How To Not Be The Side Chick

If you find a guy who has everything you’re looking for and the only thing standing in the way is another chick, what do you do? Steal her man.

I know … karma, morals, he cheated on her he’ll do the same thing to you blah blah blah. You know who says that—scared women. It’s survival of the fittest, if his girl isn’t strong enough to keep a hold on him, then that’s her fault.

We’re not talking about adultery; we’re talking about Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Those titles are only as strong as you make them, and if the man wants to stray then obviously he wasn’t in love.

If you don’t have the heart to take another girl’s boyfriend, cool—STOP READING NOW… I mean it; this will only offend your sense of moral decency…

When you meet Mr. Right and it’s revealed that he has a chick, you don’t shy away from that. You embrace it. The last thing you want to be is a side chick. Ask about her, how they met, where they go on dates… talking to a guy with a chick is market research.

The purpose is not to fuck a guy with a girlfriend—that’s hoe shit, your job is to evaluate the guy with a girlfriend to see if he’s the right man for you, then erase her from his life.

Steps on how to not be the side chick.

Two Weeks Notice:

If he’s serious about getting with you, she has to go. A man will not want to leave his sure thing for a girl who he hasn’t even sampled yet. That’s our problem. If he wants to continue the sexting, dates, and get sex down the line then he has to make that hard decision.

Give him a deadline.

Not only does he have to break it off with his girl, HE MUST tell her the reason why. This may sound unnecessarily mean, but understand this.

We will fuck our ex girlfriends. That’s just what we do.

If you make him tell her from the jump, “It’s over because I met someone else (you) ” that’s devastating. Unless she’s the dumbest girl on the planet, she will never give him the ass again. You made him look like an asshole, but at the same time you made it damn near impossible for him to two time you with his old bitch.

Her Pussy is a Probox. Your Pussy Is a Lexus :

If a man in a relationship is constantly chasing you around trying to fuck then his girlfriend has failed at putting that pussy on him. Tease him like you would do any guy you were seeing, but with a wifed up guy you have to be extra seductive because he’s getting pussy on a regular basis.

You have to sell yourself like your vagina could cure cancer. Lust is a powerful weapon, it’s the #1 reason men cheat. But don’t be like those cliché women on TV who fuck with married men and say dumb things like, “he said he would leave her for me.”


Talk nasty, that’s how you hook a man, but at the same time you’re not scouting for sex, you’re scouting for a relationship, so keep the physical activity limited. You have to show him that not only can you make him horny and lust over you but you can keep him interested in your conversations.

The mouth is greater than the ass, meaning that the things you say have a bigger impact than anything you can do in the bed. For him to say, “she never understood me like you do ” is a win.

Make Sure Your Friends Have Your Back:

Girls are influenced by their besties; they listen to their friends and care about how they’re perceived. You’re doing something very unpopular. No matter how cute this dude is or how nice he is, he’s cheating. There may not be sex involved at this stage, but to start talking to a man while he is involved with another girl is frowned upon.

Your friends will guilt you, but you have to be strong. They’ll spew some bullshit about how there is someone out there for everyone and you should wait for a single man… That Disney Princess mindset is the reason they’re single. They may not agree with the mission, but they owe it to you to be supportive of the campaign.

When your illegal boo comes over to chill you don’t want them judging him with. They don’t have to like it, but they must respect it.

Once you’re sure he’s right for you and want to take it to the next level, then you give him the ultimatum that it’s either you or her. You already know their bond is weak off the strength that he’s calling you on his free time instead of her. Once you win him over mentally, having him break that poor girl’s heart is the easy part.

It’s a hostile takeover and there will be victims, but at the end of the day if you have a chance to a lifetime Netflix subscription why would you continue to buy movies from your movie shop.

This is real life, there are no boundaries, and the only rule is “ Don’t go after your friend’s man” other than that– all men are fair game, so if you want someone you go after them!

You think men respect the fact that you have a boyfriend? Fuck no! We see that as the ultimate challenge. There is no reason women can’t use this same method when on the hunt for love.

If a guy is in a relationship then obviously he isn’t afraid of commitment and he knows how to cater to a female—it’s like shopping for a house when furniture’s already in place, it’s much easier.

You’re not going to go to hell, you’re not going to get seven years bad luck, the worst that can happen is that a younger, sexier version of you pulls this same trick and takes your man. But that can happen in any relationship, I’m not talking about keeping a man, we’re talking about going for what you want.

If you feel too guilty to even consider this then you’re hard headed — I told your ass to stop reading a long time ago.

You are better than his girlfriend. There is no man who you can’t take! That’s what you have to believe in order for this to work.

If you don’t do it, someone else will do it. If it isn’t you, it’s someone else.

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