How To Know If You Are Dickmatized/Pussymatized

*Look around* We’re all adults here right?


Today am talking about something different.Something that has been going on for ages.

Am sure you have had of these two terms dickmatized and pussymatized,if not i will tell yu all about it.

what is to be dickmatized

To be dickmatized is where a lady is in love with the dick (just the dick) that She forgets all of her morals, standards, and anything of importance to her.She just loves the sex game of the dude.

Have you ever seen a super fine lady roll with a guy who seems thuggish or something of that sort and wonder why she would settle for THAT?

I have one of the answers. She’s dickamatized. More then likely she told herself she’d use him as a dial-a-dick (definition: men you call only for sex, nothing more) but wasn’t prepared for the smack down he put on her cookie.Little by little the chic starts catching feelings and developing a strong liking towards the guy.

Am in campus and dickmatization and pussymatization is a common thing.Girls and dudes are falling for pussies and dicks all around us.

Let me first start off by saying that being dickmatized is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s a condition that happens quite often. Have you ever looked back on a relationship or a potential partner and asked yourself what exactly are they giving me besides good D or P ? Do they have anything else to offer besides good D or P ?

No female is immune from the effect of a well handled cassava😜. There are plenty of females out there who have been blinded and dumbfounded by D2B (Dick 2 Bomb) lemme finish with the females. Dudes your turn is next.

  • A good dick will make you climax
  • A good dick will make you do shit you never thought you would ever do
  • A good dick will fuck up your whole world.
  • A good dick will make you open your door at 4am for a drunk guy.
  • A good dick will make you miss class to enjoy a pleasurable session.
  • A good dick will make you cheat on your boyfriend severally.

How To Know He Has A Good Dick

he knows he has a good dick

A man with a good dick know he has a good dick and if given the opportunity he will tear up that pussy with no mercy.At the end of the fuck the girl is over satisfied.And a girl will always keep a good dick in her radar.

He doesn’t brag

Good dick doesn’t do a lot of talking.

He doesn’t have to. A guy who KNOWWWSSSSSS he has good dick will let his stroke speak for him.

He’s had practice

A guy with a good dick has had lots of experience.He isn’t a beginner at this game.This means his skill set has been carefully perfected. He knows he can dickmatize any woman.With a great dick comes great responsibility

he knows his real purpose.

He knows his purpose is to lay the pipe reashaking.He needs to have her walls trembling. He needs to leave her legs shaking.He needs to leave her begging for more
i won’t touch on how to know if you are dickmatized since if you are chances are you already know and you dont care.You love the dick game you receiving.


This is where u fall for a pussy.Her pussy game is so on fleek that every time you think abt it you end up being confused.

You meet a woman.She’s hot.There’s something about her that you can’t put your finger on.She’s really hot. Yet, you have conversations with her that aren’t really deep.You think there’s something a little off about her, but you don’t care.Do you know why? Because you’ve just been…Pussymatized.

Guys can agree with me on this , the power of new pussy is amazing.Everything about a new pussy is thrilling.We can’t get tired of hitting it.But what makes new pussy even better, is that pussy can basically pussymatize you. A good pussy to me may be a mediocre to another person.

  • A good pussy will command loyalty
  • A good pussy will make you hate  condom
  • A good pussy will make you spend money on it

Fucking every tom,dick and harry doesn’t mean you have a good pussy.A guy on dryspell will never tell you your pussy is bad or your pussy game is low.He will say how you are the best fuck has have ever had.He will look beyond everything because all he wants to do is nut.

how to tell a guy is pussy whipped?(pussymatized)

she demands dick when she wants it

She calls or the shots.She chooses where and when to fuck.The guy will follow the woman’s lead.

She know she has a good pussy

She knows what she’s doing and she knows how to work that thang. She throws it back and rides like there is no tomorrow. She will f*ck YOUR brains out and keep mum about having you pussy whipped.

He does shit because she said so.

Good pussy will have you breaking your rules just to keep her happy. Once you’re pussy whipped you will find yourself quitting the things you love just to spend time with her.She has you doing things so far out of your character that you KNOW your boys will clown you for letting a chick convince you to do it.

He checks in

Rarely do women make a man work for the coochie anymore.Checking in is part of “working for it”.Think about these .You’re checking in with her to make sure its ok to hang with YOUR friends. If you do so through a text message, you’re only mildly whipped. If you, in fact, check-in via a phone call while in the presence of your single friends you are whipped beyond the point of return.

Being pussymatized ain’t a bad thing.It’s actually a privilege because you know you have an A Class type of pussy.A good pussy and a good dick don’t come by easily.If you ever get one hold on tight to it.If not there is someone out there who will treat better.

**This is all a source of entertainment, some truth, some fiction, some life experience, and some others experience**

But thank you for reading….

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