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​What stops a woman from having sex with a man?

Fear. She is afraid that you will do her dirty after you get the coochie. it doesn’t matter how long a nigga took so as to fuck you . As long as he fucked you,he damn well fucked you.If he didn’t get to fuck you- pussy will expose his REAL nature.

Today i want to talk to all dudes who invade pussy like how soldiers invaded iraq leaving half the cities destroyed.

I want to talk about exit strategy.

You meet a girl,you gain her trust,you make her drop her panties for you without making her your girlfriend. You hit with no strings attached– pat yourself on the back. But now that you are done with this girl how do you get rid of her?

There are a ton of reasons why men grow tired of women, but let’s touch on some of the common ones and then talk about that post sex exit strategy.Women take notes.

1.Her personality is dry

Her pussy may be wet but her personality is dry. Just because he wants to have sex with you doesn’t mean he likes you. Hitting a girl from every angle possible, grunting that her pussy is bomb, and then collapsing on top of her after a nut means NOTHING.

​Men are pros at putting up with pre-pussy nonsense because it’s a part of the game. We will tolerate everything as long as we get to hit that pussy. Not every attractive girl is going to be smart or intriguing; a lot of them will be downright annoying. How does a guy deal with a girl he doesn’t really like but wants to smash? Pretend to like her for as long as it takes– no matter if it’s a few days or a few months.

Once a dude gets to the promised land and dips his cookie into your honey jar he will take off that disguise and say “ Got ya bitch” He never really liked you.

Just because a nigga tried so hard to smash doesn’t mean he really liked you.Don’t assume he liked.He liked what he was going to get that’s it.His interest was to smash.He didn’t catch feelings for you,the only thing he was feeling is your pussy.​

2.She is getting too serious
The moment she brings up feelings into the mix the dude is done.What part of ‘ can you come over and chill’ translates into ‘ let’s go on a date’ It possible to convert casual sex into a real relationship but its advanced algebra not simple multiplication.

There are many steps that must be taken to get your physical relationship to the next level, and quite frankly it’s asking a lot from a man once he’s become used to hitting that ass recreationally.Some dudes don’t want a real relationship. They just want to do you. If what you two have is not serious; you can’t flip a switch and expect him to go from lust to love, it takes time, a lot of time.

3.He may have a girl

Don’t be surprised after fucking for several weeks you find out he has a boo. “ But he told me he didn’t have a girl” Really? He lied.We may lie to get what we want.If you fuck a dude assume he has a girlfriend especially if he is everything you want in a dude. Do you think you found a catch? No! Either this nigga is a psycho or his girl is out of town. 


He’s not looking for a girlfriend he’s looking for pussy. You’re perfect, you’re amazing, but being afraid of commitment isn’t a myth, it’s real. The #1 lie is “I’m Not Ready” but it’s also the #1 legitimate reason. The man wasn’t ready, he was ready for sex, but he wasn’t ready for the stress of being committed, you can’t be mad at that.Some chics argue they only fuck a dude after knowing him inside out but you can never know someone inside out.

Spreading your legs is a gamble regardless of how much you think you know a person.

Sex is the ultimate litmus test, but this is the 21 century we live fast and sometimes relationships develop way too quick for our liking. It’s not about a man being immature,it’s about being ready to commit to someone.

Exit the right way
The relationship with the girl you’re with is influenced by the man who was with her before you. If he left her with trust issues it’s not her problem, it’s yours! Regardless if you’re in it for the sex or in it because you want her to be your girl, you have to mend what he damaged . 

Isn’t it time to stop this cycle of bullshit? We have enough women with complexes resulting from being abandoned after a dick down, we don’t need more. Do Not Go Missing! Stopping the texts and calls isn’t the same as telling her goodbye

She’s waiting for you to get back to her. Even if it’s been three weeks, she hasn’t forgotten about you, she’s going out of her mind wondering what the fuck is up with you because the last time she saw you it was all hugs and kisses. 

Do Not Play The Friend Card!

 “Can we still be cool” translates to “I don’t want you to blow up my phone, but I want to call you when I’m horny”. If you want to break away, make a clean break.
​How Do You Get Rid Of Her After You Hit?: 

Hurt her feelings! Honesty will make you look like a douche bag, but it’s the only way! Tell her she isn’t what you were looking for in a girlfriend. It was fun, but deuces. That’s better than dangling her along for weeks or months.
On the real, men aren’t going to do that. The game has been established, and it’s much easier to lie or ignore a girl than to admit the real reason you don’t want to talk anymore. So it’s up to women to read between the lines and stop asking “ why doesn’t he like me anymore? ” Who cares, it was good a week ago, but now it’s not. He’s never going to tell you the real reason, make peace with that! If he’s given you excuses, not calling, or referring to you as “siz/hommie/bff” then

He Doesn’t Fuck With You Like That. ​

You had sex, you didn’t survive 9-11 together, you two don’t have a real fucking bond.

Dick inside Pussy doesn’t necessarily bring people closer. Magic and Fireworks are for the movies. You two fucked—no matter how good you thought it was it didn’t really matter.

Don’t cry over spilt milk. Pick your head up, brush your shoulders off, and stop feeling sorry for yourself. You were in a Basic relationship with a Basic nigga, now it’s time to decide if you want to continue living life like a Basic bitch or if you want to Woman Up and start dictating the terms of your relationships instead of waiting for a man to tell you how he really feels.


​Damn..I’ve written too much on almost all the good topics.from bro codes to pussymatized,dickmatized,fake friendship,exes,fuckboys/girls,situationships,ghosting,getting the guts to go after the dude or chiq you want.

So far so good,for all those who tune in thanks. More articles are coming.I do this for all those people who get touched by something i say,i know i say alot.


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