beneath it.

His hair was cut short, and his eyes were a steely yet piercing shade of black and they seemed to look right through me. “You are Shiko, I presume?” he said, his eyes raking over me from head to toe in silent appraisal. His good looks seemed to be offset by a kind of hard, dominant energy that he projected almost unintentionally, and I found something about it slightly unsettling. There was a confident purposefulness in the way he regarded me, almost lewdly, as though I was being served up on a platter for his salacious enjoyment. And indeed, perhaps I was. That was part of the bargain wasn’t it? Realizing there was nowhere for me to go, I extended my hand to shake his.

He just looked at it with amusement, obviously recognizing my nervousness and he let out a low laugh. “No need for formalities. Come in.” Embarrassed and uncertain, I walked on trembling legs into the highly modern and stylized hotel room. My heels clicked on the floor as he led me through the suite. My palms were sweating and I almost felt dizzy with a mixture of fear and excitement at what the next several hours might bring. The air conditioning was on high and I immediately felt my nipples constricting and rising up hard to poke obviously against the sheer silk of my blouse. I felt both exposed and aroused. Mike didn’t waste any time. He didn’t even talk much.

He just moved behind me. My heart was hammering in my chest as I felt his hands on the back of my thighs. He ran them up the back of my legs before roughly yanking up the hemline of my skirt. I felt the cool air against my bare ass before his hands were on them, raking over the soft skin, squeezing and spreading the cheeks apart, before I felt a sharp slap and the resulting sting that made me cry out unexpectedly. I quickly composed myself to avoid looking like an amateur His fingers were purposeful as he ran them across my slit, back and forth. He started to tease my clit and I could feel the light pressure of his hard body pressing against mine from behind, as well as his breath on the back of my neck, and I felt myself responsively becoming aroused.

By the time he started to press into me, sliding a finger up into my pussy up to the knuckle I was surprisingly wet. The memories of the good girl Shiko, my boyfriend Brayo, and the moral life I had set out to lead seemed to fade away as I felt him slide another finger into me, moving it around inside me, and expertly stroking it against my g-spot. Just as I started to feel myself settling around the pleasure, he abruptly withdrew, and I was left breathing hard, and alert again to my surroundings. Before I could find the words to speak, Mike reached around me extending his fingers dripping with my juices and pressing against me from behind so that I could feel the hard bulge of his cock against my ass. Mike then walked around me from behind to face me directly. He was an imposing figure of lean tight muscle, and his jaw was square and seemed to be permanently clenched.

There was nothing relaxed about him. Indeed, he exuded masculinity in a way that I wasn’t used to, having only dated guys similar to my own age, and I felt uncertain and out of my element being around him. There were little crinkles at the edges of his eyes as he smiled at me. “Take off your clothes Shiko. I want to see what I’m getting.” He stood back and my knees started to click together again. I felt vulnerable with those tough eyes on me, appraising me like merchandise. I could feel the air conditioning, heightened again, and the tangible chill was in the room as well as in their gazes. I swallowed at the lump in my throat and began to fumble with the tiny pearl buttons on the blouse I was wearing. My nipples were hard as ice and they grazed my hands as I worked each button nervously. I tried not to think about where I was, or what I was doing. I tried not to notice how uncomfortable it was to be stared at and lewdly judged.

I slipped the white silk blouse from my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Then I slid the black skirt slowly down my thighs, wriggling out of it, before kicking it to the side until I was standing in just a sheer black bra, panties and stilettos. I glanced up and saw them both watching me, enjoying my awkwardness and obvious nerves. Mike gestured for me to continue and I gingerly unhooked my bra and let it fall away from my breasts, my nipples rising up even harder under his gaze. Finally I slid off my panties, revealing my silky smooth snatch. I could feel the dampness in the panties and realized I was as aroused as I was terrified. Mike smiled and circled around me several times while I held my breath and fixed my gaze on the wall. I had no idea what his reaction would be, and my heart was hammering loudly in my chest.

“Very good Shiko,” he said finally. “You have a beautiful body. I think I will enjoy using it for my pleasure this evening.” He purposefully stared me down while he unbuttoned and removed his shirt. For an over forty guy, he had an athletic body, with well-defined muscles that seemed to suggest a certain kind of masculine virility. Next he unbuckled the black belt around his trousers and slipped it from the loops until the entire length of it was in his hands. I flinched as he held it in front of me. In my naked vulnerability, I had no idea as to his intentions and a shiver of fear went down my spine. He smiled and approached me with it, and I began to back up, but his voice was low as he spoke.

