Harder! 3 Reasons Why Women Want To Be Choked During Sex.

Harder! 3 Reasons Why Women Want To Be Choked During Sex.

Sex is amazing, but you probably already knew that. Some things are better than others; there’s always ways to improve and to take something over the edge.

The thing that can take the bedroom antics to the next level is choking, which is why you should read;

Choke her

3 Reasons Why Women Like to Be Choked During Sex:

1. Because She Wants You To

She might not say it, but she shouldn’t have to. Her body language should dictate to you what she wants. She wants to feel like you’re in charge.

She doesn’t want a timid guy that is second guessing everything he does in the bedroom, that’s plain boring. A choke is another way of showing passion and if it’s anything women love- it’s passion.


2. She Wants to Feel Like a Slut

From time to time women like to feel like sluts. The best way to make a woman feel like a slut is to dominant her. What shows more dominance than choking someone?

Part of being a slut is feeling helpless and having someone be rough with you. Wrap your hand around her throat and make her fight for that nut.

Choke memes

3. It Could Be the One Thing That Will Get Her to Cum

A woman could be stuck at the verge of cumming and the one thing that can send her over the edge is little more force. The force could be a smack, something you say rather harsh or smooth, direct eye contact, a dick smackin’, or the warmth and strength of your hand grabbing her throat.

When you’re on top, you can choke her from the front and make her look at you. Or when you’re f*cking her from the back you can prop her ass up, put your hands around her throat, and stroke the desparation out of her. Whatever you do make her cum and she’ll thank you for it.

If she cums she’s gonna keep coming

Remember guys,

When choking your lady out, squeeze the sides. Not the air way. The pleasure comes from the lack of blood. Not the lack of oxygen. Plus if you choke the airway too hard you could break it so squeeze the sides, not the front. And don’t do it all at once either. Start soft and then squeeze gradually harder.

Before you choke any lady, make sure she’s into that stuff. Not all like aggressive sex.. Consent is Key.

Have you ever been choked during sex? Do you like being choked during sex? How does it make you feel?
I don’t always include videos, but this one is on the house- The Power of Choking.

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