In Love With Two People

What does it mean to be in love? No one can tell you how strongly you feel about another person, regardless if your emotions are authentic or fleeting. Your love is measured by your heart

When you’re young and you fall in love with a girl you think she’s the best girl you’ve ever met. She’s not like those other chicks, you get butterflies, want to call her all the time, and you want more than sex– you need her. Of course, after you get to know her ass, the boredom sets in or the drama cranks up, you get disinterested and suddenly those fireworks aren’t even firecrackers.

Were you in love and fell out of love? Was it love to begin with? Can authentic feelings dry up that quickly or was it the heart playing tricks because it was excited? I’ve told every girl that has been my girlfriend (and a few side ones), that I loved them. A good four of those times I meant it… or so I thought. I’ve been in deep like, heavy lust, Pussymatized, and had crazy crushes, but I was never truly in love back then.

You can love two people romantically, I’ve overlapped a few times, but people always have a favorite. It’s like kids, you can claim that your love is equal and push the evil thoughts of bias from your head, but every parent knows deep down there is a favorite. It’s easy to have love for a person you connect with even if there is no romance or sex involved.

A woman or man can be in love with two other people, but I guarantee one will be revealed to be the favorite. One person makes you feel like you’re on drugs, but that other person is someone you can see having a house on the hill with. How do you decide between two perfect loves, knowing that if you fuck up, you can’t circle back?

Real Love Doesn’t Leave Time

First off, if you’re so in love how are you finding time to fall in love again? Let’s say you have more time on your hands than the average person, I still don’t see where you find the time and energy to build that kind of heavy relationship.

For you to be falling head over heels for that new person that means you are putting in a lot of work, sharing a lot of information, and being more affectionate than random quickies. I guess the other person you are supposedly in love with isn’t around . If the other love is an old friend who you already knew, then I understand that.

Friendships turns a corner and get deep if there is an unsaid or unsettled attraction. If your other love is long distance or just some weirdo you found on the computer and will never see, then I understand. You spend more time on your own than talking to them on the phone. Nevertheless, it still says something about how you actually feel about that other person.

If you let Vince, the crush from highschool, get your number off Facebook and then begin to talk to him about old times knowing damn well that crush never expired, you know what you’re doing. You and Vince aren’t going to organize a highschool reunion, you’re going to fuck if he plays his cards right.

Let’s say you meet a nice guy while out, you know you have a boo in campus across the country, but you still give Club boy your number. Be serious, girls don’t make it a habit of giving their real numbers to unattractive men .

If you’re leaving a club and get approached, you gave him that number because you think he’s cute, not platonic friend material. You can play the boyfriend card, but once you saved his number in your phone why would he respect it? You gave him the yellow light, and any man up on game that gets the number of a chick with a dude, knows how to get through that yellow light before it hits red.

Being in love makes you mean as hell, void of fucks, and dedicated to giving out fake numbers. If it’s just love love, then fuck it, game on, what they know won’t hurt them, go for the ride and see what happens. That’s the kind of love you really have, and that’s how you wake up two months later torn between Vince’s dick and dimples and your boyfriend’s tongue and treatment.

Something is missing

Being in love comes with bumps in the road, but not blocks, if the negatives pile too high you two aren’t in love with each other you’re just in love with the idea of saying you’re in love. Whatever. the damage is done, you gave in to temptation and now you don’t know how to make a choice or even if you should.

The loyalty isn’t always to the first boyfriend; you slid off under his watch, so clearly he wasn’t handling his business.This one girl told me she was confused because her side guy gave her a rush, but her boyfriend was great, handsome, good in bed, easy to talk to blah blah blah. If he’s so awesome then why are you sharing his pussy?

The first boyfriend is usually the one who is no longer the favorite. Although he may not have wronged or hurt you, he still failed at his job. He lost your attention.

When it comes to men, new pussy rarely outranks the old. Once her coochie expires and niggas see that she isn’t as stable, nurturing, or submissive as the old love, she stops being the favorite. He may not cut her off, no man running in two vaginas goes back to one willingly, but deep down he knows the first girl is the one he wants to be with. If you know you the 2nd love its time to take a stand.

You’re not Pepsi or Coke, you are a human being, how the fuck can a person be that uncertain about you if their love is real?

You been eating long enough, stop being greedy! You’re in love with two people… poor little you, life’s not fair wah wah wah. Shut up and be an adult. This isn’t some big universal anomaly where two perfect soul mates appear before you. This is a case of a greedy person who got away with being trifling, and now that the walls are closing in you’re nervous. It’s time to do what you should have done as soon as you felt less than fulfilled in your initial relationship—make a choice.

The proper, unselfish way out would have been to break up with your boyfriend the moment you were pulled in the opposite direction. That tug at the heart that made you tingle the first time you saw that new person smile at you was your brain telling you, “ my bad, that other one wasn’t true love, we want this now .” That was the sign, but your greedy ass drowned it out and decided to burn the candle at both ends.

One of the things being in love does that just loving someone doesn’t, is that it forces you to take the hard road instead of the easy one. All is fair in love, and occasionally you have to hurt someone’s feelings in order to do what’s best for you.

It’s time for men and women both to take responsibilities for their actions and stop overlapping relationships. You’re not unique; it’s possible for everyone to love someone else despite who they are committed to.

There is a reason why we all don’t walk around proposing to everyone we connect with. Love is limitless, but you can only be truly in love with one person. Force yourself to make that choice as if you were in a lifeboat with room for one more, and both of your boos are drowning, I guarantee you know who dies and who lives.

Chris Brown loves Karrueche, but he’s in love with Rihanna because she’s the one who got away , the one he still wanted to be with, and the one who if he could turn back time he would be with.

Your situation could be a case of trying to mix and match people because neither one of them are strong enough to complete you. Maybe you’re not in love with either and you’re trying to wait for that moment where one outdoes the other. In that case, get rid of both of them. If no one is separating from the pack, then that’s all the proof you need that your feelings aren’t authentic.

Real love doesn’t wait to reveal itself, it may take long to arrive on the scene, but when it does, there will be no confusion. You will realize it’s real love.

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