“Easy.” He caught me before I could move too far away and wordlessly, he snapped the belt between his hands and wrapped it roughly around my waist, looping it through the buckle and drawing it tight until the leather bit into my flesh. I gasped, and my breathing quickened. We were eye to eye and I could feel his breath on face as I stared back at him, wide-eyed and uncertain. The more I pulled away from him, the more the belt loop tightened around my waist. It was like he had effectively leashed my body and there was nowhere for me to go under this kind of restraint.

He put the palm of his hand against my pelvis and ran it deliberately hard up my body, between my breasts in a straight line, and then up against my throat, pausing while I smiled back at him. I felt like I was inviting his challenge, even as they coiled around my neck with a vague kind of menace. His hand slid up to lightly squeeze my cheeks, before I felt his hand atop my head where he pressed down with a consistent force, causing me to instinctively move lower and lower until I was on my knees in front of him. I was breathing hard now as I unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down, along with his boxers. I knew he was hard and his cock sprang free immediately. It was much larger than my boyfriend’s, and gloriously thick with a large knob head that was glistening with pre-cum.

I took a moment to clear my throat before engulfing his shaft with my mouth. I ran my tongue along the underside of his shaft, swirling around it as my head bobbed up and down. He made no sounds for all my efforts. I was sucking him in just the way that usually had Brayo moaning out loud. Crouched down but still balanced on my stilettos I had my hands on either side of his hips to steady myself as I worked his cock.. My eyes lifted to look up at his face for approval as I quickened my pace, sliding his thick cock in and out of my mouth, up to the mushroom bulb and then back down again.

“You do look beautiful down there,” Mike said as my eyes met his. “How does my cock taste?.” I didn’t really respond because my mouth was full with his cock He wrapped the length of my hair like a rope around his wrist, and pressed forward, hard until I could feel the bulbous head of his cock against the back of my throat. I tried to resist the urge to gag as he held my head still and pushed on further. “Come on, take it all in… that’s a good girl. Relax your throat. The best kind of girls can swallow every inch of me.” I could feel my eyes watering as I tried to relax my gag reflex, feeling his cock start pushing past the back of my throat. I was helplessly at his mercy and submitting to his demands without question.

I kept my eyes on his as he started moving in and out of my mouth first slowly, training his gaze on me as I became used to the depth he was achieving and then maintaining. I could feel my pussy getting wet as he continued to take total control, holding my head by my hair while he started to fuck my mouth in and out with steady rhythm. “Yes….good girl. Like that,” he urged. “That’s how a good little girl sucks cock.” He had both hands on my head, steadying me to his will, driving his cock in and out, past my wet lips while I alternately gasped and fought against the urge to gag as he shoved his cock deeper down my throat; violating my mouth. I could feel the wetness of my saliva and the pre-cum that leaked from the head of his cock every time it hit the back of my throat start dripping from corners of my mouth as he rhythmically fucked my face, driving his hips forward purposefully, knowing I was helpless to resist him.

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Finally he pulled my hair back and withdrew from my mouth while I gasped for breath. Breathing hard, I sank to my knees, trying to wipe my mouth as I rested forward on my hands, coughing and sputtering. He stood there looking down at me trying desperately to compose myself. Mike then walked over to a table, his erect cock bobbing in front of him, seemingly unaffected by anything that had happened. He took a sip of champagne before returning to where I was still resting on my hands and knees. I crawled towards him. He seemed surprised to see me coming back to the challenge unabated and undefeated.

Then I worked myself between his legs and lifted my face upwards until my lips found the soft sack of his balls. I licked his balls, massaging them with my tongue before sucking each one inside my mouth gently, moving them back and forth until I was rewarded with a long groan finally elicited from his throat. Encouraged, I spit into my hand to lubricate it, and reached up to start stroking the shaft of his cock in rhythm to the motion of the way I sucked his balls. Mike spread his legs slightly, giving me more space as he pressed further against my tongue. I could feel my pussy wet and dripping, and I unabashedly let one hand slip between my legs to tease my clit, feeling my wet folds swelling in response to how absolutely dirty I began to feel about the whole situation.

