How To Know If She’s Suffering From Insecure P***y

You’re beautiful. You have great things going on for you. You’re Intelligent. Men go crazy when they see you. When you walk out the house the thirst (attention) is crazy. You have to reject men daily, even hourly.

One guy catches your eye though, he’s sexy. One thing leads to another. A few days go by, a text here, a phone call there, and next thing you know you all are ripping each others’ clothes off. However, he didn’t know (Sh!t, you didn’t know) you have… insecure p^ssy .

How do you know if you have insecure p***y

You Never Initiate

Both of you are alone in your house or his house. Your panties are so wet, you’d leave a puddle behind if you stood up. Ya’ll are just watching movies or TV and laughing, but you’re so horny if he hummed in your ear you’d cum before the commercial break was over. What’s stopping you? Why aren’t you making your move? Are you afraid of rejection?

“No, guys are suppose to make the move first.” That’s an excuse, that women cursed with insecure coochie made up. Get your groove on mami, have some heart and make the first move. Make a move; kiss him first.

Keep the Lights Off

You want to know the quickest way to turn a hard d!ck limp? Lack self-confidence. If you want to turn a man off, don’t be comfortable in your own skin. You don’t have to be perfect, but you have to be fearless in the bedroom to please your partner. Men are visual creatures, they want to see you when they have sex with you.

You Never Ride

How many times have men heard, “I don’t know how to ride?” Who cares? The only thing you need to focus on while riding the D is pleasing yourself. Believe it or not, men get turned on and usually cum when a woman just rides and not gives a f^ck what they think. Good riding skills is composed of 70% pleasing yourself, 20% not giving a f^ck, and 10% good bounce.

Make Him Do All the Work

So you’re a lazy f^ck. You have no desire to be a star in the bedroom. You just wanna lay back, legs spread wide like a flying eagle and technically be taken advantage of. You are a sexual coward. You’re afraid that your p^ssy is weak. You want to blame bad sex on him. No man wants to f^ck a corpse, be active in bed just as much as he is. Step your cookies up and control that jar. Sex is a two way traffic. Reciprocate with the same energy.

NO is Your Favorite Word

Let me take that off. No. Suck my dick. No. Can I keep the lights on? No. Bend over bae. No. Get on top. No. You want to make your sex life better, take “no” out your vocabulary. Try that for one week and you will have more fun, no doubt. The word, “no” is the second biggest turn off to men.

Especially when you have a routine where you like to say “no” and always do what you said you wouldn’t do. Playing hard to get is cool now and then, but if it’s all the time then it is tiring and unattractive. Be uninhibited and turn him out next time.

Cum Scares You

If cum touches your skin, you like to cringe and act like it’s toxic. Grow up. Cum is just cum nothing toxic. It has a lot of benefits to your lovely skin.

From today stop having an insecure pussy. Fuck like you mean it.


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