Men love ass. Hell, these days ALL men love ass.

Let me get this off my chest—HAVING A PHAT ASS IS OVERRATED.

I love to watch you walk, I love to dance with you in the club, I may even give it a smack just to see how solid it is. But that’s where my fascination ends.

I have never messed with a girl because of ass size, that’s the least important part of the package, if she’s well packaged – cool, that’s just the cherry on top.

A big ass does not make the pussy better. A big ass doesn’t make doggy style more enjoyable for me.

Truthfully the only time it’s ever been worth the hype is when she’s riding from the back and you can get the full portrait as it bounces up and down or when it bounces back every time you hit it in doggy style or when she twerking while your dick is buried in her pussy. That’s a great POV. But it’s not worth it if that’s all she’s bringing to the table.


I’ve seen guys stop in the streets , and get hypnotized watching a chick pass by. They don’t look at the face; they’re looking at the ass.The club is the worst because your objective is to dance with the girl with the biggest butt, and thankfully clubs are dark.

You grinding on me got me rock hard because your booty was big and soft, but if the lights come on and you look like Whoopie Goldberg’s less attractive little sister, it’s a wrap. But I’m in the minority. Every day a nigga hollas at an asslicious lady because of what she’s packing behind her.

Sitting a cup on an ass does not make my dick hard. At the same time, if you’re a big booty chic who isn’t the prettiest– USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE.

We got some ugly socialites in our beautiful country but their asses do all the talking for them. Their asses have taken them to Dubai and are living a pretty good life. Some have even landed on a TV show thanks to what they have and what they have done with it.

I was at this event with some friends; this girl who I just met had had a humongous ass, but her face wasn’t that appealing. I am sure you have all come across a gal with a big booty but she ain’t that pretty.

Dude after dude broke their necks looking at her ass and trying to get her number. She carried herself like she was a dime because since she developed that booty, dudes have been giving her dime attention, but to the average eye she would be classified as just normal.

But I give her props because swagger is the most attractive thing a girl can have, and that ass allowed her to have super hyper combo finisher swag.

I like a pretty face above all, and then I’m a titty man. I will look at your cleavage and not apologize because you know what that shirt was meant to do—attract eyes to your milk mountains. I know some guys who love nice long legs.

But all of my close friends love big butts above all else. I see nice breast, I think about sucking them. I see your ass—ummm I’m not sucking that . I’m not licking it. I’m not even going to to fuck the actual ass.

A big ass is for showing off to your homies and bragging about having a gal with a big ass… But with boobs those are mine, i can feel them up anytime i want to. We have a personal connection.

Why some men like me loves boobs.

1.They’re very good-looking.
Like, seriously. No matter the exact shape or size, they look bloody amazing. And we appreciate beauty in all its forms.

2. Cleavage, duh.
Even when we can’t see them because they’re all hidden under clothes, that hint of cleavage is enough to make their presence felt. And set our temperatures rising.

3. They’re so responsive!
Ladies, us touching your breasts gives you pleasure – we, on the other hand, love how your nipples always show us the pleasure you’re feeling.

4. They are very good to touch…
Best toys for our hands. We’d pick boobs over a PS3 controller any damn day.

5. And they’re even better to taste!
That feeling when we can lick, nibble, taste? There’s just one word for it: divine.

6. They feel pretty incredible against our bodies.
Soft yet firm. Part of the reason why we love hugging you.

7. Best pillow ever.
If you offered us a choice between a five-star hotel room pillow and being cushioned by your boobs, guess which one i’d pick?

8. The bounce factor…
Making you writhe in bed with so much pleasure that you moan and twist and your boobs move like they have a mind of their own – that’s sex goals for every guy.

9. They come in a set of two!
Whoever said you can’t have too much of a good thing…definitely wasn’t talking about boobs!

? You see this girl, she’s blessed. She has a Phat ass, big titties, and a pretty face. That’s hitting the jackpot. But she’s no better than you .

Not all girls are born like that. And you know what—Who cares if you have a perfect ass or a square butt? A brilliant rack like Nicki or a flat chest? It doesn’t matter.

ALL women have positives that they should be proud of. Do not covet what you weren’t blessed with. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Which brings me to the real point of the blog.

Love Yourself

That british girl Claudia Aderotimi died trying to get ass implants. She was so obsessed with having a big ass that she flew all the way across the world for an illegal procedure. She wanted to be the girl the boys broke their neck for. She didn’t get breast implants, she didn’t want a nose job, she wanted an ass because that’s what men today want.

She’s not alone. If you’re a dude you can name dozens of girls who’ve complained “I wish my butt was bigger.”Not all Men have big dicks, but you don’t see them going to get penis implants. Men rock with what they got, and so should women.

Guys love big butts, some would choose a big ass over a pretty face, and I know it makes pretty girls with smaller asses upset, but why waste your energy? No one can tell another person to like one thing over another. Every girl has things they would change about themselves, but at the end of the day be comfortable in your skin and have confidence that no girl is sexier than you are.

I have nothing against any chiq who got a big ass, heck i love a fine ass but my true love issa fine pair of boobs. The point of the article was to tell all you people to be comfortable with yourselves.

If you got an amazing ass be proud of it, if you got that cheerleader figure rock it, if you a BBW then you just amazing as you are. Be comfortable in your own skin. Love thy self.

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