I imagined what Brayo might have thought if he could have seen me on my hands and knees in this beautifully expensive hotel, getting paid thousands of shillings to fuck a complete stranger. I felt dirty and dark and twisted, and my mind seemed to come alive at the change of image I had undergone. This was not me but I was somehow loving it.

The good girl Shiko was somewhere outside that hotel room. The woman on her hands and knees was depraved and raw and primal in her urges, turned on by every violation and still hungry for more. I leaned forward, licking his balls in long strokes before my tongue slipped over the soft skin of his perineum, which I flicked back and forth with the length of my tongue.

After a while, he couldn’t take the pleasure anymore so he came. Still on my knees, I brought my tongue around in long strokes, licking at the river of cum dripping down from his balls, tasting it in my mouth while I lapped up the rest from his cock. He tasted warm and salty and for some inexplicable reason, I wanted every last drop from the fruition of my oral labours. I looked up at him with a smile, my eyes alight with the realization of my success. His face was smeared with obvious satisfaction as he took my chin in his hand, and let his thumb slide into my mouth as I teased him with my open grin. I sucked his finger greedily, letting him know that his whore was not quite finished, and that there was much more to come.

“You are a fantastically dirty little slut,” he said with amazement. ““You’ll get the 50,000,” Mike said, “and a generous tip on top of that.” With one hand he reached behind me, and with the end of the belt he had strapped on my waist earlier, he seized me and yanked me to my feet like a rag doll. He drew me closer to him. So close that we were eye to eye and for a moment I thought he might kiss me. I could feel his warm breath on my cheeks, and the predatory way he looked at me immediately had me back at his mercy. “I want to fuck you right now… hard and long… until you beg for me to stop.” he said. He had just cum like seconds ago yet he was already hard again.

Maybe he was on viagra. There was a pack on the table that looked like a viagra pack. I wasn’t sure but I didn’t care much. I felt immobilized standing in front of him, with the bite of the leather belt digging sharply into my skin. I felt light headed with the moment, with the feeling of being helpless to this man that would easily have his way with me. His hand slipped between my thighs and I could feel the wetness of my pussy gushing around his fingers almost immediately. “Look how wet you are… my little slut.” I tried to remain silent, but the way he worked my clit elicited an unrestrained moan from deep within my throat. Encouraged, he slid his long fingers up into my pussy, deep and probing, fucking me with them in and out while I struggled to not slump again him from the pleasure of his teasing. The muscles in my thighs quivered as he rubbed against my g-spot with obvious expertise.

He withdrew his fingers and brought them up to my face. Without a thought, my mouth opened and he fed me his fingers so that I could lick them clean of all my hot juices. I felt like he had untapped a wholly lusty and uninhibited side of me that felt like an awakening down deep in my core. He drew his fingers out of my mouth and smeared my lips with the remainder of my pussy juices before he crushed his mouth to mine, tasting me in a hotly open and aggressive kiss that had me gasping for breath. Then with one hand he reached around to yank my long hair so hard that my head was thrown back. I moaned again as his mouth slid down my neck to taste and bite the soft flesh before sucking the tender skin of the hollow of my throat. Mike then clenched his jaw with resolve before slapping my ass hard. I felt the sharp sting like a lick of fire before he roughly turned me around and drew me up hard against him.

I couldn’t breathe or move, feeling my fear and uncertainty growing yet again. I had no idea what to expect, and it had me in a heady state of arousal and anxiety. I felt his cock starting to grow hard again between my legs, seeming to throb there with a life of its own while I stood immobile.

“Please don’t forget to wear a condom,”

I reminded him, hoping he wouldn’t get angry.

“But I want you raw my dear…” he responded. “Nooo please. Just use a condom…it will still be fun.”

I tried to convince him. “I don’t have any condoms though,” he responded. “Ummmm,,” I now didn’t know what to say. “Don’t worry…..I am clean” he said.

Mike bent me roughly at the waist pushing me down so that I was bracing myself against the edge of the bed. I felt his hands grip my ass roughly squeezing the cheeks so hard I knew he would leave red marks in their wake. I felt another hard slap and I winced at the flash of pain. The thought that he didn’t have a condom still scared me. I contemplated struggling to get up but he had his hand firmly entwined in the noose of the belt that bound me by the waist and left me entirely restrained and forced to submit to whatever deviant desires he wanted to inflict upon me.

