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The Menez Effect

My night with 2 Ice Queens

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It was on Thursday night and some chiq had cancelled a sleepover that we had agreed on on monday. I was disappointed and bored.

Earlier that week i was at a certain gal’s house where her boyfriend caught us. I have never seen a man that mad. But that’s a story for another day.

“menez, tuf**k on friday”

On friday i was to have a day date so i had to come up with an acceptable excuse. I told the chiq i would be at my aunt’s place during the day so we can meet up from 6pm.

I had been waiting two months to get a chance of banging her and here it was. My golden opportunity for meaningless sex. She was someone’s girlfriend and i was no ones bf😅.

“btw nitakam na frnd wangu”

I was confused for a while. How would we fuck with her friend being there? Will she join? Won’t she feel weird about it? I had so many questions to ask luckily she asnwered all of them.

“wee usijali abt yeye, sai ananyesha hawezi join ikue threesome, Atawatch tu”

This will be a new one for me. I have never fucked anyone while someone else is looking.I had to perform and give her friend her an Oscar winning performance.

Oh shiet i forgot. Yes i have ever been in such a similar state. A while back i had my first 3some (2chiqs and me) memories of that day make me smile like a fool.

Back to where i was. So i had to fuck her while her friend was there. This chiq was crazy. The kind of crazy i love. She really knew how to tease me and keep wanting for more.

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So on Friday evening i went to pick them up. They looked so delicious 😋 and hot 🔥 . I couldn’t wait to get them home. The ride back to my place was quite. Less talking more fantasizing. In matter of minutes we were home.

“Ladies, feel at home” they literally did that. The gal that i was to smash took of her clothes and wore a croptop with some bootyshorts. Her friend undressed in front of me. She got bigger boobs than hers. I crushed on them really hard. The fisi in me started thinking of how it would feel to caress her boobs.

I was getting excited me and ‘bae’ kept on touching touching each other like horny teenagers. True, we were horny asf. Her skin was so soft and smooth, I’m black, she’s light-skinned , together we look like an interracial love couple.

We agreed on what to cook for supper. I was to buy they were to cook. So i went out to buy some food stuff on getting back i found them on bedmaking out,they stopped when i walked in . Music was playing in the background and occasionally the two chiqs would grind on each other and me. This would be so much fun than the party i was to go to on that night.

We cooked, ate and cleaned the dishes. Now it’s time for dessert. The girls didn’t waste time, they climbed on the bed waiting. Upto now i was sure this is really happening. I dropped my pants and wore some shorts then joined them.

It was cozy sleeping between the two of them. Me and ‘bae’ moved to the wall and her friend faced the other way. She took out her phone and began chatting. She was trying to distract herself from the craziness happening behind her.

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‘bae’ and i started making out, it was intense, we were two horny teens wanting to rip each others clothes of….. My hands were on her boobs, and hers in my shorts. She grabbed my semi-hard dick and began stroking it lightly. Before I knew it she took it out of my shorts and began jacking me off. She wanted to suck it but her friend would notice.

She unbuttoned her shorts and slid it down her ankles. I stroked her leg and pussy, slipping my finger in and out. She was cleanly shaved no single strand of hair on her pussy.

“usinifinger just rub my clit” i did as i was instructed. She was so fucking wet, i could feel her juices dripping down her legs. She was grinding her clit against my finger until she came in a wave of hot pleasure.

“Oh my god,” she gasped, her orgasm made her shake to the point her friend asked if she was okay. She partially sat up in a heady daze. She couldn’t even speak up, her nipples were poking out demanding attention. She was still recovering from her orgasm.It only took around 5 minutes to make her cum. We were off to a good start.

After cumming she was super sensitive, she didn’t want to be caressed. Her nipples were so sensitive to the point it hurt when touched.

I slept there still rock hard. Mr. 🍆 was demanding attention and was ready for the mission at hand.

“chukua cd”

She whispered in my ears.

Sema boychild kubambika. After 2 months of being told “menez hutawai nifuck, only tall dudes turn me on, blah blah” here was my chance and i was not planning on wasting it.

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My niggas, patience pays. If a chiq says no today try later on, ladies are always changing their minds.

You may not be her type today but tomorrow she may think of you as her type.

MEN….Never ever give a fuck about being a woman’s type,meeting her imaginary list of Must-Haves, or if she was aiming for another nigga when she walked in the room. The proof is in the results, and regardless of if she wouldn’t have chosen you first, you ended up with her. That’s called victory.

I want to talk to fellas.We are men,not women, we should never be threatened by a guys good looks. I have been brought up in an society where you are supposed to pay attention to the looks of the woman you want not the other guys. If a girl says no just go for another one until you get your yes. Real men don’t take it personal and don’t force things.

Real men don’t get bitter, we get bitches

Btw i lost my phone and about 7 never posted articles got lost. Will rewrite them again soon

Stay tuned

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