How to Make A Sex Tape So Good You Hope It Leaks

How to Make A Sex Tape So Good You Hope It Leaks

Have you ever thought about making a sex tape? If you have then this is the perfect article for you. I’m sure most people have ever thought about recording themselves have sex. To some people it’s one of their fantasies. Making a sex tape is a thrilling adventure but history has proved over and over again how this is a bad idea. Today we’ll just focus on the good part. In this day and age, when we all have the equivalent of a hi-def camera in our pockets, making a sex tape is the easiest thing. You can’t be the next Kim K or Ray J but you’ve got a decent chance or producing a masterpiece. With the right person — and ALWAYS with their knowledge and consent — making a sex tape with your partner can be an extra hot level you add to the experience.

Before you hit record, keep some of these sex tape tips in mind.

1. Be the filmmaker with total creative control

What ever device that you choose to record with make sure its YOURS. Chances are that you will use a smart phone to record the sex tape. If the device is yours it will give you complete control and you’ll determine who gets to see it. Having this much control will ensure that this video doesn’t leak or end up in the hands of strangers. To be extra safe, practise the ‘delete and repeat’ method: after making your video, watch it together with your partner and then delete it.
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2. Find the right lighting

There is no need to make a sex tape if the lighting is shitty. For your movie debut, its vitally important to nail the lighting. You need to look good in the video so lighting is a major priority — because let’s be honest, seeing people going at it under bad lighting sucks.

3. Location, location, location

Choose a location in which you’ll be in total control of. Basically, it should be a place where you’ll be comfortable filming like in your house. Sex in public is not normally the best time to start experimenting with making a sex tape, so an indoor location you’re familiar with is hands-down the best locale for filming.

4. Set Some Ground Rules

You have to set some ground rules. There are lots of things to consider before making a sex tape and getting on the same page with your partner will ensure that the experience is enjoyable for both of you. There are some basic things that you should talk about.
  1. Is this sex tape for your own private enjoyment or is this something that you would be open to sharing with others?
  • Who will be in control of the sex tape when it’s finished and where will it be kept?
  • Are you both open to showing your faces on the sex tape or is it important to you that your face be obscured?
All of these questions require careful consideration.

5. Forget about the camera, and have fun with it!

Have some fun. Don’t think too much about the camera. Keep an open mind and just be open to having fun as you share this unique and enjoyable experience with your partner.
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Besides, it’s enjoyment that will come through and be evident in the final footage! Enjoy yourself.

6. Only perform with your best positions.

Sex tapes aren’t an everyday thing and you have the opportunity to become your own porn star for a night (or day if you’re brave). Don’t use this chance to test out new angles and positions because you’ll just look stupid if you haven’t practiced it. Stick to positions that you are perfectly good at. Lastly TRUST is everything when filming a sex tape. Sad as it may be, the reality is that men’s leaked nudes and tapes don’t ruin their lives like they do women’s. So ladies be extra careful.
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