Letting love happen


In life there’s love ….
In love comes fulfilment,
We often don’t find what we look for when we love somebody … and
Am not talking agape kind of loving,
No! No! No!
God gave that to us freely, purposely to love every single thing he breathed life into,

My kind of love
Brings butterflies to life inside us
My kind of love
Is based on connection, two hearts that perfectly sync
My kind of love
Is passionate…..
My kind of love
Makes imperfections perfect
My kind of love
Hurts but in a bitter-sweet kind of way
And when my kind of love fades
People get hurt
My kind of love
Is cupid’s intention
I learnt that in a generation where courting is nothing but a few texted sweet nothings

That have us falling head over heels with words and emoji’s not said from the heart,
But, rehearsed to help us fill a gap we think is missing, that’s the being loved gap.
We want to so badly love and be loved back
That we so easily fall for anyone who so even dares show the slightest interest

Playing hard to get is now history,
Who wants to start at the ‘let’s get to know each other square’….. Too much work
We choose to rely on the so called “SPARKS” we keep confusing with love,

We fail to realise that there’s a thick line between letting sparks do the job for you and letting love find you,
Sparks fade at some point, when something/someone new finds their way to you,
And when that happens we want a taste of what’s new, out with the old, in with the new.

In the end
You put it all together and realise you’ve been running in circles
It so happens you’ve been running rounds looking for one thing only

That thing
Happens to be someone you could love eternally,

None of those flings you had, made you happy
When you come to think of it
It was all a waste of your time and energy
When you search a little deeper,
You realise that
You have absolutely no clue how loving someone feels like, or necessarily being loved back!

You sit back and wallow in your own misery,
You keep swearing and cursing
You keep hoping you’ll find answers,
You keep wishing that amongst those you claimed to love, you find THE ONE meant only for you
The frogs we kiss are really just frogs, they don’t turn back to prince charming

Until someone like me whispers a simple,
If it finds you
You’ll be unaware
If it finds you
You’ll be scared, confused, amused (making you an emotional roller-coaster)……………..But,
Most importantly
If it finds you’ll be happy, and fail to realise it, you’ll stop seeking!!!!!!!


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