Before I could say another word, I felt him slam his uncovered cock into my pussy right up to the balls, splitting me wide with a flaming heat that made me cry out as I lurched forward on my hands. He was so much bigger than Brayo and I felt my pussy stretch and contract around his thick shaft, accommodating his sudden invasion. From there I was forced to steady myself on my hands as he drew himself almost entirely out of me, only to ram his cock back deeply inside, slamming hard against my cervix and causing me to moan with a kind of pleasured pain I had never experienced before. I whimpered feeling him again thrusting viciously inside of me, until I felt light headed from his efforts to subdue and use me as his paid fuck doll. I was supposed to be scared but somehow this was sweet.

The more I considered this unexpected reality of the situation, the more I felt the heat of this raw and degrading moment arouse and excite a part of me I still could not grasp or understand. Determined, I rose up on my hands, curving my spine so that my ass was up high against his groin. I could feel his cock throbbing inside me as I moved against him, grinding against him and no longer able to contain the moans of pleasure at feeling him fill me up so completely. “You love being my little slut, don’t you,” he mused, clearly enjoying my sudden changes in temperament. “Yesss,” I moaned, finally feeling broken by my own raw desires. I had completely lost my mind. A stranger was fucking me raw and I was enjoying it.

From there, he started to pound my pussy, harder and harder, with a ferocity I had never experienced before. The pain and pleasure was searing and intoxicating. My pussy contracted in delicious spasms around his invading shaft as he rocked me forward. The only way I could maintain any balance was to rely on the intense clawing grip of his hands on my slender hips. He fucked me wildly, like an unrestrained animal. I could hear the audible slaps of his hips against my ass, and the rhythmic sounds of his thrusts and groans creating a dirty interplay with my every lustful sob. Again, another hard slap to my ass, and I cried out from the intense lick of pain that sent me reeling forward. His hands clawed into my ass cheeks, spreading them apart as I felt him spit lewdly against my asshole. I clenched up, knowing his intentions immediately. I was helpless to stop him, even though I knew the darker side of me didn’t want him to stop at all.

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Mike pulled out abruptly and suddenly I felt his fingers sliding into my raw, freshly fucked pussy. He slid them in and out, until they were dripping wet and then smeared my tight little asshole with my juices. My body shuddered as I felt a finger start pushing against the hole. I let out a long sigh as I forced myself to relax around his probing digit, pushing back against him while he slid his finger in up to the knuckle. “Nice and tight,” he mused. “Just the way I knew you would be.

Tell me Shiko, have you ever been fucked in the ass before?” “Noooo,” I whimpered, trying to think of anything other than what he was doing. “Ah,” he sighed as he started to slowly finger fuck me. “Then you’re in for a treat.”

I felt him slide his cock back into my pussy, thrusting several times, until he was covered in my juices once again. And then, finally, I felt the hard knob of his cock press against my virgin asshole. I held my breath as he pushed against it, uncertain as to what to do. “Come on Shiko,” he murmured under his breath. “Relax and enjoy this the way I know you will”. He reached an arm around until his fingers were against my clit, teasing it expertly until all I was aroused and excited again. I moaned as he circled my clit, rolling it between his fingers, until I could feel the gush of juices begin again between my thighs.

Once he had me distracted in my state of pleasure, he pushed his cock against my asshole once again, this time more forcefully. I gasped as he worked past the resistant little hole until the entire knob of his cock was inside me. I was breathing hard, as he continued to play with my clit as he slowly worked the entire length of his shaft deeply inside my ass. It was a heady combination of pleasure and pain, and I clenched my toes as I sought to accommodate the full length and girth of his cock. He paused for a moment, listening to my heavy breathing and moans, until finally they began to subside. I had been opened wide and the sensations began to change to a kind of tight white heat that suddenly had every muscle in my body relaxing and ultimately submitting to him once again.

“How does that feel Shiko?” he whispered hotly into my ear. “It feels good,” I groaned. “Oh god, it feels so good.”

“Now are you ready to really let me fuck your ass? Are you ready for more pleasure, my dirty little slut?” “Yes”, I sobbed. “Please fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard.” I was so turned on and horny for him to continue that I could feel the wetness from my pussy glazing my inner thighs. I replaced his fingers with my own against my clit, while he hand reached again to rake the cheeks of my ass as he began to thrust in and out of me, slowly building to a fast, sharp rhythm that had me moaning loudly.

