Kupeana Through Pass

Kupeana Through pass

There are plenty of fish in the sea and with a big enough net, you still probably won’t catch them all.

If in your travels you come across a school of fish and aren’t able to catch all the fish in your net, do yourself and others a favor, peana through pass.

Kupewa through pass (the male assist) is one of those things that make friendship a pleasure and not a burden. If you don’t pass out assists then you’re just a bad friend.

There are several types of through pass;

1. The Lateral Through Pass

This is quite a common one. It happens in most occasions. When you notice that nothing will ever happen between you and the girl that you desire, the best thing that you can do is to give up or peana through pass to your friend. Give your bro a chance. Let him try. If he’s unsuccessful, the cycle continues.

This is done out of desperation to avoid a total lost. If you are going to give out a through pass, give it out to the person who is likely to succeed.

You are giving the through pass the guy who is most likely to be successful. By doing this you take the L and allow your bro to ‘win

The best through pass and my personal favorite is

2. Through pass from your female friend

Has your female friend ever given you a through pass to her friend? That shit is LEGENDARY. If your female friends have never given you a through pass, are they really your friend?

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Through pass from a girl have a 90% chance of being successful. Your female friends know exactly what you want and that’s what they will give you.

3. The Indirect Through pass

The indirect through pass happens where the chick doesn’t even know your passing. She will be busy minding her business then out of nowhere she gets a ‘hey’ text from a new number.

Ladies, anytime you get a hi or hey text from a new number chances are that a friend of yours gave you up.

4. The direct Through pass.

This rarely happens. Instead of the guy asking for a through pass, it’s the chic that asks/requests for a through pass. She may ask you to hook her up with one of your friends. If you have real female friends I’m sure one of them has ever asked you to hook her up.

Hooking up a chic or a dude with one of your friends isn’t an easy task. There are somethings that you should know.

Rules to giving out through passes

1. Never say who gave you the number

If I give you a girl’s number, under no circumstance should you ever say it’s me who gave you the number. It’s only the ladies who can say that they were given the number by their male friend.

Guys, when she asks you where you got here number from, deal with your shit without involving the through pass giver.

2. Evaluate your friend.

If you are a real friend I’m sure you know the kind and type of chics that you boy fancies. Usimpee dem mwenye uko sure hawezani naye.

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When it comes to giving out a through pass, give out a chic on his level; someone he can handle. Don’t give him a Huddah when all along he’s been dealing with kina Awiti.

3. Don’t intervene

After you have given out the through pass your work is done. You have accomplished you bro duties. Now it’s up to him to take over.

Don’t involve yourself in his business, don’t even ask how he’s fairing on. Akishindwa kuswim let him drown. It’s not your business to help him with this challenging task.

4. Give your friend the relevant data.

Before you give out any through pass, give your bro some data on the girl that you want to give him. Tell him how that chic is and what he can expect from her.

If she’s a difficult, stubborn girl tell him that. Keep it real. Your bro needs all the relevant information in order to prepare for this mission. If he knows how she is, he can prepare and come up with a game plan.

5. Pay back

If i give you a through pass, you are obliged by Law under section II of the Brostitution Act to also give me a through pass. Scratch my back, I scratch your back. Don’t be stingy with your girls. It’s not as if you will smash all of them. Wale wamekushinda give them away. Share the love.

It’s not bad kupea mtu through pass. Just be cautious on how you do it and to whom you are doing it to.

spread the love, share the fun

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