Kenyan Kamasutra

Growing up I always wondered what made me special. Most of the other kids could either act, sing, dance, be good at sports etcetera. There were things that I was good at but there was always someone better. For the longest time I assumed my sexual deviancy is what made me different I joined campus and the things I’ve seen and heard have taken my star away.

All I can say is that, In this city of Nairobi people have a genuine capacity for immorality. Girls are providing gruesome detail of their sexual encounters. The good, the bad and the ugly. They talk of how guys try to talk them into having sex do their foreplay, the little mumble cries they make during sex congress and even where they choose to ejaculate.

No details spared! Sometimes it’s soo detailed you feel like you are part of the act. From the stories I’ve heard there are a few common things in the way Kenyans partake in congress. So worry not if you feel like you are lacking or new to the sex scene, there is a method to Kenyan congress.

Kissing. Most of us underestimate the power of a good make out session before and during congress. Kissing is often a precursor to congress, but that is not its primary function. It’s a form of mate assessment, selection and retention.

Oral sex. This is the key to giving most girls and guys a good time. This includes both vaginal and anal. Get creative and use hands, the basics really.

Anal sex. As much as people still cringe about it, a lot of people are having it or have at least tried it. Something about the forbidden fruit I hear. Most of the times it doesn’t go well but with the right information and equipment it is quite enjoyable.

Exhibitionism. Having sex in a public place or with the risk of getting caught. Includes parking lots, stairs, balconies, some do it in the bed next to yours or even a bed that you are sharing. Also includes taking videos and pictures for other people to watch and enjoy.

Acrobatics. (didn’t have a better word). This is basically the array of sex positions most popular. Kenyan girls like it long and deep. Statistically most men aren’t equipped with very long shticks most are average length with extra girth which is sufficient. And with these positions they actually hit the spot. These positions can be found at Simple but efficient.

This is just the tip of how much Kenya has evolved sexually. We are coming to an age where we can openly talk about sex on mainstream platforms. Sex toys and products is a niche market. Escort services and adult only clubs have become popular.

LGBTQ rights are being added to the constitution. Even the songs, art, advertisements and films we are making. Some are approaching it wrong but for the most part it’s a step forward. Other than that piece of exciting news, I also learnt that your abilities isn’t what makes one special, it’s those little things; your thoughts, opinions, goals in life and all of that. It really is a great time to be alive.

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