How To Avoid Performing Oral Sex On Any Woman.

How To Avoid Performing Oral Sex On Any Woman.

On a scale from 1 to really f*cking important, I’d say Oral sex is pretty high up there on the list. It’s crucial that both partners in any relationship be satisfied to the best of each of their partners’ abilities but sometimes there are things we aren’t willing to do. Regarding this, there are a lot and I mean a lot of bitch ass men out here who don’t and can’t imagine themselves eating anyone’s pussy. They are missing out on a lot. I have a friend who can’t lick any dark skinned lady’s pussy. His reasons for not doing that are just weird. Here are some common reasons men give for not eating pussy
  1. Vaginas aren’t really that appealing. Ziko na sura personal.
  2. It’s like directly licking the toilet seat. It’s disgusting.
  3. Terrible odors or fishy smell.
  4. They don’t want to get throat cancer from all that licking (HPV)
  5. They don’t like the taste (too acidic), the smell (fishy smell), or the view.
So in short most guys who don’t eat pussy assume they all smell bad, taste bad and are ugly. So if he doesn’t eat you out; your pussy, your pussy is ugly, smells bad or tastes terrible. So on today’s blog I’m going to be giving men tips on how to avoid going down on women. Some just eat your pussies unwilling and if they could avoid it they would.

3 ways To Avoid Eating pussy

1. Don’t ask for head.

This is the ultimate rule. If you ask her for a bj she expects you to return the favor and eat her pussy. Sex is a give and take. I scratch your back you scratch my back.
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If you don’t want your tongue all up in her lady parts please avoid any bj related topics. If she sucks you off she expects the same. If you’re not willing to do something for her why would she do something for you?

2. Fast forward the foreplay.

In most foreplays oral sex will eventually be involved but there is a way of by passing all this. The aim of foreplay is to sexually arouse the shit out of her. You need a good strategy during foreplay, if you don’t have utashtukia she has pushed your head down to her pussy. Here is what you need to focus. First of all you need to be checking if she’s getting wet from what you are doing. Have one hand on her pussy as the tester. The moment she’s wet enough stop the foreplay and give her the D. You need to focus on:
  1. Making out
  2. Nipple play
  3. Dirfy talk
  4. Fingering/ clit rubbing
  5. Get kinky (blindfold her, spank her etc)
While doing all these your goal is for her to be as wet as possible and then introduce Mr. Dick.

3. Don’t talk about oral sex with her.

We are creatures of habit. If we talk so much about something we end up doing it. If you talk with her about oral sex she will be interested in it and at one point will want her pussy ate. What’s the point of talking about oral sex if you are never going to eat her out?
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I don’t think there is any woman right now who would give you a bj without wanting anything in return. If she gives one and doesn’t want the same maybe she’s insecure about her pussy or not into it. If you are lucky enough to get a girl who will give you head with expecting anything in return keep her. They are very rare. Every woman DESERVES to get her pussy ate. It is so much fun eating pussy. To be able to have that much control over a woman. To be able to do what you can do with you mouth and your tongue is special. If you ask a guy to give you head and he says NO just ask why. Check out my other blogs Follow me on Instagram

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