Is She A YES Girl?

Recently someone asked me “how do you deal with a woman who isn’t interested in you? ”

This question has a very simple practicable answer. Here it is. Pay Attention

Much of life revolves around sales—selling oneself. Need a job? Sell yourself. Need a university scholarship? Sell. Want a date? Sell yourself. Want to fuck that hot girl? Again—sell, sell, sell.

If you want an easy time with women then your objective should be to look for the YES girls—YES girls are the ones who are intrigued by you and are going to put you through less hoops to have a moment/sex with them. It’s far better to filter for the YES girls than to filter out the NO girls.

Trying to convince the NO girls into liking you is an exhausting, demoralizing, and often fruitless tactic. Don’t waste your time or energy in trying to change their mind.

Who is A Yes Girl?

There’s an old saying (don’t ask me who coined it), “You don’t need game as long as the girl is complying with you.”

The YES girls are so compliant that they just go along with you. They are the kind of girls who are showing the same energy as you. YES girls always have engaging conversation with you. They don’t feel bad texting you first or starting a conversation but please don’t mistake a YES girl for being easy. She seems easy because she likes your dumb ass.

They are not the ones that are making you fight tooth and nail for every inch of the conversation. In the online world, they are the girls who are compliant and give you their number and agree to a date and are far better options instead of the ones who tell you “tukipatana tena I’ll give you my number”

A YES girl will give you her number so that both of you can talk, she’s not giving you her number to increase her status viewers or her unread messages count. When a YES girl is not free she will tell you when she’s going to be free.

Him: Are you free on Saturday?
Her: On Saturday i will be busy but you can come on Sunday afternoon

A YES girl is just as interested as you are in seeing her.

So how much do you invest in trying to get a number? Instead of investing all your energy in getting one number or one girl how about you spread that energy to a couple of girls. It’s better having a variety of options and prospects than having none. This leads me to my next point.

Girls are fickle, fickle creatures. Sometimes, it’s just one thing you say that turns a NO girl straight into a YES girl (or sometimes, even vice versa).

Every one of your interactions with a woman that you are into should be a direct path to getting what you desire— and what all men desire is sex.

A girl’s job is to dissuade you from this path, in the form of off-topic conversations, shit tests, and more. Women will try everything to prevent you from easily reaching her pussy. Always redirect and put her back on the path that you want her on.

This means getting her number, getting her out on a date, and then getting her into the bedroom. Think of it as a road trip—you’re going to have to make stops to eat and fill up your gas tank, but then you get right back on the road until you reach the destination.

Of course, in this example, a girl is free to be left on the side of the road at any point of the journey—and that’s okay. Sometimes, that’s the nature of the beast. You have to leave girls behind. For one reason or another, they go hot to cold. If you see that what you desire is not possible to attain then leave her and continue to the next one. You just keep filtering for the yes girls.

It’s important to remember that it’s part of the game. Women have been messing with YES men because they want guys who do what they desire. If she wants something there is a YES man ready to provide. If you are a NO man you get left behind, left on read, blueticked, snobbed etc. If she’s not getting what she wants from you then you officially get labeled as a NO man.

Put A System In Place

Put a system in place. Any guy walking on this earth has a system that he uses to get women. Some pay others play and others prey. Look for what works for you. If money is opening all them legs then use it. If your sweet meaningless words are getting you those women then use it. Work with what you have.

Does it take time to develop a system that works for you? Absolutely. Trial and error is the only way. It’s going to depend on where you live, your style, and your overall attitude you take towards woman and life.

Some guys will take girls to restaurants trying to be a gentleman and others will take girls to clubs trying to be a player. You have to figure out what works for you. There is no cheat code for getting women. If you don’t have game and a sytem that works you will keep on thirsting at every woman that passes by you.

But, once you have figured out what works for you— stick to it. Stick to the system that works. Always move forward and if she isn’t on board —away she goes. Put girls through your system and be absolutely brutal about the rules of engagement.

When it comes to girls, take the YES and fuck the rest🖕

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