I continued to rub my clit, thrusting back against him at every turn, deepening the penetration that seemed to split my ass wide open in an overwhelming kind of intense pleasure that I had never experienced before. “Fuck me harder,” I urged him, as I slid two fingers into my dripping pussy and rolled my clit with my thumb. I felt so full, so used, and so beautifully violated all at the same time. He was like an animal inside me, pumping his cock in and out of my ass with primal energy. I felt him grab my long hair, pulling it back as he continued to fuck me, making me moan louder.

After fifteen minutes of pure raw fucking, my nerves blew up. My whole body shuddered in a long blinding white orgasm that rocked me to the core. It was amazing how I was getting fucked in the ass but the orgasmwas happening in my pussy. It was a strange feeling. I could feel my asshole contracting in spasms around his cock and this seemed to set him off because after several intense sharp thrusts, Mike let out a long groan and slammed his cock in deep. I could feel the wild pulsations as he filled my ass with his hot cum.

Finally after a long chorus or moans and the sighs of the aftermath of our climaxes, he slowly withdrew. I could feel the remains of his cum dripping from my asshole, as I struggled to catch my breath. He let me fall against the white Frette sheets on the bed. I slid against them, deliciously conflicted in the feelings of having just been a paid fuck doll. I felt dirty and carnal and an entirely different Shiko than the one that had arrived at his room earlier that night. I lay there with no strength, filled with his cum, both holes rubbed raw, jaw aching. Finally, Mike turned to me and smiled.

“Thank you Shiko for being my little whore this evening. But I’m afraid it’s time for you to go. I need to do some work”. I smirkedat his words, not wanting to leave so early in the night but he was paying me good money so who was I to argue. I thought of my boyfriend Brayo, and the aftermath of what I had just done started to sink in. The reality of it all overwhelmed me. I had truly been a dirty whore. A dirty paid whore. I was no longer the girl I had imagined myself to be.

Ashamed, I quickly put on my clothes while he watched. I couldn’t decide if I was humiliated by my decisions that night or intrigued by all the other possibilities I had not yet considered. I stood there uncertainly with my legs shaking, while Mike counted out the money I had been promised. In the end, he gave me 57,000 in a big envelope that I could barely stuff into my purse.

All the while I could feel his cum still dripping from my asshole, making me feel even more debased than I would have otherwise. “Well earned.” He said with a nod. “You are indeed a sweet fuck. You had me surprised.” I grabbed my bag. I convinced myself that this entire dark night had just been a moment in time. Tomorrow morning, I would wake up and pretend it never happened. I would use the money wisely, and wipe this memory from my conscience forever. . My heels clacked loudly on the floor as I walked quickly and purposefully out of the door and towards the elevator.

“Oh Shiko?” I heard Mike call. I paused and turned back to see him standing in the doorway, very much the way he had been when the dark fantasy gates to his room had first opened to me. He smiled at me with a twisted kind of amusement and predatory satisfaction.

“Can I see you again?”

Carnal instinct ensured that I knew the answer to his question before it ever left my lips. I was supposed to say no but I find myself saying the opposite “Absolutely….when do you want to see me again?” I asked “I will let you know,….Don’t call or text me okay? I don’t want my wife to find out. Just wait for my next call. Sawa?” he laid out the terms.

The elevator doors opened, ready to take me down. I got out of the hotel and took and Uber back to my place. The next day I took P2 pills. After about a week, I began worrying about the raw sex we had and went to get a HIV test. Luckily I was negative, Surprisingly, Mike never called me again. I had dreamed of vacations and other good fucks with him but he never called. When I tried calling after two weeks but he never answered.

The next month, Bobo moved out to a bigger house. Over the next three months, I went to a VCT about five times, just to confirm that I was safe. Luckily I was safe.

Brayo never found out but he broke up with me because he said my lifestyle was too expensive and that I wasn’t responsible with money. I haven’t found another sponsor either. Bobo could have helped me get another but she and I argued badly after a night out and stopped being friends. She said I was trying to steal one of her guys.

Now I am just here, still in the bedsitter, still slaying with no money, waiting to finish campus. I have one semester to go. Yaaaaay!!! * The End *


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