Sat. Apr 4th, 2020


The Menez Effect

Kaylee speaks

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We watched the sunset together

An image so real,picture perfect

I loved the waves,they fell like rain

You holding me in thy arms

I prayed it won’t fade away.


Well,today  it hit me just right

Life is not about finding the right person

But creating the right relationships,you and me

It is not about how we care at the beginning

But how much we care till the end

I searched for a good heart not a cute faced

Because cute faced,nice haired people are not always good

But good hearted people are always cute faced

Dont get it twisted,you’re everything i ever wanted

Its nice to know we have it all

I stared up the sun,thought of all people,places and things i’ve loved,i stared up just to see you

With all the faces,you were the one next to me

You are special and beyond compare 

We are more than we


I put your name in a circle 

Not a heart because

A heart can be broken but circles go forever

#my saving grace#


              Kaylee Speaks

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